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30 October 2007


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Julie Ann

Whomever it maybe that occupies your mind with their torment, it is very evident that you feel the pain too. That "empathy" is key to unravelling those torturous knots. True empathy is soul food. I think a chink of healing light may soon appear. Hope and pray Corey x

Cottage Contessa

Everyone needs a guiding light, and a soft place to fall in times of need. I'm glad your friend has you...
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


Often a presence and a kind word makes all the difference.
It's when we hold back that is of little aid.


Blessings to you my friend for all that you share with us all.
You are a joy to us.
Love Jeanne

constance lefevre forehand

corey, i would love to have your entire blog in a book. it would be a best seller.you have a beautiful heart and express it lovingly. GOD BLESS YOU, connie


I think listening, attentive listening, is one of the greatest gifts you can give.



So strong Corey. To help others to feel safe...to heal... magician wish


Isn't it interesting what a perfect ball of string is made of?

I'll be thinking of you.


Like watching our children move through life.


A meditation on another's pain helps us with our own. May be all come to terms with our dis-ease.


Do you think we can offer the most help by simply being there and not trying to "fix" the problem- especially when it's something that just cannot be fixed? Sometimes it is so hard to not be able to DO something and when these times have come I find myself on my knees on behalf of my friends.


Keep listening, doing exactly what you're doing and know that someone is extremely fortunate to have you by their side. Many people could learn from your loyalty, please stay strong Corey you're a blessed gem.

Miz Booshay

I will pray Corey.


Corey-yet again your post hit my heart. Your friend is so lucky to have you by their side and your emotional support. Take care of yourself.


You are such a good friend. Anyone is fortunate to have you as one. I know I am :)


Oh Corey,
Can I come wash your dishes? I won't be working so much in November...or how about a tea in that window overlooking the "Vieux Port"
Take care

qualcosa di bello

watching the pain often seems harder than going through the pain...a soft pillow of prayer awaits.


Even rug string is antique. Who knew?


This really resonated with me..your words fit this photograph and I think anyone who has been through a crisis or a personal challenge can relate to this. I know I did.

Kristin Co

La matière donne le coeur à l'ouvrage !


Both you and Tara seem to be dealing with difficult issues lately....Your open hands and heart will help.


Corey, I see in you the strength of a rope that holds a ship. You have sailed through stormy seas and have the light to guide you. Thank you for sharing the sweet soft moments, silly, happy days as well as the darker times. I'm praying for calm smooth waters ahead.


That's the most beautiful ball of string.. knots and all.. that I've ever seen. I know the dark night of the soul, both for myself and watching friends go through it. The most helpful thing for me has been listening, and the gentle reminder that beneath all those knots is a precious gift of understanding waiting to be unwrapped.

Be well, Be safe, Be happy, Be whole.


You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday!


Hi Corey! It's interesting that you posted this today. About three weeks ago, I came across an actual prayer to "Our Lady,Un-doer of Knots".


on one of the darkest days of my life today, I needed to see this. thanks you.


Being there, quietly supportive, holding their hand, letting them feel their feelings. That's all.



unraveling until you get to the center...the center is peace...blessings, rebecca


May GOD hold you both very near to His heart during this time of suffering. Though the pain is an ocean, even in this darkest of night, may you find comfort.

Prayers of peace are surrounding you~






This is exactly where I find myself right now with a dear dear friend. You couldn't have put words in my heart any better than these. With hands wide open...


This sounds contrite, but it is heartfelt to the core of my soul.

This is a wonderful blog and you have blessed me with your beauty.


unfortunately most string, once broken, stays that way. some breaks are complete. the talmud says nothing is as whole as a broken heart though, and if you can take the knots and make something new, something meaningful with the breaks, you are still whole. perhaps more whole. somehow pain helps us find new depths that highlight the joyous moments, make them more joyous.

my broken string, i took it and learned how to knit, how everything interconnects (holes can make lace) and how to hold onto the live moments so it doesn't fall apart. i'm not sure what i'm making yet exactly, but it's my life, and i want to make something out of the knots, i don't want them to define the finished piece but to be a part of it. someday i will make it to the center, the string will run out, and the final knot will tie off the work of my life.

may we all hold on through the dark nights and make sense of the knots in our own way.


Unravelling is a scary, painful process but one that ultimately leads to freedom, understanding and beauty. As always your words encourage and inspire to have the faith to go through the process. The video is absolutely beautiful.


You have a way with words, Corey. So perfectly written.

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