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02 November 2007


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Thank you for taking us to the trip to Bretagne. Wonderful picture but above all , lovely picture of Yann and his mother ...


I live in that area... a little further down in the south... I think I recognized La Garde Adhémar village... and the stone hills of Bollène... Am I wrong ?

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Still great photo's and the closest to the French country side that I will probably ever come, sadly. A lovely photo of your husband & his mum, very sweet.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


Corey, Beautiful photos in spite of the obstacles. How is it French husband came to live clear across the country from his mother? When ever we would drive into France from Germany, the picturesque scenery would always make my soul sigh! Cheryl

Betty C.

Your husband's mother is magnificent-looking! Like mother, like son...? Glad your road trip went well.


Ah, "take the picture before you see it" . . . good advice!

Julie Ann

Isn't the Belle and the Beau lovely for the in-laws ? very clever of the French, the very title is inspired to ease potential tensions.... In any event it is very true in your case; French mother-in-law est vraiment tres belle ! My ex's mother (who remains one of my dearest friends) told me years ago when we separated "if I can't ever be your your mother-in-law I shall always be your mother-in-love". She is. Glad your trip went well x

Sarah in Marrakech (or rather, Paris!)

I'm so envious of your drive - I can't wait to do things like that here. *Very* handsome husband, btw!


Thanks for your tour of France my lovely friend.
Blessings and love.
The photographs are fabulous
and so are you.
Love Jeanne


it was like being in the car with you! wonderful mother/son pic - isn't life grand?

My Melange

You did a great job snapping those photos on the *move*!! I don't think I could have done it so well ;)

Ellen Cassilly

Great trip. No photo of Sasha rocking out with head phones?
Lovely to see Belle mere she looks great and happy. You can take pictures of the scenery which was in the dark on the first half of the way home.


France is beautiful..!
I wouldn't be able to sleep a wink, for fear of missing anything!
You can't drive out of Ontario from where I live in 12 hours..!
The photo of FH and his Maman is lovely. An elegant lady..!


Uuu exciting, I love road trips! And I am sure a road trip across France is lovely. Bravo to your daughter, Chelsea for getting everyone there safely! hehe but I never doubted this. And very nice photo of your husband and his mother. Very handsome family!


family fun days...french style...what a lovely time...blessings, rebecca


Wow, a 12 hour drive! You all have stamina!

Yann's mom is beautiful. Very much the chic French woman.


what a beautiful photo of he and his mother!


This land is your land, this land is my land, from Calif...er, well, it kind of looks like America. Some of those cliffs and mountains could be found right here in Colorado! Happy driving!

Miz Booshay

I like your daughter's idea. She is right. And deep.

Think about it ;o)

Look how pretty your mother in law is!!!

And that handsome French hubby of your.

O la la ;o)


The countryside does look spectacular, even if it is zooming past. Perhaps you could take one photo every hour. Just stop the car on the hour, jump out a take a photo. It may not coincide with the most exciting elements of the scenery, but it would make for a very interesting series of 12 photos. xo lj


It looks like it has been a long road trip. Congratulation to Chelsea for safe and clever driving skills.Sure, mother in law and French husband très très beaux. (I am used to almost the same trip from South to South Ouest, we take Montpellier-Narbonne-Toulouse-Bordeaux-Saintes highway)


I've been thinking of my mother a lot lately and wishing our relationship allowed me to visit her. She doesn't see well anymore and has just had a knee replacement. I'm glad you and FH are both able to visit your mothers.

I'm so proud of you for not falling asleep. Oh my gosh, when I travel in the car it is such a major struggle to keep my head from bobbing. Recently I've started getting the super-duper size Starbuck's with extra shots in them and that seems to help. Of course then I'm buzzing for the next few days.

Love the pics Corey. Hug


Glad the roadtrip went well - your daughter sounds so philosophical and wise, as well as being a good driver...
Ah, now we can see why FH is so handsome - your MIL is beautiful! Enjoy your visit~xOx


When you see that last picture of FH and MIL, you know this long trip was worth the while.
Another version of "Mother and Child" !


sigh....it's soooo beautiful, as is your family.


Yep, it is pretty hard to take photos from a moving vehicle, especially from the backseat. Remember to call out, "Shotgun! I get the passenger seat!" next time. ;p

That is a beautiful portrait of Yann and his mother, Corey. Look how happy they both look. And look at her coat...very elegant!


Glad you made it Corey - great going Chelsea!
Mother and son pic is super - my mother-in-law is French-Canadian so my DH may not be quite as handsome (but still a great guy!)and we now have to drive NC to PA to visit her, bless her heart. We love 'em all though.


It seems that everyone in your family is very good looking! MIL must have loved seeing all of you and hearing about the road trip. Your photo of FH and MIL is worthy of a professional photographer.


Thanks for the photos Corey! They were still great even if they did have the heads of the people who were in the car.


Wonderful traveling with you Corey. Hugs, Annie


Corey, thank you for taking us along on your cross country trip. Lovely scenery (except the graffiti-I guess it's everywhere) The photo of FH and MIL...very, very nice!


Wellll....great job on all accounts! and hello to your lovely MIL....


Thanks for the pictures, but especially of French Husband and Belle Mere!!! Hello Yann! I'm writing right now about cheesecake... did you or Sacha get the last piece... or was it you Corey, or Cynthia!!!


Great idea {but brave}to take a road trip while teaching drivers ed. I bet Chelsea is a better driver then my husband!! We seem to always return the rental with a scraped mirror after our road trips in France and Italy,of course we love to take the winding, narrow side roads. I miss lots with my eyes closed! Looks like your having good times with family. I can only imagine the desserts your enjoying. Great job, Chelsea. Have a safe journey home.


Photos I take while in a car seldom turn out although I always see such interesting things. Hope your time in Bretagne is great.

M erisi's Vienna

Looks like everybody was doing his part in getting you all over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house! I might just have my daughter drive me to Rome, once she's read to get her driver's ed. Of course, we could also do Paris instead.


Your hubby and mother in law look so sweet together! Such beautiful smiles! You are totally surrounded by love in France!!!


i believe you that chelsea drove like a champ! there is no other way to do it! and what a feeling of accomplishment this must be for her, i know it would be for me!

have fun with belle la mere/oma

kristen robinson

What a wonderful opportunity to create more incredible family memories.



I love how the French call their Mother-in-law...Belle Mere, the good mom! what a great way to start, rather than the "in-law" attachment.


Sure sounds like fun to me!

Meilleurs voeux!!


My daughter is studying to get her driving permit right now. I don't know if I can drive with her though. My heart would be leaping out of my throat. LOL (gee, I'm so confident in her, aren't I? hahahahahahaha)


I love a good road trip. You did manage to take some lovely photos, even if everything was whirling by.
Does FH ever take a bad photo? French MIL is a beautiful woman . . . . not leaving us to wonder where FH got his good looks!
Hope you are having a lovely time.


I love a good road trip. You did manage to take some lovely photos, even if everything was whirling by.
Does FH ever take a bad photo? French MIL is a beautiful woman . . . . not leaving us to wonder where FH got his good looks!
Hope you are having a lovely time.


You survived! My compliments! French husband and his maman have the same smile!

Elaine L.

Your Belle Mere looks like a lovely person and so happy to be with her baby.

FH is one of those men who looks even better with age. He will always be a knockout. sigh



looking at these road pictures they remind me of our trip into france and returning home along the same hig way... route du soleil!! i took a similar photo of the very same sign 'porte du soleil' near orange ;))
belle-maman et fils sont ravisant!!


I love to see pictures of where you live and travel and brouse your days! And your mother in law is beautiful! Oh my!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

It is 2.53 and still not a new post today . Where have you been ???
Waiting for a new post and may be waiting to see you tomorrow or monday

Elizabeth Meredith

Oh, that handsome husband! You and your belle mere are so lucky to have him in your lives!

Gail Sullivan

FH obviously loves his Mama very much!
xoxo Gail


those are beautiful pictures anyway. tempts me to visit france!


I love that raspberry macaron?r
It' s so pretty with the butterfly in
the background ~
I love road trips too ~ they smell like
ocean wind and coffee from clinking
happy diners:)


Wonderful photos! French husband and his Mother are very beautiful!

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