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16 November 2007


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I would love to have witnessed this. Never seen a flock of sheep wild. Just the bored ones in a petting zoo. How very amazingly wonderful.

Elaine L.

Another one of your excellent examples of "stopping to smell the roses".

Two beautiful places that I have had the the good fortune of visiting the "south of France" and the French Alps.



What a lovely and peaceful moment for you Corey. A memory to treasure and a "new friend" until June.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Cute post ..thank you for this lovely moment


Ewe are loved.
God bless the keepers of God's fur angels........
Love you
Shepherds we have heard on high..............


So nice Corey!
You live in a wonderful place.


Aren't they the most innocent animals...so cute, it reminds me back home where as I child I used to see sheep gazing all the time. I have not seen any since I lived in the US...hmmmm

Miss Maddie's

Mary had a little lamb...Are they not one of our most endearing creatures? Of course the backdrop is an absolute plus as well.And to think that shepard is doing something that is a timelss tradition.Now where's that scarf I was knitting? Susan


Beautiful photographs as always and a magic moment, I could watch sheep for hours.


to enjoy the gift at hand - the best way to live!


I love flocks of sheep... I have only lived near places where they wander onto the roads a couple of times in my life - but always enjoyed the enforced roadblocks.

Some of the most absolutely beautiful pastoral views I have ever witnessed were emerald green spring fields in Virginia, cropped short by flocks of sheep still wooly from the winter, with tiny lambs gamboling at their sides...


Going to turn into a shepherdess?
Here is a French child's song for you:
"Il était une bergère...
et ron et ron
petit patapon
Il était une bergère..."

Many memories are bleating back to my ears... from the French Alps and Pyreneas, from the Isle of Jersey, Scotland, Wales, Norway and Greece.

(By the way, French sheep go Bêê Bêê ...)

My Melange

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!! How cute!

Pam Aries

Ohhhh...how blissful this seems! And like a fairy tale! Taking the sheep from THe French Alps and back again...what a simple wonderful life!


Happy Saturday and Sunday to you! Sometimes, we need to be made to stop, don't we?

Those shepherd's paths are very old, aren't they? Aren't they protected by law, now?

qualcosa di bello

pulling off the highway of life...savoring an unexpected moment...allowing onesself to be carried along in the joy...

now what was a i doing?? i ask with a happy shrug!


The Shepard is handsome and so is his flock, especially the "black" sheep!!
I think sheep are beautiful creatures.


Thank you for this lovely reminder to "enjoy the gift at hand" and revel in a slower passage of time. Especially liked how you took the B/W pic of the Shepherd with his flock, as if this was taking place in a more distant past. Enjoy and embrace your weekend!


P.S. Wanted to add that your blog posts are an absolute "gift at hand (or keyboard, as it were)", too. ! So good to pause and reflect and uplift.


oh to live in a place where shepards travel with their flocks, where the sheep where bells! How beautiful, I am so glad you were able to stop and enjoy.


This entry and photos were immediately relaxing. That is one joy of road trips, when you take a back road and have to wait for the sheep or cows to cross the roadway. They are in no hurry, therefore you shoudln't be either.

shannon in oregon

No truer words have been written.


These photos give me a warm fuzzy -- and it's not just the sheep's wool! :)


Words and images to wrap myself in, thank you Corey... XO

Steph W

Wow! That's one of those very special gifts! Thank you!


What a cute experience!
When I was in Barbados I found out sheep don't grow wool because of the heat...they look just like goats only their tails point down :)


Corey, thank you for the beautiful moment! You're such a blessing. xox


This warmed my heart. I love sheep. They are pretty/handsome don't you think? The idea that you soaked up the moment is wonderful in itself.

Cousin Chris

Corey, Remember...your Dad and a few Uncles usr to be Sheep Herders. I know it was Uncle Danial? & Uncle Phil, your Dad too,I think.


Wonderful, lovely post. Merci!

Mrs. G.

Those photos are so lush I want to run my hands through those wooly coats. Thanks. Have a wonderful weekend as well.


1 sheep...2 sheep...3 sheep...4...oh me, oh my...more...more...more...Have a wonderful weekend, Corey. ((hugs)) :-)


Good reminder that sometimes you just need to stop and pull over....smell the coffee or flowers or the grass.


great photos. I love real people.


He herds the sheep from the French Alps to the south of France, and then back again! Wow!
It sounds like you've met a wandering kindred spirit!


What a beautiful sight, Corey! It's Someone's way of giving you a good excuse to chill out in the driver's seat so you can take in all the gorgeous scenery.

Linda Harre

How lovely, how European, how true!!!!!


I love how the sheep in Europe have tails. That's always fascinated me!

Stewart Paterson

Elizabth - after nearly 2 years of blogging, I am only now starting to find bloggers of a similar cloth.
So I've taken the liberty of starting a French Blogger blogroll. If it grows it could be a useful and interesting resource. It would certainly benefit from your insights.
Info here: http://terrecuite.blogspot.com/2007/11/new-chez-nous.html

shelley noble

Gorgeous photos, Corey. And a wise, gracious woman you are.

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