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07 November 2007


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These views at breakfast time -inside and outside- are majestic... hope they filled you up so that you won't need any "photo-snack" in the journey back !!!


Absolutely exquisite is all that you share.......
How blessed you are my dear friend.
I love you

Caffienated Cowgirl

I love the laptop on the table...such a contrast. And I understand about the husband...mine is always dragging me from places, my camera glued to my face. They put up with so much, don't they? :)


Is Chelsea really using the computer or is she just sitting in for you while you take the pic?
rel ;)


What a lovely glimpse into your french life!! xo, suzy

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

These glimpses into your life are fascinating. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

My Melange

Can't decide if I love the armoire, the mirror or the view better here, Corey! Looks like she may have gone to the Chez Corey school of decorating....


Love the view!

Love that Corey has her computer at the table...it's good to know that we aren't alone!


Tres chic, your belle-mere.


It is a good feeling to share in the use of objects that have been loved by others through the years. To be, as you say, part of the tradition.
BTW, Sacha looks so much like his Dad..!


Wonderful belle mère's flat .
If she sells something let me know ..i'm kidding .
And also the owner of the house of the other side !!! don't forget


That is a beautiful room with a beautiful view!

Pam Aries

Tres magnifique! What a view! I could die happy with a view such as the one from her window!


A wonderful view and gorgeous tableware, what a beautiful way to enjoy breakfast.


lovely home. from this quick glimpse one can tell that you belle-mère has impecable taste.


Breathtaking view! And a stunning family at the table!


Such a beautiful, quintessentially french breakfast/dining room. The photo is so warm and lovely ... thanks for sharing your life with us.


What a lovely home! I love the antiques meet laptop at the breakfast table! So ancient modern!


What I love most about this picture is seeing a family together, first thing in the morning.....belle mere hovering over her little chicks. There is nothing like family at the table for a meal.


How nice for all of you. What a beautiful place Corey.


The photo of Belle Mere, FH, Sacha and Chelsea at the breakfast table reminds me of an updated Dutch masters painting. The lighting is lovely (as are the subjects).

Brother Mathew

Good to see all of you this morning.



I want to comment on the view from your Belle Mere's dining room. That is such a beautiful building. Have a safe trip home.


I love that you have a candle at breakfast!


Wow - what a view from your mother-in-law's window!


a breakfast candle...i shall do that...now that view is to die for...every day too se that architecture...i would paint it again and again...blessings, rebecca

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Corey, Coming from California, you must have been stunned at all of the history surrounding you in France. We don't have beautiful historic buildings just outside our dining room windows here. How lucky you are to be surrounded by so much beauty and history.


I love your photos. It has always been a dream of mine to travel to France someday. Meanwhile, I have your blog and I'll keep on dreaming...



Such a wonderful start to another day - family, beloved antiques (beautiful trumeau mirror), a room with a special view, and you Corey snapping it all to share with us......thank you as always.


What a beautiful look through your window of life, and your MIL's window has a nice view too!


I want to have breakfast at Belle Mere's table. It looks lovely. The laptop blends in well, I mean it is the 21st century afterall!


a lovely breakfast family gathering, like every morning yet time for leaving again... within 5 minutes fh said! on the road again towards the south, back home...
i hope you've had a wonderful time corey!


It's not a morning like every other morning when she's got you there. :-)


Mmmm,fond memories. Tell Monique "salute" pour moi.


You have such a beautiful family, both inside and out. Thanks for sharing a keyhole glimpse of your life with us.


Your husband is beautiful, your children are beautiful, but, oh, that armoire and mirror and the building out the window!

Miz Booshay

How can you stand all that beauty!!!!???

Your son looks like his daddy in that picture.

Gotta love the laptop at the table ;o)

Toni Mason

Loved your road trip!

Pinkie Denise

I have been following your wonderful road trip. It has been amazing! The scenery, gardens, rose and houses. Wow, so very beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us........
Much love and hugs to you XOXOXOXOXO Pinkie


What a beautiful view!


I would love to look out my window and see that view everyday! By the way, what's for breakfast, I really want to dig into that slab of butter and slather it all over that bread! Yum! :)


Elaine L.

Very nice photo of your family.

Sacha is a good combination of you and FH. I see both of you in him.



How amazing that china can last so long with such daily use - but then it's a good thing I'm not the dishwasher there :)


Dear One, your son is growing up. :-)



WHAT a lovely setting for a gorgeous breakfast !

Cassoulet Cafe

Love those photos!!!! Thanks for stopping by Cassoulet Cafe earlier today :)

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