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25 November 2007


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i can see you're up early as well ;))
like you country living means a lot to me too. exploring the rich surrounding beauty of the valley as a child taught me to respect nature.
after years of wandering i returned to my home land again... now remeniscing what once seemed to be never ending!
i love this post, the images are so beautiful.
have a great provence sunday!!!


I've always been a suburban girl while my husband grew up in the country. He has always told me stories about his wonderful childhood and all the crazy things he did to entertain himself!


My husband grew up in the country and loved his life on the farm.
God bless you and yours real good my lovely friend.
One month from today Christmas.
Love you so much

Betty C.

That barn reminds me of my greatgrandfather's in rural Washington. My great-uncle lives on the property now, and the barn sadly burned down last year.


My dad grew up in rural settings but we are urban born. However I feel at home in the countryside too. May be it is in the blood!

I liked reading your post.


What a wonderful childhood Corey. And to find a place in France that suits you, that's wonderful too!

For those of us who've never been...tell us more about Provence!


Corey, I love this post, and relate to a lot of the sentiments you expressed. I grew up 5 blocks from the ocean...and rarely went because it was typically so chilly and windy. We'd often take Sunday drives along the beach and look out at the few hardy souls out there and chuckle amongst ourselves that surely they were tourists, because who ELSE would be on the beach?! Now when I go 'home' I can't wait to get to the beach...to get out and walk on it and smell it. I remember when I was new to the Bay Area suburbs...it was only then that I missed all of those things I took for granted...the ocean right down the street, the redwoods, the clear river. And seeing people buy fish in a market...who did THAT?! You mean not everyone eats fish that someone's just caught?! :) One of the constants of my childhood that I had no idea I would miss was being lulled to sleep by the fog horn.


A great post TICA - glad the love of land never left you. I've been a rural girl all my life.


very touching...lovely images and thoughts...blessings, rebecca

Pam Aries

Your post this morning is a beautiful tribute to country living. The photos are beautiful ..as well as the sentiments. To live in the countryside of Provence would be HEAVEN! You are so lucky!


I'm currently living in a place that is close to how it was in my childhood hometown even though it's in a different state.

I think where we grew up as children has a lot to do with where we desire to live as adults.

I find great comfort in an area where there are lots of mountains, hills, and trees.

Paris Parfait

Lovely post, Corey. I grew up in a small town and both sets of grandparents' had farms, horses and cows. While I appreciate nature's beauty, the pace was too slow for me. I never want to be too far from a city -with its myriad attractions - for long.


My father also taught me the value of land but in the form of my hands in the dirt. He was and is a gardener through and through. To this day I love to get dirty. My biggest problem is I'd rather pull than plant. There's some kind of wierd therapeutical thing that grips me when I'm yanking weeds.


Now... living in the city I search desperately for where plants grow through cracks in the cement, Live for waking moments when there is silence, and I can pretend that I am once again surrounded with the farmlands of my youth... beautiful Corey... and where's that calendar, as I believe you are still alive... xo


I also love being outside and gardening, or just sitting and enjoying the fresh air. Can't comprehend why anyone would want to live in a condo or a houseboat and not have a plot of soil to play in.

Tickled Pink

The strings of your beautiful life play like a violin. Lovely post.


The country mouse and the town mouse reunited in you !!!
La Fontaine would like this idea !!!


Born an raised on a farm, going out very early in the morning to "help" move irrigation pipe, watching the mint harvest. The smell of the mint being distilled. Picking beans and at the end of the day getting a ticket punched with the number of pounds picked. Wonderful memories but the adults sure had to work hard.



Yes, it is interesting how life unfolds, I like that metaphor of life and the fan from the previous beautiful post.

Our Thanksgiving tradition is we seem to have no tradition. As children we all gathered at my grandmothers, large family of aunts, uncles and cousins...but as adults we seem to be too scattered.

Enjoy catching up here...


I love to read more about you ..hope to see you soon you , wild girl


This post could also be called Touching the Heaven. You and Yann were meant for each other from the very beginnig.


This post brought back so many memories of childhood - although not on a ranch. Central California (Modesto, in particular) was a pretty sleepy, agricultural area growing up. I, too, moved away to the cement and tall buildings of San Francisco - only to come back to home and family to raise my daughter. Unfortunately, the cement came to us - so much of that beautiful farmland has gone over to housing development...now in jeopardy due to the real estate bust. Thankfully, there are still areas of California that remain in a natural state. Lovely post, Corey.


I love your way with words! I have lived my whole life in California. I love it here!!It's so refreshing to see someone write about the other aspects of Beautiful California.

Thank You!


I'm a country girl. After 5 days in a city I need to go home where I can sit outside in the quiet and listen to the birds, trees and plants whispering around me.

Your photos in California are gorgeous!

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

How life unfolds - bridging the past to the present - a series of experiences that build off of one another. I love making those connections. Wonderful piece. xx, JP/deb

Miss Maddie's

Like you I was a child of the earth. Surrounded by farms and just 50 feet from the lake, growing up was a constant adventure.I have only to visit my parents to be able to return to such tranquility and for that I am forever grateful! Susan


Love that barn!
I totally get what you're saying.
The earth worms its way into your bones.

Pinkie  Denise

Yes, I can so relate to what your saying Corey, this brings back so many childhood memories. Sometimes I am sad that my children
didn't have the same oportunities I had knowing the freedom and beautiful and love for
nature that was a free gift. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories Pinkie Denise


I too grew up in the country. Southern California was not always the "concrete jungle". Some do not realize that Orange County is called "orange" because of the groves that covered most of the land. Adding in the grapefruit, avocados, lemons and strawberries! I lived at the base of a huge orchard and I have wonderful memories of running through the trees and playing on the windmills that keep the frost away. Beautiful post. Thanks for always making me smile! Kimberly


Don't you think that the memory of where you grow up, feels like home? Many people hate overcast days. This weather reminds me of my years growing up and makes me feel not only at home but fosters creativity!!

Thankfully I like both city life and the earth too. It's a good thing because my life will be changing again, and thankfully I will be on board to embrace the earth!!

As I was reading your piece, I was thinking " I bet Corey was glad when she moved to Provence. There you have a mix. You have your earth, AND you have your excellent bread too! Then you mentioned it in your post.


It's so good to catch up on your blog after a week away! My father also used to say that owning land mattered ... a very familiar phrase. And, my mother-in-law grew up in Carmel, CA when it was still an artist's colony (her father was one of the painters) - so your pictures remind me of some of his lovely etchings of old barns in California fields.


What a great life Corey!!

Mountain Mama

Your photos are wonderful. I do love the old Barn.
I think for those of us who have known Country living, it remains in our soul for our entire life. Even when living in the city, we long for the fields and the smell of fresh cut hay.


Like your husband, I was a city kid growing up, and never had much interest in the country, but I have to say, this post has given me a glimmer of what I missed. Beautiful words (and photos) as always.


As a kid, I lived in a rural town with plenty of space to run and play. As I grew up, I really disliked living there...'nothing to DO'...but as I get older, I long to have that quiet life (and running around barefeet in the dirt) back again.... who knows...some day, maybe... Do you need a neighbor?! :-D


Oh Corey, I love those shots of No. Cal. I have spent so much time in Sonoma and Mendocino counties, both inland and the coast. I know them like the back of my hand...really. I cherish those photos you posted. I know how you must feel torn a bit between places, too.

Having been away for a bit from blog-land, I'm glad to be back seeing your site. You are always full of such inspiration.

Caffienated Cowgirl

You are right...a lot of people don't know all the sides to California.

I have found, upon moving around, that I sometimes just need to go out...be it a forest or grassland or coast...and find quiet. If I can't find that near where I am living, I feel horribly unsettled.

Matt Maddox

I grew up in Provence and that's the place I took for granted. Now in Southern US, which is very pretty as well. But we have trouble balancing modern life with nature.. would be nice to find that perfect mix, wouldn't it? I agree there's nothing like being in tune with nature.


I, too, grew up with space to run and quiet to hear as well as the knowledge that to own land was to be able to survive in the worse of worlds. Your post is a pleasure to read!


i grew up in the city but our summer vacations were always camping (best bang for your buck with 8 kids). i love the outdoors, walking in the forest. my most miserable years were college in utah, where everything was brown with few trees. now i have a house with my husband, there's trees around and we had our first garden last year. there's something very satisfying in growing food for yourself and connecting to the land. being just a bit in the woods really keeps my spirits up.

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