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28 November 2007


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Thanks Corey. I need to learn to "see" what I'm looking at.


Every picture tells a story
I love you dear one.
Love Jeanne

Le petit cabinet de curiosites

another post so inspiring !!
You should write articles for antiquités magazine in France , their articles are often so boring


This is a good reminder to slow down and really look at things. You do wonders with a camera.



Simply gorgeous at always. I don't know about you, but I find that just having a blog makes me take the time to notice little things, appreciate gentle curves, patches slightly discolored--I saw an old chainlink fence propped up against a wall the other day and took a photo of the gorgeous swirly links that aren't made that way anymore. I'm not sure I would've even noticed that even a year ago.

Yet another thing to be thankful for this month :)


These are such enchanting pictures. The leather bound books, especially, make me want to visit the antique market!


Um that should be "Simply gorgeous as always."


details! often not noticed, taken for granted, less important within an object.
yet they tell us structures of all kind, either beautiful and subtle or rather make our head turn away...
i could spent my days studying up close.
yours are definitly worth while...

My Melange

I agree whole-heartedly! It is all about the details. This is why it often takes me many long hours to get through an antique store or flea market. I have to look at every nook and crannie!


you are marvelous....and it's nice to see what you see.

Ann@ HolyExperience


In the quiet of today, to have eyes to look for the small things...

I send love,


You've given me a whole new perspective. Instead of looking at the whole picture and thinking you're taking in everything, it's when you look up close at the details that you really see what's there.


Corey - your photographs are just beautiful! Marva


Things handed down have so much to tell, don't they?

Pat Paulk

You have a few "personal" details I'd like to take notice of...

(sorry couldn't resist)


Gorgeous and inspiring as always Corey!


Do you see antiques differently through your lense vs. seeing them in a shop? I wonder if sometimes the different perspectives conjure different thoughts?


What happened on that last one, the clock - someone didn't want to get out of bed? Wife threw clock at cheating husband? Fell off the bedside table during passionate exchange? Who knows, but these pictures hold many secrets.


I find the "close ups", little snippets f the whole so much more fascinating.


Dearest Corey,

Your series of photos struck me so hard this morning. We lost George last night. Each picture sang of strength and farewell. I've bookmarked this page to look at from time to time for a while.



God is in the details. People forget. You don't.


Love your photo stories Corey!


I....am completely in love with the picture of the leather bound books. :)

Di Overton

Ah you see what I see.

Di Overton

Ah you see what I see.


It's the little things that count!!


Oooh, be still my heart! Your photographs are beeeaaautiful, Corey. I, too, like closeup photographs...there is an intimacy with the object or subject that perhaps would be overlooked in a wider, panoramic shot. And that cracked clock - gasp! :)


Superb photos! I too like to zoom "in to the bones". I´ve learned from my painting teacher that "don´t paint everything you see" You don´t have to paint (or photograph) the sun and the clouds and the trees and so on....


Absolutely lovely photography, Corey!



Dear, sweet Corey...you have helped me to see so many of the things that I look at each day. Knowing you has helped me to learn not to overlook what is nearest to me. You are always such a blessing.


You are a master at telling stories with your photography! hugs NG


Love the picture of the clock.....makes you wonder how many people have glanced at it over the years.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

I love the armchair arm.
What has it supported? Sorrow, joy?
I love your mind, Corey. Keep feeding our brains this good stuff! Food for thought...


ah, well done!
even your links tell a story.



I love that - "so close you can sense you can see the atoms doing a dance".
Beautifully lyrical.


So true.

Tamara Giselle

I love details, old things, history as well. These photos are amazing. The clock picture caught me off guard because it is a picture that could symbolize so many things couldn't it?

Sue McG

Oh thank you Corey, I haven't heard that Tracy Chapman song in a long time, just love it.


I shall have to write a poem about this armchair hand. This is so me in sight and connotations.


Beautiful, Corey. I love the stories that you find in details.

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