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04 November 2007


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My husbands childhood was spent a 14 hours drive south of mine. We visit as often we can, will go down on a "before Christmas-trip" in December to visit my 84 year old svigerfar (father in law). The best thing I do when we are there is to hike the moors and mountains behind his house, knowing that I am walking the childhood paths of my husband.

Thanks for another lovely post Corey. And greetings to a charming belle mère


WOW! Very fairy-tale like, to say the least.
I would love to see the insides of those homes!


This is such a lovely area of France. I want to explore it really well some day.


How wonderful this journey you have shared.........
I love you

Caffienated Cowgirl

Oh thank you for sharing this place...I must go there now, it's just too beautiful to miss.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Very nice post about Dinard. I've just seen a movie taking place in Dinard , so lovely .That is my parents' favorite place
By the way the movie is : heure zero


Although hailing from Brittany, I once did that trip across France, from the South (Bayonne) to the Côte d'Emeraude. On a bicycle! (and after cycling all the way down to the Basque country in the first place). I have very fond memories of Dinard and St Malo. And yes, I agree with you, "When we go back to the home of those we love we see something invisible to the naked eye".


You see with your heart - a good way to travel the world.


magnificent in every detail!


wow. very interesting architecture. lovely post...really.


Gorgeous gorgeous!!

I love that trail along the cliff. Yann was very fortunate to have the opportunity to live there. I can imagine the childhood memories he must have.


Stunning views. What an amazing walkway. It must feel like the edge of the world in some way.



That is a tight path to hug . . .


aaah... st. malo, dinard, mont st.michel...
c'était dans ce temps lá. lovely images corey!


Oh my Corey! I love the trail! It's mesmerizing! Wish I was there!


Merci, Corey. Dinard is a special place, one of my favorites. La Promenade de Clair de lune, the beaches. Hope you get a chance to go the the covered market! Have some moules for me when you're there.


Corey - oh the houses are magnificent! It would be fun to be able to tour them! I love the trail! That would be an awesome place to walk and collect your thoughts, or dream up some great artwork or perhaps a novel...... Marva

Julie Ann

Wow - another item on my "must-do" list ! Thank youx


Beautiful,Corey! I have been to Mont St. Michel...is that close by? I've been to a lot of beaches in different parts of the world and my Northern California beaches (especially Ft. Bragg and Bodega Bay) are my favorite! Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Cheryl


Your Husband childhood was very far away from where you live now, but Brittany is such a lovely place in France, I have lived for 3 years not very far from Dinard, ad Perros Guirec, I still have great friends there, and the place is really beautiful, le sentier des douaniers was as great as the one on your pictures.


What a charming spot ... I will remember the name of this village and hope to visit sometime.


Thank you for letting me sail with you to Heaven. Such a nice place to visit!


It seems so right for a Frenchwoman to wear a skirt and heels on a walk along that narrow ancient path! What a beautiful spot it is, between the sea and those lovely homes.

qualcosa di bello

thank you for this glimpse! my family left the northern shore of france, bound for england in the 1500's but i do not know the specific point of origin...yet!!

Pinkie Denise

Hello Corey,
What a beautiful place. Those houses they must
be..............how old? They are amazing, like only in a dream. I bet your brother Matt
would be in heaven seeing them! Wow, the ocean
the houses, the sea air it would be so very
dream like thanks for beginning my day by taking me on such a wonderful journey. Love you and miss you all, Have a beautiful Sunday
XOXOXOXOXO Pinkie Denise


It IS like the coast of Northern California! Except the homes and structures are much older. Now I have an intense urge to go revisit N. California as it is closer than France. Your last sentence is so very, very true.

lay lady lay

that part of france is beautiful, corey. i wanna go, like, NOW! but the trails seem to be too narrow. you have to be skinny to walk through that 2-way trail. uhm, french and skinny are redundant, i forgot!


Hi Corey,
What a beautiful place. Those houses are amazing. That is a place I would like to visit.

Just Jinny

Wow! What a fantastic place to visit.


What an amazing place! It would be a fantasy to grow up there!

Miz Booshay

What a unique absolutely gorgeous place!!!

I have never seen pictures of this special spot!



So beautiful, wild and rough, indeed like the N. California coast... so glad you could capture this beauty, not tame it, but hold it still for just a moment for us to see...


the houses are beautiful! such a lovely walk along the shore.

My Melange

Very pretty shots! I do see the resemblance to Norther California.


Yep, there is a resemblance to N. California. If you squint your eyes, those amazing mansions resemble the old Victorians in, perhaps, Mendocino or Forestville. I can almost smell the salt air!


Wow! Just fantastic place! Stunning views!

Deb L

Awesome photos... I have seen Saint Malo and thought the place bewitched! It enveloped me as though I was finally home after a long time away... strange - n'est pas? xox Deb
p.s. congrats on surviving the long drive with your daughter - you desrve a medal!!


I've never seen anything like this! Those houses, fairy tale castles for sure. Interesting that both you and FH share a childhood surrounded by beautiful, magical beach places....


How beautiful! Thank you for the pictures Corey!


What a beautiful fairy tale land! I can almost hear the waves. I haven't lived near the beach for a very long time but it's a sound that remains in memory always. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with all of us. You're a gem.


I love seeing this. Reminds me so much of some of the novels written by Joanne Harris!!


Holy cow, those houses are AMAZING! I've never seen anything like that - the mansions on the cliffs above the trail and the English Channel. That's breathtaking! (I'm in love with all houses by the way, big and small, but those are just unique and lovely!)


a path along the cliffs - amazingly beautiful! I am missing the ocean...


When I first visited the home of my spouse, I got to visit the first MacDonald's. It's almost like St. Malo...NOT! But that's a different story...

Meilleurs voeux!!


Wow. Those houses, the pathway, the sea - just spectacular. I've never seen anything like it.


Simply breathtaking!


Oh my. Such deja vu. I remember visiting St. Malo several years ago and loving it. The old city, the narrow streets, the overlook to the beach and the ancient fort off shore. I felt I had stepped back in time.


What a magical place, fairy tales are made of this!!! Vida x


Stunning photographs. I want to walk there.

Brother Mathew

Fun place!

Elaine L.

I definitely need to get back to France and see Dinard, next time. It's breathtaking!


shelley noble

Wowie, zows. The place is gorgeous, yes. But that husband of yours! Whoosh! Yann would make a garbage dump look romantic! Lucky Ducky for having such a Hunky Monkey! xoxo


Oh my, oh my! You have just shown me a place I must visit one day! What a magical place! Your photographs are terrific - I love the first photo in particular. It's straight out of a storybook, don't you think? And you are absolutely right, there are many photo opportunities just waiting to be had in that setting. I'm already feeling inspired and day dreaming...I've been feeling the photo bug these past few weeks...and this is certainly giving me more ideas. Thanks, Corey.

Cassoulet Cafe

We visited Dinard and St Malo once....LOVE THEM! Loved your post on them!


Thanks for reminding me this is one of my favourite places on the north coast. I loved that walk.

melissa @ the inspired room

So beautiful!

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