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23 November 2007


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Pinkie D

Hope you had a wonderful day, I love your post
and photo, so very true our hearts are full and peaceful. XOXOXOXO Pinkie Denise




Lovely images Corey. xxx


Love all that you share with us darling one.
Love and hugs and smiles

Julie Ann

That is most certainly Frenchness captured !x

Miss Maddie's

A picture says a thousand words!
Can we envision the young woman sitting at the table awaiting the arrival of ...
See your photos make me dream as well.
xo Susan


Happy Thanksgiving Corey. I just got lost in your blog for another hour, it's such a wonderful place to spend time! You do such wonderful photography!!!!!! :) Marva


Oh, this is frenchness?? how d'you know? Happy end of thanksgiving day, Corey for you and family.


after the feast...frenchness captured in fall light...love it for it's simplicity and meaning...blessings, rebecca


You are amazing...always a perfect message.
Do you and your French Family celebrate an American version of Thanksgiving? My son who lives in Denmark misses Thanksgiving more than any other Holiday.
I adore the fact that Thanksgiving is celebrated by all here in the US no mater their religion or country of origin...now that is a great Holiday :)


what a lovely moment frozen in time...and yes a french moment captured i would know it is france even if you never said anything!). love your blog!!!!!


How beautiful Corey...empty plates but full hearts.

Did you celebrate Thanksgiving?

My Melange

Lovely image...cafe shots are some of my favorites!!


Those came out to be great shots, Corey. Another idea for a coffee table book....French Cafe Moments.


I'd love to be sitting there at that cafe.... sigh... one can dream, can't she?

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Gorgeous photos and words as always. So glad Thanksgiving went well :)


great photos for those with a passion for coffee (among which, myself).


So familiar... I'm wondering why the cup is separated from its saucer, with the glass in between. I see heavy symbolism....

I brought back the same cups to Canada, but in dark green rimmed with gold.


Oh, the light in France; thank you for reminding me with your words and photos.


These photos make me melt! Hope to take it all in , in person someday :)


this is typical France indeed !!!


Pretty photos -- I've eaten in a cafe in Paris with that name. Maybe there are a lot of cafes with that same name.
I love that cup. If you ever find one like it to sell, let me know! :-)


Oh how I could dive into that photo, plant myself at that table and people watch all day long. Great photo and really artsy-realistic YouTube video. Thanks!


So looking forward to coming to France next year!


Brilliant photos and I think you captured one reason why I love France so much, in a phrase.
"Modern day still life with hints of yesterday."


for one who has never been there, this is almost enough to feel as though I have. thanks...as always, such incredible images. xoC


I could get lost in those photos. My favorite part about getting tired of walking in Paris...there are always a cafes. :)

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