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06 November 2007


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I love gardens and wisteria and you.
Life began in a garden.
Love you Sugar Plum

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Bravo Corey! Encore! Encore!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


What a chase you lead French Husband on. I'll bet it wasn't the first or only time either.



How lovely! Some great images you've created with words as well as pictures.

Le petit cabinet de curiosites

Wonderful chateau. You were a kind of Madame in your garden ...
Thank you for sharing

My Melange

Wow, one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen!!!! Thanks so uch for sharing! BTW...I think you would look MUCH better naked than that nude statue at the end. ;)


Holy Moly what a pose! That just says "Come and get me!".

What a fun garden to be naughty in.


bravo bravo!@!@! love your sense of humour!!! (i thought for a moment..."did she really get down to her birthday suit?") and then et voilà...brilliant way to start off the day.


oh and the garden of ballue is marvelous.


You and the garden...


What fun!
[ Surely a bit chilly without clothes this time of year! You'll have to play again when you return to see the wisteria!]


You're never too old to play hide & seek, what a fun post and stunning garden.

qualcosa di bello

what a sweet, sweet game...i such a lovely place! i do hope you see it in the spring too...


Oh my...what has been going on since I've been away a few days?! I love it!

Beautiful photos, Corey!

Miz Booshay

What a wonderful place.
Such whimsy :o)


Oh my God, Corey, you have SOOOOOO made my day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How will I ever thank you enough for all the joy you bring to my life?



Dear Corey,
So magical, your words and your photo's.
You MUST write a book. Or have your BLOG published!
A fan (and daily reader) from the Prairies of Canada!

Jenny Rebecca



Dear Corey,
Even talking about hiding makes my heart beat!
What a beautiful garden to play hide n' seek in!
Have a fun Autumn Day!
and thanks for the tour!


When are you going to write your first novel, with French Husband as the main character? Beautiful pictures, and your writing, as always, is captivating!


Oh, what fun! I bet FH had a great time searching for you through the maze and hedges! What a beautiful place to wander...


So fun! I wrote about a little game I played with my foreign OH today too ;)


You are a true delight! How could French Husband not run and eat you up??? LOL My middle name is Diane, you can come stay in my temple anytime, vegetarian or not!


Wow! How fun would it be to have a place like that in your own back yard (and of course a team of gardeners to keep it looking like that!)



It looks like you had a wonderful time. And the ending was very cute! Thank you for the wonderful tour of the garden. I bet it is so beautiful in the spring with all of the flowers blooming.


Oh what fun!
I'm always amazed with your creative mind.
What a lovely place and it's even more lovely to know that two "lovebirds" found themselves playing hide-n-seek amongst all the twists and turns. I wish I could have heard you giggling, because I know you were! :)


What a fun trip through a beautiful garden!

Di Overton

The bit about the letters I tossing their dots in the air is your best ever. Wonderful post Corey.

Tamara Giselle

Oh my gosh that is so awesome! Thank you for the link. It has been added to my list of places I have to see. You are a wonderful tour guide. France owes you big time!

Tamara Giselle

Oh my gosh that is so awesome! Thank you for the link. It has been added to my list of places I have to see. You are a wonderful tour guide and bring out the best of France. France owes you big time!


i love those tall i hedges...what a fun story...and even funner game...LOL...silliness is so good for the soul...blessings, rebecca


Corey au pays des merveilles!



Gorgeous gardens and photos - it would be an irresistible hide and seek place. And I'm sure it would have a wonderful linen closet to hide in, under a pile of pristine sheets ...then you'd get in trouble for scuffing them with dirt from the garden and rumpling their smooth folds!

Cassoulet Cafe

Belles photos!!!!


Thank you for the laugh today! I really did giggle when I saw the statue!


what a fun story! thank you for my first smile of the day. i loved the ending....


Amazing. I often daydream about a parallel life spent in an aged castle with some a formal garden and maze . . .



You are the best Corey. I love your stories and pictures sooo much.


Such a lovely game of hide and come seek you play.


I enjoy visiting you each day, Corey! Your tales inspire, make me smile, and remind me to enjoy life!


This is so cool, Corey. Thanks!



Sooo funny Corey! I'm loving every inch of le jardin...hmmm, quite an upkeep, oui?

Elaine L.

Another delightful post with beautiful pictures!


Sweet Remembrance

I loved your game of hide & seek!
The gardens are beyond beautiful...
Thanks for the fun,

Karen Cole

Your last few posts have certainly been a feast for the eyes. Great story about the labryinth, you had me going there for a moment.


Beautiful. In my mind I saw Marie Antionette peeking out of the beautifully carved shrubs. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful sites with us!



the photos are great but the stories you tell are really amazing... you really should write a book!


gorgeous photos ! I love "wandering" in your blog !!!


Second request.

Please write a book!

The country of France is sorely missing a great opportunity. You could write an amazing guidebook for them! Beautiful, funny and informative.

Good luck, let me know when it's printed.


Once again, amazing photos! I love this garden. It's extraordinary.


fabulous garden :)

Alison Whittington

Another magical post.

Won't you please write a book?


You have a wonderful way of telling a story with your pictures! I have really enjoyed this road trip through France with you. Thanks for taking us along!


Corey - how did you get my photo?! Love your story, too funny! Marva


What a completely delicious post!! And the most amamzing garden, photographed so beautifully. Thanks Corey x

melissa @ the inspired room

You are a girl after my own heart! What fun you had, and what a delightful tale of fun and fancy! I loved it, the photos and all!


oh, dear me, a little moisturizer perhaps? lol! Wonderful post and I enjoyed my jaunt through the garden very much.
;) Abbie

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