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14 November 2007


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My Melange


I love how the shopkeepers wrap the baguettes with that *twisty-flipsy tie move* with the printed paper. I am in awe, starstruck everytime they do it! Makes the bread taste that much better ;)

Sue McG

Great instructions Corey - thanks :)


OMG!!! Those are such beautiful French baguettes! My favorite next to croissants-with melting sweet butter on top...but if it's right from the oven, heck I would surely tear right in!!!

Mmmm...the crusty outer layer, enveloping the soft inner core...I could smell them and taste them right now!!! :-P

Do they deliver? Ha ha ha


Isn't it hard to resist a baquette on the way home when it is still warm? I see people on the streets all of the time, heading home from the boulangerie, with the end of the baguette missing.

Merisi's Vienna

The end of the baguette and a crumb of kindness for you. :-)
I wonder how the baguette influences character building. For instance, the Italians don't bake baguettes (they worship those rosetta rolls with virtually no crumb inside). The Austrians have a fatter version of it (they need the fluffy inner core for dumplings!). Americans force white bread into tins and then slice and stuff it into plastic bags.


We have a small bakery near our post office called C'Est Si Bon (Newport Beach, CA) - people first go in to send their mail for the day - then you see everyone in their cars tearing off the ends of their fresh baked baguettes...not quite as 'romantic' sounding as France - California people eat in their automobiles ;-)


Oooh La La that sounds like a plan.
Love you Sugar Plum..............
You are the bread and all things fine and beautiful in this life.
I love you so very much.
Love and smiles across the miles.
Love Jeanne


You know so much how to enloy small details of life ..I love to eat almost all the baguette on my way. the best is when it is still warm


What I do everyday!!!!


Ok, I'm going to get another one now...


You know, the first time my mother let me go to the bakery on my own to buy a baguette, I knew just what to do ;-)


I love that the best things in life are really so simple!


Well, I live in Texas and, I'm sorry to say, most of what we call bread is in plastic bags and only good for holding the inside of a sandwich together! One can find specialty bakeries where the bread is actually to be enjoyed, though. (I lived in Germany for a year once and nothing I've found here quite comes up to theirs. Ah, the memories!)


Ah ! Le quignon ! The most irresistible part of the "anatomy" of a baguette....:)


Thanks for the link! I will practice reading French today.

Kristin Wight

Why stop with just the end? When my husband and I go to the Boulangerie we get one for the ride home.... and then the bread we need for the day!

There is a commercial here for potato chips, bet ya can't stop with just one... The bakers should use that slogan too!

But I guess with the strike, you HAVE to walk to get your baguette, so you better buy extra for that long walk back...




I can smell it now. Is there anything moe delicious than warm, freshly baked bread..!



I tend to drive to the local supermarket, buy a loaf of Cuban bread, tear off the end and eat it at the first red light!

Not as alluring, but every bit yummy!


It's amazing what you can do with a loaf of bread and some words - you conjure up an adventure in peace.


That is exactly how we eat ours. Only we buy two- one for the trip home and one for later. :) Our farmer's market has a fabulous bakery and on Saturday mornings, all of the breads come to the shelves hot from the oven. How could you resist eating something that delicious? We sure can't! :)


Every corner should have a boulangerie We are pretty fortunate to have Acme Bakery withing walking distance here at home. Then there's Cafe Fanny right next door to the bakery. Not so bad.



with tomato...bonbel...pocket knife...and wine...for breakfest...yum...blessings, rebecca


There is just something about fresh baked bread...it just smells soooooooo good. Sometimes I'll buy a fresh loaf...eat a chunk off take the rest of it home...and not even finish the loaf!


It's the living proof that you have become a real Frenchie.

Caffienated Cowgirl

I love those crusty batons of bread...and I do the same thing!


Corey, I just read the latest Stampington newsletter. Congratulations on those two new ventures with Somerset Life and The Shoppe at Somerset. Way to go!

qualcosa di bello

you've perfectly described on of my greatest weaknesses & guiltiest pleasures...to savor that just-from-the-bakery item, right outside the door!


The photo is lovely, the baguette must be delicious.... but just think... you got 27 comments on this post. Don't you think that's
amazing? Corey, you're powerful.


Oh yeah, baby, now you're talking !!!!

Baguette, slices of soft buttery avocado, good cheese, a wonderful bottle of wine in those KILLER wine glasses of Corey's. Stick a fork in me, I'm done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and I just thought of more !!!

Here in New Mexico we have several Indian Reservations. A favorite Sunday for us is to drive up to the Jemez Mountains via the Jemez Indian Pueblo.....there is a wonderful wide spot in the road lined with stunning red rock walls where the folks from the Pueblo set up food stands. They make and sell this wonderful bread baked in outdoor ovens made of adobe. The ovens are called "hornos" and driving by the Pueblo you see them in all the back yards. It is a very unique local custom.

Funny how bread brings the whole world together.


ohhhh Corey, Corey, Corey, what a wonderful post! - when i lived in Deuil-la-Barre the children and i would often buy an extra one to eat on the way home - because when they are fresh and hot, one truly cannot resist.


Miz Booshay

This was what we ate in Paris.
And we ate while walking back to the hotel room.

I love fresh crispy bread!

(I am a baker's daughter and married a baker ;o)


Ooooo... fresh bread. It looks and sounds yummy!

Elizabeth Meredith

Crusty bread fresh from the oven, a VERY handsome FH, a HUGELY successful blog, and now Fame and Fortune with Stampingtons!!! Wow, Corey, life is GOOD for you and I am HAPPY for you!


I hope you saved some for me... XO


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, sweet smelling kisses and hugs to you and Shelley!!!


You must live close to the bakers to have any left to save!


Save the rest for later? Please tell how?!


and piping hot, out of the oven. the BEST!

Betty C.

Or eat most of it in the car, which will end up covered with crumbs...


It's all coming back to me, the smell and crunch and the even more delicious French treat of a bar of dark chocolate sandwiched in the middle of the baguette...mmmmmmmmmmm


I think my favorite thing about visiting in France was the food shopping - I even managed an almost complete conversation in French in the grocery store! We would buy rotisserie chickens and baguettes and eat them in the park. Baguettes just aren't the same here in the states.


What do you mean the rest for later? You buy two and maybe the second one makes it home....difinitely not if you have a husband or child with you. LOL Fresh baked is the best. Tomorrow Morning I have to pick up fresh baked rolls from our babysitter for Teresa's class Thanksgiving fest. So I ordered 2 dozen just so I(I mean we) could have some for dinner. I have tried their recipe, but it always taste better made by them. We will keep Shelley and her family in our prayers.


Sounds yummy Corey!
Do you ever notice in movies and tv shows, that there is always a baguette sticking out of the bag?
Have a great day!

Franca Bollo

Holy guacamole, bat girl. Forty-four comments for three sentences about bread. You could write about your toe-nail clippings and people would respond. In fact, why don't you? They could be like Rorschach ink blots. You could ask readers to send in their interpretations. Oi, low blood sugar again.


Hey Corey,
This is one of the JOYS you get to have there in your adopted France! LUCKY YOU!
Tomorrow, on the way home, when you're chewing please think of me!


I need cheese with mine, or better yet sauce/gravy from a plate of food.


Yummmmm....I buy bread like that at Panaras.....but I'll bet it tastes best in France.....judy


I can do that and will in Aug/08!! Hope to see you then!! hugs NG

A Fanciful Twist

Oh my goodness... YES!!! Yummy and warm and so French!

queen of the carnivale

oh my oh my... my tummy is churning. How gorgeous those loaves look. What grand visions of strolling home through picturesque French towns I am dreaming of... such a nice day dream...


remembering my bakery in carthage where i went for daily fresh baked bread, walking home one of the warm baguettes of 6pm almost always disappeared as you discribe it so perfectly ;)


remembering my bakery in carthage where i went for daily fresh baked bread, walking home one of the warm baguettes of 6pm almost always disappeared as you discribe it so perfectly ;)


I could seriously live on bread, wine and cheese. That looks so delicious!


I remember baguettes were set out every morning at the residence where I was staying ... they had a guillotine to cut them and I thought that was so cool! ~ Lynda


Favourite photo of mine from our France honeymoon is of my newby husbane with a fresh baguette over his shoulder claiming "I feel so French... do I look French?" Yes dear. We tried to recreate this feel when we got home but Australian bread just doesn't cut it.

Cassoulet Cafe

Lovely photo and caption!

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