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08 November 2007


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le petit cabinet de curiosites

Home sweet home ..


This little light of mine
I'm going to let it shine.
Let love light the way.
Love you
Your home and creations are beautiful and so are YOU
I love you
Jeanne ^j^

Cottage Contessa

It's true, there's no place like home! Welcome back.
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


Candles fill many needs.


I love the silvery look you've created. It reminds of bells. Why?


The sound of bells ringing, deeply . . .


lovely post, lovely photo and lovely that you have no fear "ta-da" ;) delphine


You really are very talented, aren't you? I love this crystal-ly candle thing.


Gee that's lovely....


Hello Corey, I've enjoyed catching up with you this morning. Lovely photos and descriptions!



How clever of you, I love how you give new life to old objects. It's great to be home indeed.


What a wonderful idea! I just bought a floor lamp at an estate sale...I think I will have to copy your idea! I love it!


I love when old or previously used items are transformed and take on a new personality. What a great way to keep the love moving. Nothing is ever too old to be loved.

As Dorothy says in The Wizard of Oz, "there's no place like home" !!!!

Glad you made it back safely.


Beautiful transformation! Simply Stunning!


Welcome home, Corey! Cheryl

Miss Sandy

Welcom home Corey, I agree, there is no place like it! Thank you for allowing us to travel along with you. I enjoyed the trip immensely.
Miss Sandy


Welcome home! To candlelight nonetheless - romantic!


Welcome home Corey! Would you please post a full photo of your candle crystally thing? It sounds very creative and pretty.


Corey, you are the shazzaamm queen.

Julie Ann

There is indeed a stillness waiting to be filled when one returns home after a trip. I am always pleased to be home but a little unsettled for a while. Lighting candles helps especially beautifully scented ones from Dyptique, a little background noise, a glass of wine. Soon the warmth and fullness of home returns.


"Lit candles bring a sense of peace don't they?"

Yes. Especially when those candles are lit in a french house across the table from a french husband in France.


don't you love that stillness - it is as if the house were holding its breath, waiting for you. I've enjoyed your travelogue


back home again, finding the familiar surroundings and the warmth of your home. blessings in candle light on a sacred wall!


Welcome Home!!!


your view if France is so heartwarming and interesting... how long have you lived there?
I just started visiting your Blog and it is fascinating!!

Pam Aries

What a 'bright' idea! You are just the crafty girl!

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

Yes, a little light goes a long long way.
You, are one of the brightest! Love the photo Corey.


I'm sure you'll have sweet memories of your road trip, but there's nothing like your own bed.Enjoyed, thanks for taking us along with you.


There's no place like home!

Elaine L.

I love the transformation of the floor lamp.
Very beautiful. I love candlelight - I look so well in it!



Sometimes I ponder over the reason why one likes travelling...
Maybe to have the pleasure to return home and to find the instant blissful...


What a ta-da, that is, too - Lovely~

Di Overton

Very clever.


There's no place like Home, is there, Corey? Collapsing onto the sofa or bed is bliss.


Always feels good to be home....Those gardens, the labrynth and sculpted gardens below are amazing! And you my dear...in nude, marble loveliness! You and FH do tease...


I, too, love to come home. Especially if I have cleaned before I left! Even if I was somewhere wonderful, as it seems you were. Home is so very nice after a holiday!


home is the best place of all-this from a
story i read to my 4 little ones. We will all
go home again! I am Kara's mom at mcm & storm... Love and joy and great quietness of
heart to you and your shelly...

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