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09 November 2007


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Yes. It's one of those amazing experiences that must just go ahead and relinquish control.... Go on the ride, and see where it takes you...

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Lovely post .
I want to be touched by this arrow even if it is killed me ...


I like arrows...
Must confess I'm a sagittarian !!!


Love Love Love
Love is all you need.
The Beatles.........
How very lovely indeed.
I love you my dear friend.


It can be problematical if you get caught in cross-fire!

Cottage Contessa

Yep! It sure is an awesome ride!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


The fragment of the painting is wonderful. Look at those cupid toes among the flowers.


My Melange

I am a cherub fanatic...thanks for the *fix*...


I have so enjoyed each post-today and the past few days-
You have such a gift, drawing us in...
Blessings on you, dear Corey, for sharing your gift each day.


Cupid's arrow--that hit a long time ago . . .


really such a lovely post! you must be really in love corey to have so much inspiration daily.


Definitely a ride not to miss. You have such a lovely way with words!


I peeked through the window of the nursery and saw this tiny baby...and i instantly fell in love with him...grandbaby # 4 ...tears and joy and overwhelming love...when i was younger i thought love was only a romantic thing...for HIM....but today my love flows in from alot of different ones...mostly little people!! thanks for helping me think of love this morning ...great way to start the day!


I waited for that arrow for a long time, and in the mean time, I was struck by many impostor arrows that made my heart bleed. Then one day, after my heart was healed and strong, an arrow came out of nowhere, struck me and there was no turning back. That day the page was turned and my life went to a new chapter, where I am grounded me in love.

Each day I think: You never know when you're going to turn the corner and bump into the rest of your life!


I love my family.

I love birds.

I love to make art.

I love good food and wine.

I love that today is Friday !!!!!!!!!!!!


Love is the hardest and easiest thing I've ever done.


Very interesting, Cory, that I was just cuddling with my husband last night talking about this very thing. How his love broke through and set me free and changed my life.


Love is...hanging onto that arrow! Smart lady~


You are such a wise person Corey.

Hold onto the arrow, and hold tight, as it is sometimes a bumpy ride.


i fall in love
everyday with something,
i do.


like the photo posted here...

i love the detail
[ but want to see the entire picture! ]
i love the way the toes are chubby
the way the paint is cracking...
i love that.


i've seen some arrows flying around in the past... think bended over to many times ;)
yet there is this one specific arrow...


I was pierced by Cupid's arrow over 32 years ago!

And we're heading out for date night tonight!


Love is grand Corey!!!


please aim that arrow over here...blessings, rebecca

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

To the point! Wonderful image and words. xx, JP/deb

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

Wonderful image and words! Much peace and love, xx, JP/deb


oh corey...

you don't know how much i needed to read those words. i really did.

can i quote you on those?


sends you the serenity of an autumn night...

i hope all is well!


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