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03 November 2007


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Oh, this is too tempting. My mouth is watering. Thanks to blogging and Paris Breakfast, I know about macarons and have even found a café in Oslo where I buy them. I am going back there in two weeks......

oh, oh. Me First.

Yes. I have enjoyed my Saturday. I flea-marketed and found a Christmas present for my DH.

Also, it is the most glorious autumn day over here in England. We took our dog for a walk and walked through some fields and a nature reserve... held hands... talked nonsense... watched the dog chase birds and had a good laugh.

Oh my. That is gorgeous. Have a great Saturday too!

Thanks for all the sugar and sweetness you spread across the land.
I love you so very much

Oh this is gorgeous! It just needs some chocolate drizzled over the top! :) Beautiful photography! Marva

That's a MACARON?!!! WOW! I can almost smell it from here... YUM!

Delightful. Am I imagining it or you a bit later today..busy with macarons....??

Wow! Serve that to French Husband for Valentine's Day!

It is a beautiful autumn day here, too.

Oh my! That looks wonderful! I would need lots of those after driving with my youngest (15) anywhere. Send me a stash. He's telling me he gets his permit in January! Ack!

ooooo, that is pretty. looks yummy. too bad it's barely breakfast time here....



I would eat that and to hey with cholesterol!


DEAR GAWD..You are killlllingggggg me! I have to lose pounds!

Oh heavens, I could just die right now !!!!! Clarice

Mmmmm...that IS pretty! I'm sure Marie Antoinette would have approved of this little treat.

i do believe that that is the prettiest macaron i have ever set my eyes on. and i hope it was gorgeous to eat as well!

Oh my indeed! Ok, I thought macaroons were all about coconut. That thing is gorgeous and a work of art, but not surprising if it's a French creation. The colour is unbelievable. Now I'm off to google macaroon and it's history.

Wow Corey,
That is an amazing looking cookie. Now I want one.

Oh this has to be the yummiest photo!!! A beautiful day was had by us here in Bath but a raspberry macaron would surely have made it perfect. Have a delicious weekend!

Oh, yes.

Never had a macaron...it is simply lovely...the color...the fruits.

Ooooohhhhh that does look delicious!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

un macaron vraiment à la bonheur!! would have loved to stop by... yet had laundy and ironing for weekend treat!! :(

Not only is the color and I'm sure the taste delicious but that photo is so lovely it could be hung as a work of art!!

Yep... its the prettiest...

This is really outrageous :) Too beautiful to eat, though.

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