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01 November 2007


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Baby you can drive my car.......
Beep beep..........
~The Beatles........
Love you and thanks for taking us along on all of your adventures........
You do know how to live

Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Well you obviously lived to tell the tale! We will be there in 3 years time..........just the thought of it makes me need to lay down with some strong headache medication! lol
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


Are you exagerating a little? ;)
I've been on a road trip with you and you stayed wide awake.
French husband got us to the Aix TGV station and only made one wrong turn.


I know this autoroute, aren't you going North?


My heart goes out to you - I've been through that 'my baby is driving us in a car!?!' experience with my two girls (ok - they're both definitely women, now - but to me they're still my 'girls,' lol). It has taken years, but I'm finally somewhat used to it. Though I still insist on driving us whenever I can get away with it (I get carsick, so I am not a good passenger under the best of circumstances).
Good luck!-xOx


Haha! I know what road you were driving on :)

Sarah in Marrakech (but RIGHT NOW in Paris!)

Ah... driving... I never learned (I am Irish and car insurance is very high there) but my husband is American and, therefore, has been driving for years. We can't wait to hire a car and go off into the French countryside, although I must admit that we are particularly looking forward to taking trains, as both of us are train-journey fanatics!


I just remember someplace out of Aix where there was something that looked like an overpass but it was a resturaunt, up over the freeway. Yes we stopped. Yes it was awful. But I remember it.



Ack! D is completely calm while L is at the wheel, learning to drive. I'm completely in inner turmoil.

My Melange


If French Husband gets lost...are you sure you want to *fly* with him.. After all at least there are signs on the road...but last time I checked...none in the sky ;)


I have a feeling I'll be stranded at the airport for a very long time waiting to be picked up..... ;)


Oh my!

I've done it twice, Corey, and it doesn't get any easier!

But the highway? ... I still won't ride with the boys on the highway! (In fact, I still teach them to use the side roads instead!)

When I saw the first picture, I thought Sacha was driving!


Corey--I'm right there with you--with 2 at one time and a 3rd right on their heels.I think this is the hardest thing since toilet training. Now, if only I could get that "brake" to work on the passenger side!


My husband has been trying to teach me how to drive a stick shift and yesterday he informed me that he had finally given the job to someone else. Thanks, honey! Now more people know how pathetic I am! LOL!


My son is in the learning to drive phase also. So far, he's an excellent driver. That probably comes from riding with me while I tell him what not to do because I just did it. We set him free in December with wheels and a lot of rules. I love to take pictures out of the windows of the car.


I remember my mother was so frightened that she laid down in the backseat. My dad was a real trooper and taught me well.

I freak out a bit (inside) when I ride with my son. I don't show it though. It is important to me that he know I have confidence in him.

Being there as our children grow is important. Good for you to go Corey.

Gail Sullivan

Dear Corey,
As always, your posts can be so very funny. Thanks for sharing with us. I have been through it with three kids and it doesn't get any easier with the second one. I think you are wise to let FH do the teaching.


Been there too - not easy but necessary otherwise you become a fulltime chauffeur and your kids hate you! Good luck to Chelsea. DH drove us in Provence last year - must say the French road signs/directions are impossible for visiting Americans to understand - at least you have a French DH who HAS to do better!

Corey - your unstoppable sense of humour will get you through it. My just turned 11 year old granddaughter informed us this week she is now saving up for a car - heaven forbid!!!! As she has just $23.60 in her piggy back I will not worry for some years!


I have three more years before my oldest can learn to drive... make that three more years of prayer! =)


I have never felt confident driving so avoid doing so. Could be the night driving practice with my mother when I was taking driver's ed. I was driving, it was around 8pm and she said "Be very very careful because there is a sheer cliff off this side of the road". Seriously! Chelsea is lucky to have calm FH teaching her.


i hate to ride across the street with my kids driving...across country...no not me...blessings, rebecca


LOL Corey!!! You know ignorance is bliss!!! I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.


I have to think it is pretty similar to taking a road trip in the U.S. with a new driver....my foot would continuely slam into the floor...no brake there???

Love your descriptions!!


Heehee...I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you make it sound :)


Any young lady who jumps out of airplanes is confident enough for highway driving...but I don't want to jump out of airplanes or be in the back seat...either.

la vie en rose

sounds like a real adventure. my son is only 4 and he's already talking about driving me around when he gets bigger...of course he thinks that because i have to sit in the back seat while he drives that it means i have to be in a car seat like he is now...


I let Don do all the driving teaching. It was bad enough when they got their licence to be the passenger. Took some getting used to. Talk about your case of nerves. I empathize completely.


Hat tip to Chelsea!!

Get your motor runnin'
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
And whatever comes our way
Yeah Darlin' go make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space


chelsea facing the densed highway traffic?? chapeau!! a good start to learn how to drive. noura drove all the way home from aigues through france, luxembourg and belgium across the border. me next to the driver seat for secure directions, like fh... yet we got lost in lyon :(( my fault!!

Hi M

Lyon is a tricky spot, and many people take the wrong route! We managed it well this time, but that is not usually the case!


Sounds like a lot of fun and that map looks really confusing. I can't believe that those same looking nuclear reactors are in my state too. We just took a trip and drove by the scary looking things.



No Corey, but I have been on LA freeways with child learning to drive. EEK!!!
I hear you.


I love the image, you are brave.
We drove from Nice to St. Tropez the summer before last, stopping at the Four Seasons in Tourette for 3 nights. We pulled out of the gates to leave, and went the wrong way. My husband did a 3 point turn on a road that has no room for a manuver such as this... three teenage daughters in the back seat screaming (they think) for their lives and me in the passenger seat. Not a fun 10 minutes, he was ready to leave all of us by the side of the road :) Happy Trails Corey & safe travels.


I would ride with Chelsea driving anywhere!!!! No pins in the seat for that girl!!!


Well, welcome home!
Yeah I do believe Sacha was on he right track with the distractions!! Do you know what nuclear reactors actually are? Guess I could google.

I think French H's idea to drive across country is a good thing for Chelsea.

BTW The only person I've ever met born with a worse sense of direction that me, is my husband.
At least I learned to read a map around 15 yrs. ago. I've one up-ed him no doubt!!!
I can get around now.


I'm not sure Corey, even though your daughter is learning to drive...I think I would enjoy a little side trip through France. I'm sure you will arrive safetly to your destination.


We haven't even begun to try to conceive a child and I already worry about this!! It's one thought out of many that makes me think, oh, we can still wait a while to have kids.

Pinkie Denise

Hello Corey,
I know exactly what you mean. I keep thinking it will get easier with each one, but no way,
it doesn't work like that. I make my husband do the drivers training my nerves cannot handle it. Savannah just got her license Monday and she did well on the driving test, me alway the worry wort Mom. XOXOXOXOXO Denise


You are very brave. My sister has just got her driving license on wednesday. I'm very afraid about that . Tonight , she wants to invite me to a restaurant and drive to there ...


Ingrid got her driving licence in August. She had been practicing for two years with Terje then. I must confess I kept away from the car the first year. She is a wonderful and confident driver now though, and I love to be her passenger.

Cheers to Chelsea.

Alison Whittington

I would have gladly come along! What fun!


When my daughter first learned how to drive, my hubby suggested that she do some of the driving on our road trip from Arizona to Idaho. He sat in the front passenger seat (supposedly to give her guidance) and promptly fell asleep. I wish I had earphones and a computer on that trip; I was a nervous wreck! It does get better-I can actually sleep while she's driving now!

kristen robinson

What a fun scene oh to be a fly on the ceiling.


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