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11 November 2007


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I love all of your treasure troves......
Love you

Passementerie (was Sarah in Marrakech)

Beautiful! I will certainly be keeping your advice in mind as we try to pick up some treasures during our year here in Paris. And I completely agree about using things. Unless you are so lucky as to have more things than you could ever possibly use, you *must* use what things you have - what are you saving them for? Your heirs? Why? I have had such trouble with my parents in the past and have slowly been getting through to them that they are indeed important and good enough to use their own beautiful belongings. I understand the cultural reasons for this reluctance, but I think that it is something to be put behind us and that we should bring out the finest silver teapot for breakfast!


love your treasures that you find in such unusual places... you must have such a wonderful time looking for and finding such treasures...


I always enjoy your pictures and these are just beautiful! Love the collection with the seashells because I love old garden ornaments, seashells and old mirrors. xo, suzy


You have such an eye for detail Corey.Hope you are well. xxx


Unless beautiful antiques lay scattered across the ground in France, I would say you have an amazing eye and an amazing sense of how to use that beauty in everyday life. Bravo!


I dunno know how you do it Corey...just when I least expect it. A smile on my face.


Love the stone urn....Great tips as always.


Yes to using beautiful things. If you are keeping them for your heirs then perhaps you should consider passing some of them on to your heirs right now. For the past few years I've been passing on little bits and bob at Christmas, creating a tradition of sorts. My family seems to appreciate it.


Pam Aries

Oui ! Oui ! Use all your treasures! Every day! Enjoy their beauty! I love my little teacups and plates ! It makes tea and coffee special!


Your blog is the one place I can come to and know, for sure, that I will leave with a smile! A quiet garden of treasures, both materially and philosophically.

By the way, great bust, is it marble, terra cotta or plaster?


Corey - your blog is such a tresure trove! That is an excellent idea to use your antiques.... Marva


Great advice, beautifully written and captioned! Thank you! Cheryl


Love your rules!!


Such very, very good advice, Corey. Your photos are perfect.


Hi Corey! Whew...Okay, I didn't cry when I read your post today, hehe ;)...anyway, I so agree about the not being afraid to ask questions. It's sometimes scary to risk embarrassment or rejection, but I have received positive answers many more times than negative. I'm going through that right now in that I'm opening up a workshop and retail store near Austin, and there are several artists whose original works I would love to carry. They may laugh at me and say...oh no, we are only represented by galleries, etc...but what the heck, I figure I might also get a yes from some of them, and how wonderful it would be! :) Definitely worth the risk.

My Melange

Loving it all! My other tip(s) for antiques..which I have learned the hard way many times......

1. Always bring more cash than you *think* you'll need.

2. If you love it-buy it, you'll regret it if you don't!





Excellent advice. Corey-you have an exceptionally good eye for antiques and "repurposing". After your floor lamp to candle light photo I did the same thing. Took an old 1930s hanging fixture with prisms friends gave me years ago-it looks much better than it did with light bulb light!

Pinkie Denise

Good Sunday Morning Corey,
I do not know what time it is in France maybe,
tomarrow or yesterday? I love all your finds
and how you put them together. Thanks for sharing your treasure, the wonderful gift of you! Have a great day.... Pinkie


Difficult to chose :the chandelier, the glasses , the silver knives in the mattress fabric , the cute baby...All of them are life essentials to me . We need to use beautiful things whenever possible , to teach babies , while they grow up , how important it is in one's life to use , handle , touch and not just store .Thanks for another great post .
Your nephew is a cutie (I love his big eyes , looks like he is ready to embrace life to the fullest !).


Excellent rules. I try to live by them. You know I adore your glasses ;) but not more than your gorgeous nephew sweetness. I'd better sign off because I'm going ga-ga over him.



Good morning Corey. It goes without saying that your nephew is the great beauty in this collection of beautiful things. However, that being said, I love what you did with the shells and mirror. A stunning 3 dimensional composition.


Great tips with beautiful photographs.

kristin Co

C'est vrai qu'il est difficile de choisir, mais mon coeur est plus attiré par ta composition autour du miroir avec tous les trésors de la mer ! So lovely, Corey ...


Sage advice! I will keep them in mind. I love your finds. Your place must be like a treasure trove - very lovely!

A Fanciful Twist

Yes! To all the tips!! I aodre your finds, you have such an eye!!! xxo


And share you do!
I would have loved to get my hands on those glasses. What a find.


Loving the rules, Corey! Also those wine glasses are to die for...:-)


use, don't hide...i've got it...please stop by my blog for another giveaway today...blessings, rebecca

Miss Maddie's

Excellent advice from a lady in the know with access to the most beautiful things just outside her door. I am jealous. Susan


Wonderful words of advice and lovely pics, as usual, you have shared :) That nephew of yours looks like a little angel in that gorgeous antique gown.


Siiiiigh...it would so much fun to walk through an antique shop or flea market with you, Corey.


Yes Corey,
I enjoy looking for antiques and collectibles also....


Corey, your posts are like therapy to me. When I gaze at your photos I can feel my tight shoulders relax and my blood pressure lowering little by little with each poetic word. Thank you for every treasure of your beautiful French life that you share!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

You Know , Corey .
You should write a book ...so many good advices


Those wine glasses are to-die-for.


Those wine glasses are to-die-for.


my rule for antiques: adore them, whether or not you can afford to take them with you. but more important: when will THE BOOK spring to life in its antique baptismal clothes?


Very wise the fourth rule. I will try to keep it in mind.

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