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18 November 2007


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Liz Ness

Well, I was going to say something about spice cake with a little cream, but after seeing this photo, it makes me want to go back to chocolate. This looks wonderful! And, now, I'm drooling (heh-heh).


Chocolate. (That was chocolate period) XO


truly sinfull... yet sins are there to be forgiven. are there any meringues left?? i'm coming over... ;))


Cheese, cheese and more cheese


oooohhhhh yum! My downfall is dessert. Meringue, cheesecake, mousse, anything decadent.


Fois gras is my "peché mignon" because I dont like how is made....and chocolate of course...


Fois gras is my "peché mignon" because I dont like how is made....and chocolate of course...


D-E-S-S-E-R-T-S! (fork in hand) Are you going to eat that? :-P

Betty C.

Foie gras for me too, definitely.

It's funny you should post this because I bought some pâtisseries yesterday from a new shop and on that we chose, an "Opéra," looked a lot like this...and tasted great.


It was chocolate, but now it's cheese.


No desserts for this cookie any longer but I am there virtually sharing your joy.........
My downfall has always been a lucious dessert..........
YOu are loved
Thanks for spreading sugar and sweetness all over the land
Love Jeanne


Food. Yep, the whole category. I get all excited about trying something new, I love to cook. Heck, I even enjoy doing dishes.

Wish I could send you all some of the Chubble Bread I made yesterday. I have LOTS! LOL!



it changes daily ;)


Something lemony . . .


Now that is a dessert!!! and to share it with someone special is a double treat....
Did you make it?? if so you are quite the cook!!


My downfall? Anything created in our kitchen with fresh ingrediants and a 10 year old helping hand!

Right now I'd have to say that turkey, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, fresh cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie are my down fall!

Mrs. G.

creme brulee with the crunchy sugar top you have to crack open with your fork.


Chocolate chip cookies. Shortbread. Coffee Gelato. Toffee. Devils food cake with cream cheese icing. Hazelnut Biscotti.
As you can see,
I don't have many downfalls.


No hesitation : FOIE GRAS !!!

Catarina, Betty and I should start a club !!!


Sticky date pudding drenched in caramel sauce with a wee scoop of vanilla ice cream.
I wouldn't refrain from taking a bite of your dessert above.


Ha-ha , you want to know ? Saint Honoré , galette des rois (the briochée type , with loads of candied fruits and sugar and fresh fruit decorations) , Christmas pudding with brandy butter ( tasted this in Irelenad : a killer !) , calissons , rose flavour macarons , a decadent chocolate cake I make ( only two spoons of flour in it , the rest is just RICH ), Roquefort ,lebanese cuisine , indian cuisine , candied flowers , .... to name just a couple !!!


Mmmm....I am drooling!!


apple fritters, pain au chocolat, lemon tea cookies. Anything my mother bakes; spritz, krumkake, chocolate chip cookies, date nut bars, magic cookie bars, etc. I have to go to her house just before she does her Christmas cookie platter deliveries to friends and other family members. Quality control is a tough job, but someone has to do it! p.s. that is a beautiful flow blue plate and reminds me of Shelley. How is she doing?


Cheese and chocolate!
I should have just named my blog that. :-)


You mean I have to share that...? No way, I'll be off in the corner keeping it all to myself and then looking around for seconds mmmmmm! The sin of gluttony springs to mind!


Corey, the dessert looks delicious... but I would rather have the flow blue plate... Have a good Sunday!


My downfall? My addiction? Everything! I don't discriminate...LOL


Chocolate, chocolate and oh yes, chocolate. Although I'm not sure what looks more delicious the chocolate cake or the plate. Can I have my cake and eat it too? Who makes up these sayings? Of course I want to eat it!!


My downfall is the flow blue dish under the yummy dessert!


Candy is most DEFINITELY my downfall!!


My downfall would be that sinful chocolate dessert along with two or three of it's siblings and a huge steaming cup of cafe mocha trimmed with whipped cream and gourmet chocolate curls :)


Hi Corey,
Mine is pizza!
Have a great day!


Honestly, Corey. I just put on ten pounds!!!! and all I did was LOOK.


This one would do it! Anything dark, rich chocolate...creamy...mmmmmm, I can just taste this.

off to the fridge...although all I have there is ice cream.


Honestly, there is no place in the world like France (possibly Switzerland) for gorgeous desserts ... worth every calorie!

Alison Whittington

That looks absolutely delicious, and I must say, I am rather fond of almost everything the other commenters have listed, too.

But I don't think of them as downfalls. Just part of a life well lived.

My downfall, then, would be tortilla chips, because I'm not even that crazy about them but I can't stop eating them when they're in front of me. Then again, that's really because I love guacamole so deeply.


Crème brûlée for me, thank you. On your blie plate, if possible.


Um, cough...that would be "blue" plate....


hum ! what a delight !


Must I choose only one? I have so many to choose from, lol.

If the chocolate in this photo, were anywhere near me right now, it would definitely qualify, though!

Pinkie Denise

I love bread, fresh hot from the oven and
creamy cheesecake. Really there is not to much
that I don't like that is my downfall!

Caffienated Cowgirl

Oh, I can almost taste that!!!


I'm guessing one spoon was for Shelley and one for you!


my downfall i think is wanting to taste a little bit of everything, to surprise my taste buds and savor the flavor. that rarely leads to a trim figure ;)


I want one for me, pleeeeeeease!


Yummy! I think we're a'thinkin' along the same lines this week, Corey. :) My downfall... fancy coffee drinks for sure. LOVE THEM! Dark chocolate! Mmmmmmmm!


PS - I certainly wouldn't mind falling downward (face first, mouth open, of course) into that dessert, though! :)


Heaven on a plate!

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