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19 November 2007


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Gail Sullivan

Dear Corey,
I love how you enjoy what you are doing no matter what it is. I love how you are spontaneous. I love your enthusiasm for life. I know you are coming up on 20 years of marriage with FH. What a wonderful road you have journeyed together.


I am assuming here that you are talking about going out to shop for antiques or flea market finds. It has to be warm and sunny for me to get out and do that.


It was cold on sunday morning. There was a vide grenier in my town, but when I got up it was -5°C...too cold for me :)


It doesn't get any better,than to be doing the thing that you most love to do. Enjoy!


I miss you.


Corey, my dear flea-market sister...I agree whole-heartedly!!! ((hugs))

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I hope your monday will be better..And you will be back in our south of France ..Can't wait to see you to tell me all the stories about " méchant" paris flea market ..


I love you my darling friend.
Love Love Love is all you need.
God bless you today and everyday
Love Jeanne

Miss Maddie's

I call it 'The Thrill Of The Hunt'. Label it any way you want I LOVE it!!!
I can envision us in the future with a snazzy chrome walker or souped-up wheelchair travelling the isles begging forgiveness if anyone gets in our way. Susan

My Melange

From one flea marketer to another...you said it perfectly my dear.


Ah, the thrill of the hunt! It is exciting to spy a bargain or three, isn't it?


Oh yes! Nothing matters when it comes to hunting for treasures. Your photo of the woman and flowers is beautiful, and also the German link. I tried to leave a comment but couldn't figure it out.

Ann@ HolyExperience

"Love does that." Exactly. The art of subtraction. We only have eyes for that which makes our heart beat faster.

Again, thank you, Corey....
May yours beat with His today...


Isn't it so funny how doing something we love whether big or small makes us so happy? Love takes us down some of the most interesting paths.

Catherine Mary

Find our "bliss" (thank you, Joseph Campbell) and do it--that's it! Corey, your posts help me each morning to start my day in a positive way.

Miss Sandy

I know that look! I get it frequently! I adore a flea market jaunt on a rainy Monday, I always get my best bargins then. It must be love as I find the weather undaunting and the emptiness of my favortie haunts not a bit lonely. Lovely post.
Miss Sandy


oh yes...love gives our eyes and our hearts the gift of seeing the good in everything.
you always put exactly what my heart feels into words.
you are such a gift,Corey.


Corey: You are so amazing! I just love seeing the world through your eyes. You teach me so much. I LOVE your attitude.


It is indeed wonderful to find something you love to do and then loose yourself in it...for me it is creating my art.

Pinkie Denies

Oh, I know this kind of love and I am that glassy eyed woman in the print, my head so full of blooms.......I woke up this morning dreaming of shopping in Paris, really I even
told Mr. Pinkie about it! Corey I don't know
how to explain it but you make magic with your
words! And I love being touch by them even the
little sprinkles of dust......Love you and miss you, have a wonderful holiday with your
beautiful family our thoughts are with you Pinkie Denise


That was me yesterday Corey.
It is love!!


Ah Love! It is a gift to be able to do what you love. You have taken your gift and multiplied it many times over... good for you!


Oh, I love the Old Stuff Shop! I can only imagine what treasures you find. To shop in Paris has to be the best : ) You must know I am drooling & daydreaming here


Bossy can smell the crispy streets.


I wholeheartedly agree. And what lovely pictures - I especially love the first one.



Looks like a fun shopping trip even if there was nothing to purchase, and the hot chocolate perfect for cold sunday mornings I like to dunk brioche in mine. But I'm not THat French because I also like marshmallows floating on the top, now that is a delight for a Sunday morning, hot chocolate, warm brioche and melted marshmallows!


That is such a lovely portrait of a lady, do you know that artist and if its a pastel?
-------------Hi M
It is an image from an old magazine. It probably is a pastel in real, but mine is a copy. I added vintage ribbon buttons to it.


There are benefits to being a lazy blogger.
I get to read 30 of your posts in one hit.
And when I see you in a big block like that, I realize all the more, what a beautiful soul you are.
Now, Australians aren't given to effusiveness, so that is not simply a platitude - it is heartfelt.
You're fun, thoughtful, sweet and kind.
You live your life wholly.
Do you ever get depressed?
Do you ever despair?


that is so true, but sometimes you love TOO many things and can't decide to concentrate on which? and you end up just loving about the things you want to do but end up doing nothing...That's me and I want to change that!


I know exactly what you mean, I am also in love with flea markets and all the special finds I get there. It's so nice to be in love. This is the first time I've visited your blog, it is so nice. I like it. No, I love it.


Corey - this is so true! When you're doing what you love it doesn't matter if the kitten wakes you up at 3:00 am. :) Marva

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I really do know just how you feel! Beautiful post!


Oui oui! So, so true...

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

Mmmmm...I love this post! "Flowers bloomed in her mind..." just gorgeous. And yes, you're right, when we're living our joy that is love - that is loving ourselves.
Sending you peace & love, xx, JP/deb

queen of the carnivale

So very very true! What a gift, to love what you do... I am so happy to hear that flowers bloom in your mind!

Donna O.

Fantastic links you shared- even better when you're in love!

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