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30 November 2007


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Happy Birthday Tongue in cheek - wishing you many more!

Happy Birthday . Wishing you the best ...
Are you going to " souffler les bougies " ..les bougies sur un macaron

Two candles
Two chocolates
Two roses
Two kisses
Two glasses
Two cups
Two laughs
Two words
"Happy Birthday" !

Always, Corey. Happy Bloggyversary!

How blessed we all are to have you in our lives.
Happy 2nd anniversary
I love you
Christmas Cheer all through the year.

happy second birthday to your 3rd child =)
keep on blogging!

Happy second blog anniversary Corey! Blogland would not be the same without Tongue in Cheek. Thank you so much for your heartwarming stories, your beautiful photos and your radiant spirit. Hugs,

you are very inspiring to all of us...here;s to more wonderful posts!!

A very happy birthday to you, I look forward to your daily posts, your blog is just wonderful.

Thank you, Corey! You make life a little more beautiful, a little softer around the edges, a little slower in taking it all in...

Happy Birthday to Tongue in Cheek. I'm already looking forward to what the third year is going to bring.


Happy, happy birthday!

How lucky we all are to share two years with you!

Congrats on your anniversary! Here's to your next two!

Bon Anniversaire!!! You look really good for 2! Thanks for writing to us for 2 years...and hope you continue to do so ;)

Happy Birthday!!! And thanks for sharing.

Happy Birthday, Tongue in Cheek! Here is to many more years of your inspiration and friendship, Corey. You are one of the reasons I love Bloglandia.

Congratulations to a wonderful daily read!

Happy Second birthday TICA..!
You are a cute toddler. Inquisite, fun, giggly and always teaching us something.
May you enjoy many more birthdays.
Don't eat too much cake...!

Good morning and Happy Birthday..I only found you recently and it is a very important part of my day reading your blog...I have to get up very early and when i arrive at work i get my coffee....read my work emails....and then yours...the FUN one..it takes me to a far away place and gives me a giggle to be peeking at your life and now i feel like i have known you for years!! I belong to a group of women
who meet quite often and share parts of their life and it has helped me heal and see the truths i have never seen before...thanks for being another WISE Woman in my life!!
love and respect,

Happy Birthday, Tongue in Cheek! Your blog is great!

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