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30 November 2007


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Happy Birthday Tongue in cheek - wishing you many more!


Happy Birthday . Wishing you the best ...
Are you going to " souffler les bougies " ..les bougies sur un macaron


Two candles
Two chocolates
Two roses
Two kisses
Two glasses
Two cups
Two laughs
Two words
"Happy Birthday" !

shelley noble

Always, Corey. Happy Bloggyversary!


How blessed we all are to have you in our lives.
Happy 2nd anniversary
I love you
Christmas Cheer all through the year.


happy second birthday to your 3rd child =)
keep on blogging!


Happy second blog anniversary Corey! Blogland would not be the same without Tongue in Cheek. Thank you so much for your heartwarming stories, your beautiful photos and your radiant spirit. Hugs,


you are very inspiring to all of us...here;s to more wonderful posts!!

Lucy Bloom

A very happy birthday to you, I look forward to your daily posts, your blog is just wonderful.


Thank you, Corey! You make life a little more beautiful, a little softer around the edges, a little slower in taking it all in...


Happy Birthday to Tongue in Cheek. I'm already looking forward to what the third year is going to bring.



Happy, happy birthday!

How lucky we all are to share two years with you!

Paris Parfait

Congrats on your anniversary! Here's to your next two!

My Melange

Bon Anniversaire!!! You look really good for 2! Thanks for writing to us for 2 years...and hope you continue to do so ;)


Happy Birthday!!! And thanks for sharing.


Happy Birthday, Tongue in Cheek! Here is to many more years of your inspiration and friendship, Corey. You are one of the reasons I love Bloglandia.


Congratulations to a wonderful daily read!


Happy Second birthday TICA..!
You are a cute toddler. Inquisite, fun, giggly and always teaching us something.
May you enjoy many more birthdays.
Don't eat too much cake...!


Good morning and Happy Birthday..I only found you recently and it is a very important part of my day reading your blog...I have to get up very early and when i arrive at work i get my coffee....read my work emails....and then yours...the FUN one..it takes me to a far away place and gives me a giggle to be peeking at your life and now i feel like i have known you for years!! I belong to a group of women
who meet quite often and share parts of their life and it has helped me heal and see the truths i have never seen before...thanks for being another WISE Woman in my life!!
love and respect,


Happy Birthday, Tongue in Cheek! Your blog is great!


Happy Birthday!


Hi Corey:
I have "known" you these 2 years : ) Merci!


Happy Birthday To You!!


Happy birthday Ms. Tongue in Cheek :) -you just reminded me to check my blog (I missed my second birthday)...doesn't time fly?


Happy birthday to your blog!!

Do you realize how astounding it is that you've posting every single day for two years? And it's astounding still that each and every post have been interesting, thought provoking, funny, and lots of other things I could go on and on about.

julie christie leary

Happy 2nd Birthday Corey!!
You are now a daily part of my life....always gotta check what Corey said today. Thanks for posting everyday!



My how time flies when we're having fun.

Miss Sandy

Happy Birthday Corey!
Miss Sandy


Happy, Happy Birthday!!
To many more!


Congrats !!What an accomplishment.


Corey, for two years, you've brought smiles, laughter, tears, memories, celebrations, holidays, vacations, milestones,......LIFE! Merci!


Happy birthday. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us.


Happy happy second blog birthday to you darling Corey! You are such a joy and so much fun, thank you so much for your lovely blog!



Happy Anniversary Corey! Your blog always gives me cheer and food for thought (along with frequent warm and fuzzies).


Congratulations!! Keep up the good work! YOU...are such an inspiration!


Congratulations! I know you post everyday, rain or shine - that's amazing! I look forward to many more artful posts.

shannon in oregon

Well, I know I feel lucky to have found you when I did. Thank you for keeping it going for two years! Here's to more to follow! *clinking of glasses*


Happy Anniversary Corey! I wish you happiness, joy, and adventures over this next year. Adventures that continue to stretch & grow the boundaries of your magical heart.

Nancy (fete-et-fleur)

Congratulations Corey! It's amazing how time flies!! Your blog has been an inspiration to me. I look forward to the beautiful photos and your wonderful writings! It inspired me so much, I started my own blog. I would love to have you pop by if you have time.

Blessings to you and many more Happy Years of Blogging!!





THANK YOU for the beautiful, poetic and inspiring posts. Every day I read your posts allowing myself a bit of sunshine in a stressful day. I was even thinking as I drove last night that I need to be more like Corey and "see the details" and not let life rush by in a blur.

Congratulations on 2 years of beauty and insight. Thanks again.


Happy Anniversary Corey!!
Keep up the great work!!!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Happy blogiversary! Bleeding Espresso turns 1 in just a few days :)


Happy Birth Day of such sweet words, images, and travels with YOU! XO


Oh yay!!!! Happy Birthday!!!
So glad to 'know you' and have enjoyed myself here many, many times and learned so much! Did I hear you say all readers will be getting a boite de Laduree macarons in the mail??? I didn't even know what one was actually...until a year or so ago :)

Tamara Giselle

Happy Day! Anniversary or Birthday I am not sure. But what I am sure about is the joy that you have brought to many. Thanks for sharing a bit of heaven that is France and the life of Corey!


Hi Corey!
We e-mailed a couple of months ago
when I shared my story of my Cancer Survival
and Dream come true trip to Paris. (The subject was looking at the city from the
point of view of a cafe table.)ANYWAY...
you generously acknowledged my comment via personal note.

I just wanted to tell you that I decided that day that I will return to France with my handsome American Husband and
the four of us will share a bottle of wine.

WELL...making the story more interesting,
Today, Tongue In Cheek's second birthday is the anniversary of my diagnosis and what I celebrate as my three years of being cancer free, since this is the date that the tumor was removed, pre-treatment.

So on this date, my belief in the cosmic connection between humans is reaffirmed by
logging in to my favorite blog!
Happy Birthday&Thank you.
Your friend,


Somehow, I think your twos will not be terrible. Looking forward to another year of beautiful blog posts!

Happy Birthday!


Oh Joyeux Anniversaire then , and many more to come ! Have a brilliant celebration for a brilliant blog . Champagne , tchin tchin and big hugs from Brazil !

Mary Kate

and yesterday baby Louie turned one! how time flies! I feel very lucky to be your friend!


Happy Blog Anniversity! Your blog is the best!


Thank you for sharing all you do and doing it well. You have a gift. I'm glad you enjoy sharing it with us.
Love to you Corey.

constance lefevre forehand

love your blog. happy 2nd. i go it daily thanks for bringing france to williamsburg, virginia. your thoughta are beautiful


Happy Blog Birthday!!!

Kristen R

Happy Happy Birthday what a blessing it is to visit you each day! You truly are the gift Corey.



aaaah... joueyx anniversaire ma chère amie!!!
heureuse de t'avoir trouver ici.
j'espère de te retrouver en provence un jour, face à face pour t'embrasser!!


happy birfday! thank you for the thoughts you share on your blog.


and may you write another two and another two and another...this is one of my favorite places to visit. Thanks TICA!


Happy Blogging Birthday Corey. You are always my first read of the day. Your blog is a delight and an inspiration. Keep up the wonderful work.


Happy Blogaversary Corey! I hope there are many more to come.


Corey, thank you for bringing a smile into my life each day. You do this so very well.

Die Rabenfrau

Happy blogversary! Thank you for your inspiring posts!

Ann@ HolyExperience

Only two?
But you've enlarged so many hearts so much. You've lived richly these past two years... and kindled so many hearts to do the same. It seems like much longer...living well does that.

Thank you, Corey...


Happy Second Birthday to Tongue in Cheek! Corey, your beautiful photography and yout way with words is a constant inspiration. I have your July 24, 2007 post "The Moment is Now" bookmarked so that I can easily find it and reread it. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


Happy number two, Corey~You have been an inspiration to many people~thanks for all your wonderful posts!


Happy day, my Dear One.


Corey, you're inspirational on a daily basis.


Happy Anniversary Tongue in Cheek! I'm glad you were born!


Happy birthday you beautiful girl:)

Just think ~ this little blog~girl baby
shares such joy and love and makes the
world a more luminous place:)



Yaaaaay Corey! I wish you and your sweet blog a very Happy Birthday! You have the most wonderful outlook on life, you know ~ whether you be in California or in France...we all feel as if we know you personally and treasure every post you make. Thank you for taking the time to be creative, be thoughtful and be you. xxoo, Dawn


Happy, Happy, Blog-Day!!! ((hugs))


Happy Birthday Tongue in Cheek and congratulations to you, Corey. Your photographs are inspirational and your writings paint pictures of their own. I enjoy visiting each day and look forward to many more years of viewing.


Happy Birthday Corey! Such a big event. I hope that you are out celebrating and eating cake and drinking champagne! (with French husband of course)


Happy blog-birthday! Congratulations and thank you!


Happy Birthday! WooHoo! Had I known, I would've brought a gift! :-D

We should be the ones saying 'Thank You' for inspiring and uplifting us. Here's to many more years of blogging....


Congratulations,Happy Blog Day and thank you for creating a space that is funny, uplifting and beautiful.


TWO? You don't look a bit older ;-)
I agree with everything Marita said...but in English!

You have brought me moments of peace during a rough two years...thank you Corey.


Happy birthday,Tongue In Cheek Antiques/Happy Blogaversary, dear Corey - I am so glad I found the two of you :)
Here's to many more beautiful photos and stories ~ Cheers!


Happy Second Anniversary/Birthday Corey - you have done a magnificent job entertaining, educating, inspiring and amazing us..............please don't ever stop!

Miz Booshay

Happy Blogiversary!

I'm happy I met you!

You are a delightful woman!

Wandering Chopsticks

Happy blogiversary Corey! I've been lurking on your site for the past year and loving all your stories and pictures.

Karen Eropkin

Con-blog-ulations! Thank you for always sharing your thoughts/pics with us. It's always a treat. Your blog is the first thing I check in morning to start off my day.

Ellen Cassilly

Bravo Corey!
We just turned in our 100% plans for our new house yesterday. Frank is interested in starting a blog to give updates on the house construction so he asked me to ask you about starting up a blog. I know that is a big question. Maybe you could just point him to a few web sites. Thanks, sweetie.

annie lockhart

my world has changed through your eyes and your gracious words!
love you...mmmmmmmmmmmm!


Your blog is easy to follow beacause your writing & photos are so, so nice, thank you :)


And here I thought I'd known you forever...

Here's to another wonderful two years and more more more.


It's always a pleasure to stop in for a little visit with you.


Thank you....blog friend. I love visiting you when I can, think of you often, especially at this time of year.

xo Lidy

Dorian  Fletcher

A very Bonne Anniversaire, Corey! Each and every post for the past 2 years has been a sheer pleasure!


Happy 2nd birthday! My blog turned two on the 29th. Didn't realize we both started so close to the same day. Cheers to many more years of blogging!!

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