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24 November 2007


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a mystery... waiting to be discovered...


that is so pretty.

i wish i could find some french antique furniture here that i can actually afford!


Life is a series of new beginnings.
Every picture tells a story.
I am your biggest fan.
I love you
Jeanne ^j^


Lovely fan! I´m a fan of your blog to! What is it with things from France and the french language, it goes right in to my heart! I´ve been to Paris a couple of times and I adore it, especially the fleamarkets
;-). Next travel of my dreams would be to Provence! A dream place for an artist!

Mrs. G.

so pretty

Julie Ann

Yes so what happens next to the pretty lady ?...

qualcosa di bello

i love the mysterious allure of ladies' fans...what a way to flirt ;)


nice object. but how clever of the person who made it: allowing the story to unfold in each fold.


nice object. but how clever of the person who made it: allowing the story to unfold in each fold.


Such beautiful colors! I want to know who she is flirtatiously smiling at ;-)


I just returned from a visit with my oldest daughter and her family who live across the state from us... I caught up on your delightful blog and just enjoy it so much... your pictures and descriptions of your life are very intriguing...when did you move to France?

Pam Aries

Pretty fan! ..I loved the post of the French Cafe! Tres delice! Have I ever tld you how much I ADORE your blog! ha! Between you and Tara..it keeps my dream of France alive! Kiss ..kiss!


Oui , the black ribbon is flirtatious allright but how about that glove...very Gilda , isn't it ? And these mysterious folds , this is the call of life's adventure ! Simplement ! Another great find and post together . Have a nice week end !

My Melange

tres chic....I love it!


I love this image ~ makes me think of the gentle breezes created when we take the risk of opening ourselves to the world around us.


She sees a horse drawn carriage coming up the lane. Her heart goes pitty-pat because she knows that inside the carriage is her true love. He is bringing her a sumptuous bouquet of flowers and chocolates. She feels a bit of remorse as she doesn't know if she is looking more forward to seeing her love or the gift of the chocolates.


Yes, it does unfold, doesn't it? But sometimes not without a rip in the fabric . . .


How very pretty Corey!
Thanks for sharing,


It's lovely Corey!

I was thinking about your friend, Shelly, and wondering how she's doing?

God Bless,


Your fan knows. Yes, it is best to reveal one secret at a time, so true!!

mary ann

hi corey! lovely fan...yes who is she flirting with?

so nice to catch up with you...beautiful pix & posts as always! they bring a smile to my heart :)

take care!

mary ann xx


watching a life unfold is a great gift...blessings, rebecca

Donna O.

One of your best. I'm batting my eyes. By the way, how IS the 'blue shirt'?


Little by little. Just like life! And Friendship. And love.



How beautiful!


how cool! you're such a tease. . . .

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