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21 November 2007


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a stormy night in the provence, a tender hug from mom, sweet dreams sacha...


How sweet and precious this post is.......
We are all born with a great need to be loved and never ever outgrow it.
Love you


Mom. There's nothing quite like that word is there? Sometimes I think we all need a hug from Mom on a stormy night. Glad he called out to you, glad you were there.



oh savour those moments - they slip by too fast. even now though, my grown children (40, 39, 38, 34) come to me for hugs or comfort and it is lovely to be able to hold them again and whisper love in their ears.

being a mother is the best of all gifts

My Melange

How nice that you have that kind a relationship with your now teenaged son. Very sweet and sepcial!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Touching post . Even adult , we still need our mommy and her hugs ..Don't you know it ?

Pam Aries

awwww... what a sweet moment. Even though I don't have children, I realize what such a moment must mean. Kids grow up too fast.


what a great moment! Your son is a gem and I am sure he has your wonderful spirit as well.
And the photograph is fabulous!The green of the hanger (which is a beautiful object as is)with the blouse (which we are convinced is some amazing antique)...everything just works.
delphine and nancy


How sweet Corey!

Teenagers need lots and lots of hugs from their "moms"!


hold tight while you can, my dear...they will be gone before you know it...happy thanksgiving...blessings, rebecca


Sacha loves his mommy. That is plain to see :)


Teenage years can be so difficult- not really a child yet not fully adult. Thankfully we only have to do it once!


Aren't boys fabulous? My son is eight and I hope he never stops asking me to rub his back.

JanePoe (aka Deborah)

What a tender moment ... thanks for sharing, Corey. xx, JP/deb


As a mother of teenage boys this is a heart warmer (as is the photo). Thanks.


Aww...such a tender moment. Through the words of a boy growing up, he still needs the love of his mommy. Adorable!



Are we ever too old to need our mommy's?
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!



what a beauty... the collar on this old white shirt... and the hanger as well...


oh what a beauty... the gorgeous collar on this old white shirt... and the hanger as well...


You are such a good mother. I pray I will always have time to listen to my kids. Even though they get older and still need me.
xo Jeannene


Dear Corey - Boone is making a special spinach, apple, walnut and gorgonzola salad for our Thanksgiving day feast for 3 - he is so excited - this post swelled my heart and is bringing on the happy tears...

I've been too busy and I have missed you and our sweet chats about love and life... so happy to visit on this rainy morning...

Wishing you and your family a very happy and joyous Thanksgiving...

my your cups be overflowing...

xox - eb.


When I have been in the hospital or sick and Mom comes to visit, I immediately feel much better and safer just seeing her. She is very petite and 71 years old, but gives the largest hugs in the universe.


Such a tender moment, Corey, and made all the more real for having met and spoken with Sasha. With moments like this, our hearts will never be empty.


Happy thanksgiving to you and family.


That is so sweet!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
A French Thanksgiving!


What a sweetheart. You and Sacha.
My mom always says no matter how grown up I become I will always be her baby. That's what moms do. I will always need my mom in a way that *only* moms can provide. I know boys are different, but there is nothing that can ever change the relationship, the bond of mother and child. Your moment is proof of that.


What a sweet, tender moment. Sometimes I think teenagers need reminding that it's ok to still need hugs. It's so lovely that Sacha can ask for what he needs from his Mum.


The most amazing conversations between myself and my almost 16 year old son occur at our house after dark. They always begin with "Mom, will you come rub my back?" Then with the lights out the words tumble out. I love those moments.


Hi Corey! I just wanted to tell you that I love the fact that you share so many personal moments with all of us.


so true, and so sweet.
happy thanksgiving to you and your family corey.


Oh that we can always pause to listen for those hidden messages... Happy Thanksgiving dear Corey, Yann, Sacha, and Chelsea!!!


Corey regardless the age our children need those hugs. I was visiting my mother today at her nursing home and witnessed an elderly lady call one of the care givers and asked "can I have a hug?"....my heart just melted...
BTW..my sweet natureboy still called his mother ~~mommy~~ until she died.~can I have a hug~.. Sweet tender words...that can do so much for the human spirit!
P.S. we need to talk re: my visit to France!!
hugs aNNa xo


No matter how old my chidren get...I try to remind myself that we still need one another. We sometimes forget that...
I still need my mommy...
And I am so very thankful I still have her.

Blessings to you and yours. Enjoy your family with all your heart. Hold them close forever.


Blessings to you, Corey! And Happy Thanksgiving.

Donna O.

You are so right, Corey. My 19 year son came home from Chico Saturday ( I wonder if he knows Heidi??)and hugs were right up there...along with the laundry. He even brought home the kingsized bedspread! Sheesh. And I love it all.
Happy Thanksgiving to you over there.


My throat is catching. You are such a good and tender maman. And you've had such a good role model. Much love to you xoxo

Elaine L.

My daughter is almost 23 and every so often she will say, "can I have a hug", and she will hold me tight. It always warms my heart, because at that moment I can vividly recall how I rocked her to sleep until she got too big to fit with me in the chair. LOL

We will always need our mothers.



Sacha is truly blessed - and I think he knows it.;)


Yeah - I'm 40.
I still love my mum's hugs.
There's no other feeling like them!


What a beautiful blog..how fortunate for me that I found it. Your post reminded me of a drive this summer through our home state of Indiana...my son is 16 and is approaching 6'. We spend a lot of time in the car together and as we were talking, a thought came to me and I looked over at him and said.."when did your feet start touching the floor"...it seems just last week they were hanging over the edge, dangling in the air. Ah...how quickly things change.
Thank you for sharing your life in Paris with us. I think I will stop back now and then.


So sweet. And it gives me hope, that my little boy will still always be just that after all.


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