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07 December 2007


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ohh dear shelly, your home looks like the santa house itself!!
so much detailed work here, a truly xmas wonderland!
wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful holiday season and looking at the images i have no doubt about it!!
sending you all loving thoughts from my dutch valley!

How very lovely indeed.
I just sent her an email.
Love you so much
Love Jeanne

Corey, & Shelly,
I agree; without traditions there is no humanity. ( the word, according to rel)
The home filled with love and displayed with Christmas caring is a wonderment to my eyes and from memory all my other senses are awakened.
Thanks girls, you've made my day.

Dear Shelley:

I am in the Christmas cheer all the more now after the enchanted tour of your home.
Pure Magic and love and God's light shine everywhere!

"The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart; This you will build your life by, this you will become."

- James Allen

God's blessings be with you and yours dear Shelley.
Merry Christmas!

Love you Corey.

Hi Corey:
I just e-mailed Shelley. I hope she received her green butterfly card I sent her awhile back. I am outta here in about 3 hours to begin my newest journey : )
See ya

Corey and Shelley, the decorations are beautiful of course but what is really beautiful is the two of you and your friendship. I think Santa and those Elves deserve some hot chocolate.

Merry Christmas to all of you.


i love that shelley is able to hold to her wishes, traditions and the details of life.

that's the good stuff right there.

Touching post . I'm so glad to have met you, Corey .
I think , her family are like elves , they work for her . and May be SHE is santa claus , because she gives so much . Her home looks full of joy , of happiness ...I'm sending her an email

Wow! She really know how to decorate around the holidays! Great job!! Have a happy holiday season...Shelley and Corey!!! I am hoping you both may be interested in my Holiday card swap...head on over to my blog...


I just finished writing an email to Shelley. I told her I wrote a story on my blog about us being in a shop in Aix. I told her how mischievous you were. Can you guess which shop I'm talking about before you read the post?

Dear Corey and Shelley,
Shelly your home is so beautifully decorated. It reminds me of the decorations I saw as a child in my Grandmothers home. To my child's eye they were a wonderland, and I have spent my adult life to recreate the wonder I felt at Christmas. This year I realised that I have been looking in the wrong places, Christmas is inside our hearts, and when we realise that, everything else falls into place.
Now suddenly everything has more sparkle, and shine, and I can see this is something that you two have known all the time. I'm a slow learner..haha!
Best wishes to you both
love and hugs

Corey -

I've been a secret admirer or your site but don't think I ever posted to this now. I love this post and the words especially. It's so hopeful. :)

Shelley -

Merry Christmas!! Your house looks like a Christmas dream. :)

Well her home is a Christmas paradise. :)
and Corey you are a dear friend...as I am sure she is to you!

This is such a touching post! I love your comment about being a shining star and Shelly certainly is one! You are both still in my prayers.
Miss Sandy

what a joyful spirit shines forth from these images...shelley is one lucky woman to have family who will create that and friends who admire it...they truely are the clauses...blessings, rebecca

Hi Corey ~ My family has always been quite holiday challenged and your post today has given me now inspiration to stick with what matters most to "me".

Love you.

Hi Corey ~ My family has always been quite holiday challenged and your post today has given me now inspiration to stick with what matters most to "me".

Love you.

what a warm, wonderful visit with shelley...she is becoming one of my heroes! i am holding her in my prayers.

Sorry for the loooooong post, but I wanted to share what I wrote to Shelley...


I have been reading your friend, Corey's blog for a few weeks now. I grew up with three things much like the two of you it seems...

1st. I love French! And people think that's silly where I live. They all say I should be learning Spanish. I think half of my town speaks Spanish... not many French around here. But, I don't care. That is what originally attracted me to Corey's blog. I laugh and tell my mom and sister about her and say, "I read this blog by a woman who lives in France with her French husband. They met in California dancing and they now live in the south of France (ehem, my favorite part of the country!). I think this woman is living my life. Seriously!" They just laugh at me. They know I love Europe... well, and dancing too! So, to be lucky enough to find a man who dances and will carry you away to one of the most fabulous places in the world, she's lucky! Being only 24 years old... I know I still have plenty of time to find my perfect man. ;)

2nd. A mother and father who love antiques and filled our house with them. They even have this little framed poster that reads, "WARNING: Antique Pox..." When I was very little I always sounded out the word as ant-eye-q. :) I would tell me mother that when I grew up my house would be modern... all things new and all things black and white. Man, was I wrong. I love antiques just as much as she does now. I recently got to jump for joy in my garage as I found an old Kodak wooden tripod that was my grandpa's. I was a photography student in college and it was perfect for me to keep. :)

3rd. A mother who fills my house with Christmas! We usually have 3, 4, sometimes 5 trees in our house... fully decorated and ranging in size. One is the typical kid ornament tree, one is a tree with all teddy bear ornaments, one is a small one she puts on the kitchen island with gingerbread ornaments, and the best one is the one with all of the vintage ornaments that have been passed down through our family. That one is always in the dining room. It has white lights and I always ask my mom about the ornaments. Some of them my grammy made, she was an amazing artist... others are just from my grammy's collection. Every year I buy my mother another Santa (she collects them, just like you!) When Corey told your story of your friend helping you wrap gifts with you and told you to "let go of" some of your traditions... I knew how that must have felt. These traditions are very important! If somebody told me to "just get a snowman instead" of a santa, I couldn't do it. I buy my mother Santa's for her collection! And speaking of traditions, my father has his own... years and years ago he started wrapping our gifts in Newspaper. (Sounds hideous right?) Well, it's not so bad. But, now it's turned into kind of a game. He finds silly pictures and headings on the papers and wraps them according to what's inside. For example, my brother in law (who loves hot sauce) had a gift with women in bikinis all over it. My dad took a sharpie and wrote a word bubble above the girl's head that said, "wow, you're HOT!" Inside was some hot sauce for him!! It makes us all laugh. Not only do we have to blurt out our presents, we then get to laugh and read what funny clip went with it. I wouldn't change that tradition for the world either... not matter how dirty my hands get or how silly a bunch of newspaper wrapped presents look under my tree. :)

So, Shelley, you sound like a wonderful person. And I hope some of my silly stories brought a smile to your day. Your house is beautiful and I'm glad you didn't change a thing!

Merry Christmas!

Sometimes it takes hearing about someone like Shelley to remind us how special our friends areand how great it is to be alive.

Hi Corey,
I love traditions too, just like Shelley. It looks like Shelley and I collect many items in common, Santas, tree toppers, etc. She has a keen eye for display....thanks for sharing photos of Shelley's home.

I've very much enjoyed seeing Shelley's home Corey. Thank you to you both, for sharing it. I have a small collection of Santas, so it is nice for me to see Shelley's. I love the entire vignette of the black chest and shelf above it. I have a little bit of black in nearly every room, and I collect blue and white dishes. Shelley and I have much in common, including our appreciation of the little things.
Best wishes to you both!

Corey, your friend Shelley and her family most certainly must be The Claus family! I am so touched. I feel for Shelley, but I am so glad she has friends to help her keep her traditions! Shelley, you are an inspiration. I adore your christmas collection, it is beyond words. I admire your passion for your traditions and your collecting. Your passion for life is palpable! xxo

The pictures are *wonderful* and I especially loved her collection of Santas. Thanks for sharing your friend with us... Blessings, Debra

I looked through your Shelley posts and was touched by your interwoven friendship and the talents you both possess. Your mutual support is a model for the rest of us. Merry Christmas to both of you.

Shelley and Corey! What an amazing post! I hadn't realized that the 'north pole' was so near!!! I love seeing dreams, traditions, and family bliss pouring out of these photos... Shelley you are a saint among saints - to inspire us all to such heights! And Eric, you are a knight in shining armor, holding true a Queen's vision and romantic ideals! And Corey, I feel your glad heart, and can just see the two of you holding hands across the ocean blue... Thank you for reminding us what Christmas is really about.
Hugs to all of you!

Thanks so much for sharing Shelley's Christmas with us. I feel like I know her through your wonderful stories. I love her home and her spirit. I love that she does not let anything stand in her way.
I am going to go and send her an emai.
Have a great day,

Thank your for sharing the photos with us. I love Shelley's eye for detail and I especially love the bowl of treetoppers. Well, I can't even say that. I love it all. I think I'll go put out my son's nutcracker collection as soon as I finish my email to Shelley, that is.

This was almost as good as being able to walk through your house Shelley... with you and Corey and Santa Eric... I love seeing the transformation of flow blue into green, red, white, and silver light, I love that small things matter and that we get to share a little in your beauty. I can imagine what you would fill our e-mail boxes with, and the treasures you see and think about... thank all things that matter that Corey helps us stay connected so that we can receive your beauty, wit, magic, and common sense... thank you Shelley, and thank you Corey dear heart... XO


Shelly is such an inspiration. I agree that traditions shouldn't change given bad circumstances (hold tight to a belief and not giving up easily...is an important lesson). Thank you for sharing your friend with us, we are blessed to learn of a miracle. Have a Merry Christmas!

what a Christmas wonderland

of joy,

caring and sharing...

xox - eb.

Corey, Shelley's home is absolutely lovely and full of cheer...a reflection of who she is, I'm sure!

Thank you for sharing her home with us...

Corey I love the glass tree toppers so much, I have passed on my envy to Shelley as well. I have one wooden soldier decoration, he stands guard at the door each Christmas.

And have you been decorating yet?

Traditions can be so important, so much more than the actual act may seem to imply...

merry merry christmas Corey and Shelley...

I was so shocked to read about the insensitivity of that "friend" and am so glad that Shelley has so many friends and family who love her.

Hi Corey,

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of Shelley's home. It is so gorgeous. I loved them. And I decided to go ahead and email her too. Merry Christmas!



Hi Corey! Shelly has crossed my mind the last few days and low and behold, here is a new post about her. Her home is beautiful and I love her sense of courage. I love the fact that she was able to tell her friend that it did indeed matter to her how things were done and her traditions kept in tact. She is truly an inspiration. Thank you for sharing Shelly with us.

I am so touch by your and hers story, by your frienship and your writing. I am sending both of you a warm and thoughtful hug. I wish both of you a lovely weekend with only positive hours!

Aina x

oh, wow. so much christmas. and so much strength in shelley. the little things do matter, especially for traditions and memories.

I love all of those Santas! What a wonderful friend you have!


Hey Corey,
I've been reading your blog avidly for such a long time now and I thought it was about time I commented on just how wonderful I find your posts! I am planning on moving to France after uni and reading your blog gives me a captivating insight into your daily French life-and how you cope with having a bilingual family!
Reading today's post about Shelley made me so happy, Christmas has always been my favourite time of year and I'm so pleased to see Shelley's house and her evident enthusiasm!!
I'll be keeping Shelley in my prayers still,
Ria xxxx

Shelley and her family are amazing! They have such strength of character.

You expressed it so well, Corey:

"To live your life the best way you can even in the midst of being so very ill. To be able to be honest with others, to the point of saying no to a friend, even when they are there to help you. To be true to what you need, and live gracefully, honestly and encourage others to do the same. I have learned from Shelley that the little things do matter, and that setting up traditions keep memories alive."



You are the sweetest
most perceptive

You are a gift to
Shelley, and the
rest of us.

I hope your holiday
season is the best one

Much love to you my friend,

Shelley is my sister and she has taught me more than a few things about family, friendship, traditions and above all, decorating! When she was able she would come to my home and go from room to room telling me what to put where during the holidays, and the end result was always spectacular. Once when my family took a trip right before christmas, she and Britton came to our home & decorated it for us as a surprise. Imagine, coming home from a trip and your home has been transformed from the every day look into "Shelley christmas"! She has instilled in me what it is to do for others, not because you have to but because you want to and I only hope I will never fail her in that lesson she has taught me. Shelley will again host christmas eve for our family in her home which we all look forward to. Her home is beautiful, especially at christmas and it may be small in size but the love, the happiness and the thankfullness that she is with us seems to find room!

Shelly certainly is a gift to her family and friends...I would agree She and Santa have a connection! Loveley post..blessings to Shelly
hugs NG

Corey, thank you for sharing Shelley's Christmas home with us...

Shelley, you have such wonderful collections! It's a Christmas wonderland, for sure!! ((hugs))

TICA - reading here is like stepping into wonderland. I never know what awaits me but I know it will always be inspiring or thought-provoking. This is a post of love. It has been wonderful to meet Shelley through your eyes. And Shelley? Merry Christmas! Thank you for letting us meet you this way.

The visit to Shelley's vibrant Holiday home brought a mix of joy and sadness - I thank you for sharing this with us.
Shelley - your amazing collections and lovely decorations are full of color and show your love of beauty and whimsy - pure joy. The sad part is that you can now only look while others do the labor, probably missing placing your lovely treasures here and there as before. But my dear.........you are here and you are enjoying everything because of your beautiful personality, and the love that radiates around you daily as you meet the new challenges life has brought you.

Sweet Shelley, my love goes out to you and your family at this wonderful time of year. My thanks go to you Corey for making us go deep into our hearts, to ponder a while, and be thankful for what we can still do with our lives. Let this make us each a better person during this Christmas time, and in the coming year.

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of Shelley's home at Christmas and for reminding us that the little things DO matter! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

A Xmas hug Corey, for you and Shelley!

What a crowd ! astonishing !

So absolutely beautiful! Breathtaking!

Que coleccion mas bonita ...yo adoro las navidades y la tradicion que tienen estas festividades.
te dejo un saludo desde Argentina

i am stunned. i feel as though even i,in good health, could not do this. i know you said she had help this year, but if she did this all these years, i see truly her vibrant personality. shelley is such a beautiful, amazing soul corey.

Such a beautiful home reflects a beautiful soul, I think. Bless your friend for holding on to her standards and ideals through out, no matter what. As they say, God is in the details...wishing her - and you many blessings this season.~xo

What a joy it was to tour Shelley's house. Thank you for serving as tour guide. :)

wow. what an inspiration is your maison! I adore it!!!

Corey, Shelley's house is wonderful. I am so glad that she has people who love her and will help her keep her "idea" of Christmas going. Bless you Shelley for sharing your life and your wonderful home with us. It is always humbling to read about you. Have a wonderful Christmas Shelley and Corey!

This is my first time here; came via Boomama. And I am blown away. Both by Shelley's incredible eye for beauty, her commitment to give her family the traditions they've always had, and by your clear love and appreciation for her, Corey. Can't wait to read more!

Shelley's house is stunning... perhaps my favorite I've seen! I LOVE the hutch area.

The photos of Shelly's Christmas decorations are so inspiring. I especially lovvvvvve the tree toppers spilling out of the wire basket. That is so cool! It seems like a perfect New Years decoration as well because it reminds me of fireworks going off. Thank-you for sharing the photos. It's like getting to go on a virtual holiday home tour!

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