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28 June 2008


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No, that would be rude. Why do you ask ;-) ?

Well, if you insist . . .

That first picture is priceless!!!!!!! I love this age of digital cameras, so many moments captured and shared!!!!
Even if you hadn't told us a thing about your niece and who/what she was spying on you can just tell by looking at the photo. haha Great post, this one really made me smile!

omagod, soooo adorable! You have the heart that guides your artist's eye! The story!? too much!

Is that a question to make, Corey??? Of course we want to know every detail about Molly spying Chelsea and Mr.E!!! Just tell us everything, ok?

Big hug*

As a little girl, I used to spy on my big sister too. I made up a sign (language) to tease her with to show that I caught her kissing! She still remembers the sign to this day. :)

Definitely spy away! I love your blog, Corey! I read you every day!

Such a gorgeous impish grin and I love the photo. I love all the beams and rays of light that have started playing around your blog with the arrival of your family!

You're right - better than any movie! I agree with a comment above that your heart guides your photography and words.

Let's spy!!

This brings back memories ~ I used to spy on my two older sisters! What fun....I'll play along!

I am so happy you are letting yourself enjoy the beauty of life, and showing us the way, too.

Molly and Jessica would get along just fine. Jess is fascinated with the things young couples do....that can be done in public! LOL.

I love the pictures.

I've missed you. It seems like your spirits have lifted quite a bit since the French family came to town :)

How delightful to get a blow by blow from the perspective of a five year old, too cute! Yes, yes, let us spy along with you!

Molly seems to have inheirited her Auntie's sense of romance.

Let the spying begin! What a sweetheart Molly is, and a beauty too. I'm afraid she'll be "spyworthy" herself all too soon.

I love that they call you Coco. I read this to the Diva, and she thought it was "so cute" also. High praise from a 15 year old.~~Dee

How wonderful. Oh my, how absolutely sweet and wonderful.

-Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

More. More. First love is divine.

Like all lovers, whether with the innocence of young love or the experience of old, should be left to explore this secret exchange peacefully.
Sweet Molly is intrigued by her beautiful cousin and her young man.Through her eyes we can be privileged to view this budding romance.
That said I feel we should back away, respect their privacy and let love do the rest.You, being her Mother might want to keep an eye on things and Molly will oblige!
xo Susan

Precious, Corey!! I love it that Molly is so very interested ~ sounds like a home filled with love! xxoo, Dawn

I love this so much. And your pictures are just perfect.

Awwwww, how sweet! Wonderful pictures of your niece.


What fun! My daughter's fiance arrives today for a week's stay with us and I know my 9-year-old daughter will be his shadow (unless mom and dad manage to keep her busy -- her big sister prays we are somewhat successful). Enjoy your delightful celebration of togetherness! : )

Love and hugs and kisses
I love all that you share.
Love and hugs

What an adorable child!! How funny, and sweet!!

Adorable story...
Reminds me of DH's baby sister who loved to "spy" on us back in the day....

I've been enjoying all your posts lately..even if I don't comment.
You know I am always lurking about.

I am so excited for Chelsea!! Being in love is soo much fun! Tell her and Mr. Espresso that they should head over to Chico for a night and hangout!! I would love to see her and meet her new friend!

Adorable Molly! Isn't it nice that she's your eyes and ears? Makes in much easier to learn what's going on.

oh this is too cute...of course anytime love is involved we want to share in it.

blessings and love

Precious and delightful. Perhaps she has match-making in her future, like Auntie Coco?

How delightfully delicious!

~hee hee~
Yes! and no...I don't want to intrude...but -
well, maybe just a quick, little peek...
are they kissing yet? did she smile when he touched her nose?
Let us know what Molly says...

how funny!

You always have the greatest love stories!!!
The pictures are adorable!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

This is so cute....I'd love to spy right along with you. I'm such a romantic and after following your nephew's romance, I'll stay tuned here for another chapter.
Love in bloom....there's no fragrance as sweet.

The joys of seeing young love through the eyes of a child. So beautiful and innocent. I want to know too... did she smile when he touched her nose?

She is intrigued by romance...I do hope she has a great one that lasts a lifetime.

So sweet. The little wisps of hair, the darling little shirt, it all adds to the photo. You just captured the innocence perfectly.
Thinking about you. Hope you're doing okay. The snap of you and French Husband made me smile. Smile for you.

We're all counting on Molly's spying to keep us informed, aren't we?

Such fun!

I would love to be a little fly , or I'd better be a bee ....called Maya

What an adorable child Molly is and what wonderful innocence she possesses. Your photos are wonderful. We have 3 grandchildren, all boys so far, with another due any day. They are fairly sure it is a boy, but a beautiful little girl would be so much fun after all the boys. Keep us posted on Molly!

I love it! ;-)

Molly is cute and funny...

But I can bet she will wince at young spyers first place in the future when she is with her boyfriend ...

Something about the smallness of the world: I just emailed my mother (who is a French teacher and just got back from France) the link to your blog as I think she might like it! My name, obviously, is Molly and my sister, my mother's other daughter: Chelsea. :)

Hah! I think Molly may be a future matchmaker like her Aunt Corey, eh?

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