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16 September 2008


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Gorgeous pictures as always Corey - enjoy being with your fig jam - it tastes wonderful from here!

I love you my darling
God's most richest blessings to you today and always.
Love Jeanne

Perfect description of being American and being French. For the two weeks I was in Paris, Dijon and smaller villages no one treated me badly because I was American. Did have one Frenchman comment he was surprised I wasn't fat since all Americans are fat. Got quite a laugh out of that.

A nice little film to watch is "Etre et Avoir," as a matter of fact! Beautiful photos and thoughts. Thank you for a nice start to my day.

I am taking the greatest pleasure in your return to France Corey. I love fig jam too, are the figs from your own tree ? Peace, Jx.

I think your comparison is spot on :)

Merci Corey!!! I am enjoying my French lesson....the treatment we received by the French was just wonderful during our Paris stay. It was fun to try to speak French and listen. It is such a beautiful language....even the art of eating with their utensils was beautiful!!!

When we were visiting Paris (which I loved) it was hard to get used to one or two cubes of ice in your drink. When I would ask for a few more the reaction was "Ahhh, Americans!" It made me laugh. Was that hard for you to get used to?

Fascinating. Every bit of it. It also serves to confirm that you are the one of the most courageous women I "know". Keep it coming! I think I could be French. I'm much better at being than I am at doing or having.

I admire and appreciate the way you describe all kind of aspects and feelings you notice while living in a 'foreign' country. In my experience being away from your native country the feelings are kind of bittersweet sometimes, whereas at other times it is such an enrichment! Thanks also for the beautiful pictures of everything
Best regards,
Regina, St. Maarten (DWI)

Hi Corey,
First, thank you! Second, I lived overseas for over 5 years non-stop in the 70's...no email, no atm, no blogs...the good news was we had a huge community of fellow Americans. The bad news was we had a huge community of fellow Americans. (smile) We lived in Turkey for 6 months, total emersion in the language and culture. Then for 5 years we lived in Germany where everyone spoke English. Even tho we had our commissary, there were many things I missed about home too. Like you, they were small and also gigantic like Wonder bread and celery at Thanksgiving time (I saw two ladies fight over the last bunch of celery one November!) and births, weddings and family get-togethers were all missed too. I knew I was going home eventually, guess that is the difference. Ah, but "home IS where the heart is" and I believe your heart is large enough to split and stay very healthy! Thanks again for sharing.

"To be", rather than "to have"... that is what I was trying to say last time I commented. You have it exactly.
I think you have found the best of both worlds Corey, and your description of life in France is as I imagined it would be.
I grocery shop today and fig jam is going on my list.

Beautiful Hortensia...
I wish I lived in L'Isle Sur La Sorgue
What a feast for the eyes!

Hi Corey,
I am finding this so interesting. I love everything about it, can't get enough.
Have a great day, in France!!

Corey when you said:
I think Americans are more about "to have" and French tend to be more about "to be".

It struck a cord with me. I have lived and traveled in Europe...and I often think the same thing...I have not had the courage to say that as I am a European living in the US.
I also know how hard it is to keep your child bi-lingual it is even harder when your spouse does not speak your language. I am happy to say that I managed to teach my son my language...we don't always speak Icelandic together but we do often enough that he is still able to speak it along with the other nine languages that he speaks...Yes he grew up in the US :)

I want to more fully embrace the French philosophy of "to be" rather than "to have" or "to do". Great advice!

Thanks for sharing France with us...great photos!

I love hearing you describe your life in France! Thank you!

Reading your answers and seeing the pictures makes me so so homesick for France...my heart aches for it all.

Don't stop...you're feeding my soul!

Thank you!


I totally am in agreement that whole philosopy of "to be" and "to have". I moved from the city of Chicago proper, to about an hour south of Chicago, in an unincorporated area just west of small city. This is a "stepping stone" to my dream of a quaintly small rural home" that we plan on getting next year. However, sadly enough for now we are in a "more affluent" Rural subdivision and here it is unfortunately too much about what you have. Our family has NEVER fit into that, so needless to say we are looking forward to moving next spring. But...I just wanted to chime in and agree with how we can be here in America...I see it everyday and it really bugs me! I try to remind myself all the time to "Keep it simple and ENJOY the little things. I have to admit though that I do miss Chicago simply for the fact that I too used to be able to walk to what I needed....now I must drive and we all know what gasoline is costing these days! Have a fun day!

Lynn O'C

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