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13 September 2008


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Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Your blog is a gift to me each day. I'm so thankful that I found you a couple of years ago.

Thank you too, Corey, you mean so much to me and your other your readers!

No, thank you Corey, your blog is like a daily visit from a dear friend.

I won??? WOW. I cant tell you how that has made my day...actually early morning! I have been so stressed with a deal for work and feeling so tense, however it has dissapated as I realize how tokens of love and giving can truly conquer all.
Thank you so much. :)

Congrats to the winners! I have to say that your blog is a daily treat for me. Thank you for something interesting to learn, look at, or think about in your daily posts. Have a wonderful weekend!

Congrulations winners! We're all winners, though, because we're all recipients of your your beautiful and profound reflections each day. Thank you, Corey!!!

Congrats to the winners. It was alot of fun to take part.

congrats to the winners. I am just as content to continue to be able to read your wonderful blog.... when is that book coming?

Congrats to the winners! That was so generous of you to give 3 away....

Congratulations to all who won.

I receive a gift from you, everyday. The incredibly beautiful photos, the way you express your feelings in words... I wake up..stumble into the kitchen, make a cafe', stumble over to my desk and enjoy being in France with you the first thing in my morning! We poke around flea markets, attend posh parties and dinners with FH. You share your feelings in the most honest way. I love what you give to me on a daily basis. It is five minutes of sheer delight.
Thank you so much.

*sniff* Congratulations to the winners!!!
I am trying my very best not to be a sore looser but *sniff, sniff* Don't worry I will get over it in a year or two.
All kidding aside...I feel exactly like some of the other commenters have said...each day reading you posts is a gift.
Yann, did you have to be so honest? Good thing you are almost as cute as my husband ;) Cute goes a long way toward forgiveness.

Oh, congratulations to all of you!! How wonderful. Just think, you will each have a petit cup from France to keep your memories in!!
Corey- FH is the epitome of diplomatic reasoning. I would have had the same difficulty as you. He is a wise man. :)

Dear Corey,
I just recently found out that I have been "lurking" around your blog for many months!! (However, my actions certainly don't carry the pejorative connotations that word implies.) Nevertheless, I have suffered along with you the seven months while you were in California enduring the loss of your beloved father. Your prayers, memories, loving thoughts, and photographs have been some of the greatest comforts to me as I was sitting and watching my mother live her final weeks. Because my own family is very small (loving husband and two adult, married sons), reading your daily postings about the love your large American family shares has been consoling in a way I never expected. My gratitude to you for sharing your writing gifts and photographic talent is overwhelming.

Along with this difficult new learning experience, I found out how amazing it is to be buoyed up by the love and prayers of friends. I am sure that you have felt this as well from your many readers (even from those who, like myself, have remained quiet and invisible to you).

Thank you so much for sharing your life experiences in such a beautiful way with us all. I hold you in my thoughts with much fondness.

(*Lips pursed in pouting mode...*) Congratulations to the three winners!

We are lucky to have you in this world Corey. Congratulations to the winners :)

I love the way you involve your family and all of us readers in your everyday life. Lifting a cup of tea in a toast to the winners!

And what did you tell FH about each of us? Mmm, now I have to wonder.

Congratulations to the winners. Enjoy sharing tea or coffee in your cup from across the sea.

Oh phooey...I so wanted one of those cups...guess now I'll just have to go to France and find one on my own! :-)

Congrats to the winners!!!

Ohhh, is that your bedroom? I feel like I'm peeking where I should't be! : )

I do like that bedspread though, it looks very warm.

Congrats to those lucky winners, I hope you sip many a strong cup of cocoa from them! : )

Lucky them they are gorgeous

Corey, your bedroom is BEAUTIFUL! Your stunning blog, lovely words, and fabulous photos are your gift to each one of us! =)

THANK YOU for your faithful, daily blog..how else would I start my mornings?!


PS I know I am not alone when I say I would love to see more peeks into your home!!

Congratulations to the winners! The cups are beautiful little treasures.

what a fun idea - to document the winners selection process. is that little Marie A. walking at Versailles hand in hand with Louis?!

Congrats to the winners!

It's so sweet that FH helped you choose the winner...perhaps he needs to start blogging too!

I won? I WON????? I've never WON anything in a lottery event -- not even a dorm room in college!!!! Oh WOW!!! I'm speechless! (and that never happens either!) : D (Wahoo!)

Reading your blog everyday already is like receiving une très belle surprise , a great refined inspiring gift . Anyway , congrats to the lucky chicks who won those lovely little cups . Oh and I loved the little peek of your bedroom : so tidy , so beautiful and elegant !Have a great week end !

Congrats to the winners Corey!!
Tell French Husband it was so nice of him to help you!!
You two have a wonderful weekend!

You are so gracious and generous! Thank you for the fun!

I got excited when I saw "Debbie" but suddenly realized I do not live in California.

Congrats to the winners!
and your house is sooo pretty!

What fun! Even if I didn't win...........we really are all winners just reading your blog and sharing your adventures. I feel you are my "imaginary friend"!

As a past winner of a gorgeous antique Limoges charm from Miss Corey, I can tell the winners that getting an envelope from France, addressed in Corey's beautiful handwriting, is truly a great experience. You are all in for a treat!JEALOUS!!!!

Wow, you guys totally beat the odds. Congratulations! Annie

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! How EXCITING!!! :-)

Congrats to the winners!!!

Wow, I thought I heard my ears ringing. Hope you said nice things about me ;)

Sweet about how you know us all. I wonder what you know about me. I feel like we have become friends over the last couple of years, and I hope you do too.~~Dee

I'm so happy these three great gals won your lovely cups.
How sweet that you shared little tidbits with Yann. Bob knows a lot about many of my blog friends - and is especially looking forward to meeting you both next month.

Such a beautiful color bedspread Corey, and love the wicker chair.

Hope your weekend is wonderful.

We are lucky to have your friendship also! You bless me each day with a vacation in my thoughts. Blessings to you my friend, Kimberly

Corey - I'm so excited. I can't believe it!!! The French Husband is so awesome. I never win anything..... much less a beautiful antique cup from France! I will treasure it always and it will be proudly displayed in my home on the Illinois prairie.

Thanks again.

Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

I have to wonder what you said about me....LOL "She's a little crazy...."

Congrats to the winners! I know they will treasure their cups!

Congratulations to all the winners! Hip hip hooray!

Ahhhhhh, to think my name was in the hands of a sexy frenchman. Oooolala


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