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27 September 2008


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You have told me about this place and I wanted to ask you about it ! Too bad this week end I'm working otherwise I would gone there !
I'm totally in love with the cabins ..that we call cabanon..I'm going to write a post about it .

Pretty photos, especially nice ones for clicking on and zooming in to see all the little details.

It reminds me a little of home,, the Oregon coast,,,what are the beads hanging by the blue window? For the fishing nets? Great photos Corey,Thanks!

What a wonderful place just to "BE". Wish I was there! Thank you for sharing your wonderful country.

Blessings darling one.........
I love all that you share.
Oooooh La la
Charmed I am sure.
Love Jeanne

What a special place! I will dream of owning a cabin by the sea... even enjoying dinner at the hideaway restaurant.... oh what fun! Thanks for sharing these little treasures.


This looks charming Corey, thanks. I was thinking about your mother since your Godmother's letter. How is she doing ? I also wondered would she be able to make the journey to Provence ? Peace, Jx

Breathtakingly beautiful! I have often dreamed of living by the sea but have also often wondered if it would lose its enchantment if I were to see it daily rather than annually. Perhaps I will never know so our romance will linger!

Oh...Just what I needed on this rainy weekend. What a heavenly little secret!!


Ohhhh that looks like the most perfect spot!
I am coming that way next September I must check it out!!

Aaaah. Thank you for the calm that came with these photos.

It looks so peaceful...beautiful pictures!

You got a new reader! I am HOOKED.
I found your blog when searching for contaienr loads of antiques, but your Blog opened my eyes again to the nicer sides of the business I am in.

Your last picture reminds me of a place near Mendocino. I'll be your water is much warmer though.

That seems like paradise. I agree, no fancy yachts are needed. When you say a fortune, what are we talking about?

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

I could definitely be Stella's friend. Oh, to be surrounded by the beauty of the sea.

Such Beauty and peace! The view south from Mendocina is much like the last picture. I may never get to this magical path, but a return to Mendocino is possible and, in fact, probable.

I just LOOOVE places like this. :-)

One of the happiest weeks of my life!
Thanks to you and to Yann.
rel & D.

Thank you for transporting me for a while. It was heavenly.

"Though a very small cabin...costs an arm and a leg"
You have to wonder what happened to the original villagers and fisherman who lived there for a song..?

An amazing place Corey.
Thank you so much for sharing that with us.
I would walk in heels to see that.
Have a great weekend,

What a great and attractive nook !!!
It really appeals to me ...

Secret places like this are what makes me want to travel... and I could definitely be Stella's friend ;)

Fabulous!!! Just like a pearl found along the sea's edge. Magical! I would LOVE to dine here. Now, where's that journal . . . I need to jot this down. : )

A beautiful tour that only you would show us. Thank you, dear friend.~~Dee

Thank you, once again, for the color.

Cinque Terre? Your blog...it's like ice cream. I can't miss a drop. If I skip a day or two, I am compelled to go back to the last one and read every single bit.


I want to walk through it then stow away on Stella!


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