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08 September 2008


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It sounds like your soul has caught up with you Corey.

"...gee don't I make a good saleswoman?"


I learn so much from you.

I think it was your dad, too. :)

Welcome home.

its nice seeing it through your eyes. i sometimes forget to see it that way and am preoccupied with other trivial things. thanks for opening my eyes once again. it seems your heart is starting to mend. have a lovely week, erika

So good to hear from you in your element. E.

Once again a beautiful story that makes me sigh and brings a tear to my eye. Thanks for your insights and for turning the everyday in to something to chersih,learn from and to live the fullest life possible with age and grace.

That was a wonderful 2nd hand wander around the brocante - thanks Corey. Hearing the HD a fine end to a great day. Peace, Jx

The last line gave me chills. :) Signs are everywhere, we just have to be open to them...


I'm so glad you enjoyed your day so much, Corey! What I wouldn't give to spend a day like that with you among all those French antiques!!
Those Harley's really have a sound all their own don't they? My husband has one and has ridden it to work most of the summer. No mistake when he gets home!
I'm sure your Father IS smiling on you. Memories are so wonderful!

Dear Corey,
What a wonderful post! Your words were just the balm for my heart today...Thank You!
Signs ARE everywhere...
Welcome Home...I know France missed you!!

Yes, the beauty of life and French antiques is in the details.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

She's baaaaa-aaaack!!!!

It was certainly your Dad!! And if I had the funds...I would have bought all the treasures you have pictured ;)

Aww. I know your dad can be with you where ever you are now :)

Those were some nice items you saw! Damn the American dollar :(

Your stories make me want to visit France so much! I can't wait to see what your new projects are...

Oooohhh, I love this stuff and I love this post! Wonderful! : )

Wonderful pictures...wish I would have been there...I would have bought that Bible! I love old Bibles...they tell so much about a person.

Thank you for letting us window shop with you. I would not have been able to resist the prayer book. I have a collection of old prayer books and one so personal with bits of the past tucked in would have reminded me of my grandmother's Bible. She tucked bits and pieces of her most treasured paper items between the leaves of her Bible, family letters, pictures drawn by grandchildren, photos, pressed leaves and flowers. I asked her once why she tucked them there and she replied, "I treasure the words of this book more than anything on earth. Secondly I treasure the giver of these gifts. I tuck them in between pages that have a special Scripture of prayer for each one." I loved looking through her Bible at the many surprises inside.

Your best line ever: "growing old is such a good gift to desire, and how I shouldn't be worried about trivial blemishes of my age." Thank you for that. Also, I would have gone for the prayer book. No questions. And I love that you know your dad when you see/hear him. Undoubtedly he was smiling.

Sounds like a wonderful day Corey!
How fun to be full of new ideas. I'm sure your dad was smiling down on you.

Oh, the brown transfer ware is just so beautiful.

I'm glad to be here reading this, Corey. I can feel your smile over the miles.

all we have to do is be open to them, and they will let us know they are still with us...


Such a lovely post..thanks for taking us with you. I wouldn't have been able to walk past the prayer book either!!

I'm sure that the sun was shinning more intensively in the brocante, just because of your presence!


Dear Corey,

Watching the world go by through your eyes carries me aloft on fairy wings. I love how you flit and dance and carry over from one though to the next, weaving a gossamer web of life connecting all things -- discordant, unmatched revealed to be in harmony on this spinning globe. YOU are the treasure I find as I hunt through your thoughts. : ) (I would have spent all my pennies for that prayer book and then moped in front of the broken set of plates, longing for it too.)

A harley rider had broken down on the highway near the entrance to our road last night. Only out of gas. We invited him to coast down and get some gas. (I think my husband is the saint of the broken down.) The rider, a tidy youngish guy, mentioned that he wasn't your "typical" harley driver -- I just smiled and thought of your father. '"Typical" what's that?' The man rode away with a roar and a smile, a wave and a promise to help us if we ever needed gas. "Just pay it forward ..." I called out in my heart.

I am certain your father is pleased from above that you are living your life the way it was meant to be, Corey!

Welcome home.....and thanks for bringing us along.

You certainly had more will-power than I would have had after being gone for so long and returning to see such beautiful objects. I agree that there is something comforting and reassuring in worn and old things. Sorta like a stairway, that over time, starts to creak or the stuffed chair with the worn arms that is much to comfortable to change and fits your body like a glove. I love old things with a past.


A fabulous post from a fabulous woman....welcome back Corey!!!

Yes, I think your Dad was welcoming you baack to your other home!

The ribbons and the book, they are one. I've been selecting the few ribbons I am one with before our move.

Thinking of you,

My dear Corey, there is an old soul quality to you and your ability to look at he history of things that I truly identify with. I love how you look at everything as "Alive" and with a dynamic of its own. That is what attracts me to old and worn out pieces and books in the first place-how they are a sort of palimpsest, a live history of those who came before us and from whom we learn not only history but the art of being. Things with a story and energy of their own and to which we then add our own, repurposing them, giving them another life, different from past ones yet so similar. I am sure your dad was there. Enjoying that soul of yours and your ability to see straight to the essence. You old soul :)

Oh, Corey! I'm sure that was a sign from your dad. My brother sends me signals through a particular song, that will come on the radio, just when I seem to need it.

When I was at the Flea Market in Nice, I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't buy anything and that was when the $1 was worth more than French francs.


It's wonderful to read your account of your first visit to the flea market on your return. It is so lovely to have you back Corey. You have been down a long hard road but come to the end of it unscathed. You are one strong woman.
Much Love

I'm swept away by your new brocante finds - the edge of the painted tray and the locket speak to me.
............and yes Corey, your dad is watching with happiness as you revel in the other part of your French life, looking for treasures.
Thanks for sharing the loveliness again.

Oh Corey ... tous ces petits détails me font craquer !!!

Oh such beautiful details -- they definitely speak to the soul...

you are writing your book,,,Smile...

Corey, thank you for sharing your flea market day!

Beautiful post...thanks for sharing..:)

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