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18 September 2008


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I had brown eggs this morning from our local farmer's market, but I can just imagine how much better they would have tasted in France.

Your jam sounds delicious, Corey! I'll bet the grilling of the almonds and the vanilla flavor give it a very wonderful flavor. Seeing your comfit jar reminds me of your early experience of buying drinking glasses ;)

Thanks as always and have a great day, Corey!

Thanks Corey, very informative, I would be butting heads with the school system also! Rachaelxo

I was cringing reading about the school system. But apparently it didn't damage your children. In fact, they appear to have bloomed in the midst of it. Of course that may have been because they had an advocate to come home to.

Fascinating differences.

I love my french lessons.
Love you dearly
Jeanne ^j^

I would miss ice so so much, but surely you have a freezer at home??? Corey,,,your photos are always incredible, and I enjoyed the article in Somerset Life,,"re-sourcing" is rewarding and fun, and I am sure I would go broke at the flea markets in France, once I returned to my body that is. Shoot,,I go broke "here" at the estate sales! I look forward to upcoming blogs and articles,,Victoria must be next. Can't wait!
You are blessing in so many ways. Thank you.

I am intrigued with your comment that "France is not in Paris". Do you say that because it is such a large metropolis it has lost the true flavor of France? Or is it a Corey tongue-in-cheek-ism?

What an amazing surprise! To learn that we canlive without those humongous, ever-present stores (TJMax and Cosco and its big box relatives) that make nearly every town in the US look alike. I assume the opposite in France are smaller more locally owned shops.

And, it might just be a cultural travesty to eat at McDonald's while in visiting France. Can't imagine it!

Thanks for the fig jam recipe Corey. I made grape jelly with Concord grapes that grew in our backyard. ONCE. Very hard work. Thank goodness this fig jam seems easier. No food mill involved :)

I am also intrigued with your comment that "France is not in Paris". I guess it's like foreigners thinking that all of the US is like NYC. teehee Of course we know that isn't true.

The school system sounds alarming. But then I have one child that needs a little extra attention. Or should I say he has no attention? I'm really enjoying your posts on life in France. Thank you.

How do the French feel about America's choices for President this year? How do you feel about them ?

Thank you for your lovely fig jam recipe, Corey! =)

Well, my "French-by-heritage" hubby and I must be living up to his roots... we only have brown eggs here in New England (the white ones are only available at the supermarket at Eastertime!), hubby buys the French blocks of butter ("President's Butter" is my hands down absolute favorite), and we use Parmalat milk (the kind that comes in a carton you can leave in the cupboard until it is opened). As for the schools... I think I would be a butting-head parent as well! =)

It is fun hearing about the contrast between here and there. I envy you your fresh figs! They are so very hard to find in our area. My great grandmother had a fig tree and I would sit under its leafy branches and eat them sun ripened and warm.

Thanks for answering the "ice" question. When my daughter was performing throughout Europe, she hurt her back and was staying with a family in Scotland, she had to use a bag of frozen vegetables to "ice" it. Seems as if that worked just as well. I guess Americans take our ice too seriously!

I am loving your oh so very French posts, keep up the good work Corey :)

Hi Corey,
It sounds like I would have had a problem with that school system as well.
Very interesting facts. I love reading about France.
Your recipe sounds really good!
Thanks for that!
Have a wonderful day in France!

How long does the jam "keep"? Can you put it in a cupboard or should it be refrigerated/frozen? Yikes the French school system sounds tough!

Ohb how funny, by 8.30 we are falling asleep. xoxox Clarice

Good morning my friend....
Thank you so much for the recipe, I'm very anxious to try it. Try mine and tell me what you think....
I called your mom yesterday, she was baking cupcakes...from scratch!! She sounded very well...
Fall is in the air in California this morning, it's beautiful....
Enjoy your day in France, it sounds wonderful!

Not much has changed -- if anything -- since my youth. xoxo

Fig jam! There are lots of fig trees around here. I'm planting one, I think, this fall, if I can find a spare corner.

Thank you for the jam recipe! I will be off to our Markthalle this weekend for figs :)

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