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07 September 2008


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I am so glad to hear this and do I envy you.

I'll bet the merchants have missed you!!

Read this, I'm so glad to read this!!!

Enjoy!! I hope you are caught up on your sleep.

How WONDERFUL! can you take us along? it's been quite awhile since we've gone flea-ing with you, in France, no less. ;-)

I can't wait to see your new treasure!


My goodness what a day you will have after 7 months. Enjoy. Thanks for the French fix Corey and dont forget to publish your finds x

Enjoy your day in every way.
Love Jeanne

how exciting! have fun :)

Have fun treasure hunting....wish I was by your side!!!

Oohh. Indulge!

OK...I'm jealous!

And just look at him all nearly naked and not so subtley draped, holding the door for you....

Enjoy ....

They will be so happy to see you there. I wish I could be there to travel along with you.

Find something fabulous.

- Suzanne

What a thrill! :-)

(And it was about time you got this guy some jewellry! *g*)

Happy hunting!

Sounds amazing Corey!!
I hope you find wonderful things!

Wonderful! Can't wait to see tomorrow's post about your finds!

Happy shopping, Corey. Go get 'em.

You do know that we are all drooling in anticipation of seeing what great finds you purchased. Hope you had a ton of fun.

I went today and got some wonderful little treasures. Did you ever see A Christmas Story about the bb gun? And the crazy neighbors were the Bumpus family? Well, I saw a beautiful vintage Christmas card circa 1920,and bought it in a second for $2.50. Stopped for coffee, and while looking over my goodies,I saw that the card is signed Mr and Mrs Bumpus. I roared with laughter....a completely unexpected treat! Hope you got a lot of treasures today Corey!

Oh no...and now it begins. I will be glued to the screen, drooling on the keys, just mesmerized over whatever you will show us ;)

My heart won't be able to take this.

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. I hope you find lovely treasures. I can't wait to see what you pick up.


yes, breathlessly waiting to hear about your finds.

Oh Corey, how I would love to browse the Brocante with you. I am sure I would be completely delirious and absolutely broke.
Have a wonderful time.

Oooh! I love the Brocante and I'm jealous of your finds. It's been too long for me since I've been to France to experience one of those. Sounds like you are getting back to "normal" - a new normal for you.

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