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02 September 2008


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can't wait to see you , to talk to you , to laugh with you !

welcome back! what a long time with soo many changes to your life. hope you'll be fine. regards erika

I am glad you made a safe journey,,, now lots of "Hello's" and kisses in your days,and flea markets this weekend!?! Sleep well and breath deep!

Blessings and much love

enjoy those crepes!

I'm happy to read you are safely back in France. Yann and your children must be thrilled to have you back.

Corey, I'm glad you had a safe journey. Bienvenue.~~Dee

Happy return to the nest.


Welcome home!

I am glad that you have had safe returns ~

Many hugs

Thrilled you had a safe journey.....enjoy!!!

Enjoy it all, Corey. Soak it up. We are the least of your worries. We'll still be here when you get done.

Looking forward to hearing from you on the other side of the ocean as soon as you've caught your breath.

I am glad you are home. Safe and sound.

breathe in the love that surrounds you and cry if you must...let it all out and savor the memories each and every day...

god bless

What a choice to have to make !
It will be so lovely to be home Corey. Bienvenue a France x

Welcome to your other land, my dear Corey.


welcome home!!!

How wonderful to be back home! Wasn't it wonderful to look around your home again?

Welcome Home Corey! Rest, refresh, and revive!

Welcome home, Corey!

Kisses and love stories and crepes... what a wonderful life you have, Corey! =)

Yes, that song is perfect. I'm awaiting your thoughts on being back in France. Culture to culture in a few hours. That's got to be hard.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

I rejoice with you that you are home with your own dear husband and children and the things you have collected so carefully.

Can't wait to hear all about your homecoming!

Welcome Home!
Tonight...snuggle with hubby in your own bed!

Shelley knows you so well! "You'll always believe in me" says it all!
Kisses to both of you...

So glad you had a safe trip home. Enjoy getting re-acquainted with France and all its charms.

Bienvenue en France, il etait une fois.... Another story, another chapter begins.

Beautiful song ... and welcome home to you.

I'm so glad you arrived home safely. Your friend Shelley remains in my thoughts and prayers.

So glad you're safely there. I'll have to get used to you posting in your new/old time zone again.

Enjoy getting to know your life again.

La rentrée isn't only for schoolchildren!
Happy to hear you made it back safe and sound. xoxo

Welcome home, Corey! Enjoy the love of your family and the warmth of your home!
Blessings to you.


Bon retour! heureuse que tu reviens!

je fait des pankakes ici de temps en temps...:)

Bonjour! Welcome home! I hope that the transition isn't too hard! I am sure that loving family (on both sides of the Atlantic) will be happy to have you home!!

Oh I'm so glad you are home again.


welcome home. xoxo

Love the sound of that.


Welcome home, Corey! :-)

Oh....the beauty to be found on the web....I love this blog!

Home sweet home really does say it all!

So glad to know you are safe and sound!

Just tap those red sparkling shoes
together! Lovely blogging and letting
so many of us into your life. I still will
pray for you as you leave your mother!
Good to go back home to family, friends and
the country of your husband!


"Welcome home" Corey.

Stop, absorb, embrace, enjoy, reflect, cry, smile, laugh... take care x

The song really fits! Enjoy being home!

Dear Corey, I'm glad your journey was safe. After such a long time, I think your soul has to catch up, before you really feel at home... Take yourself time!
the Rabenfrau

Glad you had a safe trip back. Stop and smell all of the roses, now that you are home.


corey , i am happy to hear that you made it home safely. ok what happened ,,,,,was it the smell,, the feel,, the look ???????i know i am being selfish but, i already miss my french friend . when ever i hear "HOME" ,i will be thinking of you xoxo shelley

While I know your journey was bittersweet, I am so happy that you are back in your home.

that is pretty hard to say goodbye to....but I can't wait to see what is coming!

Seven months -- it is hard to believe. I was starting to wonder if you would ever get home. Good luck with getting your bearings. And hey, you can always make pancakes in France!

Bisous de l'Aveyron.

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