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30 September 2008


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Ahhhhhh....! Lace Therapy!!! I am the same way, Corey! I love them, I don't use them, but I collect them!! - and I am happy. :)

Well, maybe I don't need therapy because I love to wear lace and have much of it adorning my house. My daughter gasps when a lacy slip slips below my hemline. I just shrug and dance. Lace is heavenly -- does that mean spiritual? Is it a sign of inner purity? I would guess not based on the "stringy" thing you found that qualified as lace. And must lace be white to be thrapeutic? Oooooh I hope not, or I've got a drawerful of something deliciously untherapeutic. AH! Your wandering mind has influenced mine. "I shall stop and turn in for the night," she exclaims as she makes off for bed in a yellow nightie sprigged with blue flowers and bedecked with a generous edging of lace. ; )

Dear Corey,
Yesterday was a long and strenuous day off home for me... and when back, I found my prize wrapped up in pastel blue... Its nice and delicate bow cheered me up straight away...
Another therapy in my day ...!

Ok, now you have done it,,,as, I "am" a lace-o-holic,,and proud of it,,,and I "do" use it, craft with it, hoard it,
and covet it. I think I may have to email you now, and send $, and lots of it. I don't need coffee with this morning post, I am so awake now, even my heart races over laces. OH Corey you do have wonderful treasures in your world, and camera lense. Thank you for a good fix, and join my group of lace-o-holic's,,,,,,,,,its all a good thing.

Love you darling one.
Lace up your dancing shoes and enjoy your day.
I love you

I love lace..
as much as I love your posts..
I recently made a lacey desktop for my work space..
every girl must have some lace around doesn't se..
much loves corey..
from isranbul to you..

A summer or two ago I followed a Yard Sale sign and found two old dears offering one of their mothers' things at an estate sale. The mother had been in her late 80s and had been a seamstress. Unfortunately, she was also a smoker so everything had that smoke smell. I was able to resist all the fabric (having a cupboard and closet full at home), the knick knacks, etc. But then I stumbled on a large dress box full of old lace. Not only was it old, but there was even some hand tatted lace in the bunch and a lot of it very small/narrow which I knew I would use in making doll clothes for the upcoming charity auction that my sister's group has every year. The old dears (themselves in their 60s) had an outrageous price on the box and weren't doing much business, so I offered what I felt was a fair price and they accepted it. It took me forever to get it all hand washed, dried in the sun on a clothes rack and then wound around cardboard so that it was in some sort of order. These old laces are so much prettier than the new synthetic stuff. Thanks for showing some of your fancy frillies.

I think lace is like fabric, one collects it just to look at it and fondle it and simply appreciate it. It gives pleasure in its raw state, it doesn't necessarily have to be used. Some people collect clocks or antique prints just to look at so why not lace?

I love lace, I remember a white blouse with lace at the cuffs. That whispery touch against the wrist felt so feminine. It is sweet and old-fashioned isn't it?

Ahh there it is again! I love it, and craft and use it..you know, I'd be broke if I lived there, boxes of it, sheesh, what a dilema :-).. Gorgeous, all of it!

I have a beautiful, cut on the bias, 30's era satin nightgown. The top is covered in delicate old lace. Alas, I don't fit in the pretty piece of confection anymore but your post inspires me to get it out, press it, and hang is somewhere front and center. It may not be worn anymore, but it can still be enjoyed.

Beautiful lacey pics Corey - I hope I find some at the markets/brocantes next week!! Where should I look - in boxes, hidden under tables? "Combien coute, s'il vous plait?" say I, flipping through my euros. Do I need mostly cash to buy? Guessing the stall holders don't accept credit cards, right?

May be cooler and some rain/wind so am thinking of throwing in a rain jacket as nothing will keep me from the markets!!! But no flannel nighties, with or without lace - too heavy and bulky for my one suitcase, ha! ha!

Flying across the pond tomorrow night.
See you soon - can't wait!

Oh Corey I am totally in love with old lace! It is my favorite thing, next to old rhinestone jewelry!!! I buy it and never use it! I figure if those pieces of beauty have survived all these years intact, who am I to cut into it?! lol

OK....there are a few men out here. All this talk about lace undies is going to make us blush ......or put a twinkle in our eye ... ooo la la. I think I agree with French husband ..*wink*

lace it takes you everywhere....I think I need some too.

Oh I love and collect old lace. I have tons stashed away and no, I don't sew it to things or use it as a coaster. It's like a museum stash. I found a beautiful hand crocheted lace Gibson Girl dress that I wore as my wedding gown.

The baptism dress is spectacular. WOW.

Corey - a lace obsession is quite a bit better than collecting ball-jointed dolls. Have you seen those? Women are spending fortunes on collecting and dressing them.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

I can understand that desire for lace...my daughter and I both go for the linens and lace boxes hidden under the tables or in drawers.



Maybe the lace thing is because of all the tiny little holes in the lace, that reveal tantalizing glimpses of flesh!

Love old lace and ribbon too, but I don't ever wear it either.
Great and pretty post!!
Have a wonderful day!

It's all so beautiful. I only have a few pieces however, I fully understand the obsession. Also, the pink glass in the final photo is so pretty.

My grandmother tatted..a form of making lace. She did it whenever she sat down and was otherwise idle. I decided that this art could not be lost and so went through the angst of learning "the feel". She said once I learned the feel....that the thread was slip knotting around the taut thread I would be able to do it. Well, easier said than done. But I did it. Do I do it? Every now and then I pick up a shuttle and demonstrate to myself that indeed I can do it. When my Grandmother died I was given a box full of finished tatted edging that she and her mother had done. My daughter has expressed a desire to learn but she is left handed and my mother could never learn, also left handed, because she couldn't reverse what she was being shown.. so I guess time will tell.

Here is a site about making tatted lace


We spent one night in a castle in Carmona outside of Seville last summer, with both boys. It was the most wonderful place. WE had to order a crib for the baby, and they brought in this crib with the most beautiful linens and coverlets, all embroidered. And I didn't take a picture. But I remember it. it was so beautiful and cook and white and calming for the baby. Which was just what he needed, because he was tired and hot and fussy! I always think that if we go back there, I'm going to ask them to make up a crib just so I can take a picture of it!

Corey, there must be some batiste nightgown with fabulous lace out there, which meets both your passion for great lace and for comfortable wear! You know, batiste can turn quite see-through. I can mail your husband the address of just such a store, if he (you?) are interested. *smile@you*)

Why? because, perhaps like me you love the look, the feel of it, what it conjures up. It's like owning art that you love. I use mine in my work, but there are pieces I cannot bear to part with. They sit in a huge antique box that I sometimes go through just for the pleasure of it....

"...où est-elle? Dans la chapelle. Que fait-elle? De la dentelle..." (a childhood rhyme).


I love lace and was so glad to see someone else loves it too. Such beauty and very elegant is why I like I think.

love and blessings

I'm finally in love with lace...
Why did it take so long?
Is it just a crush?
I almost bought ridiculously $$$ dolls house lace curtains yesterday...
I'm thinking about them for a while...
Is it lace therapy?

Well....*blush* .. Corey..you can always slip on something lacey for FH and belt out a song called "That Old Black Magic Called Love". ;)

I need a fan, it's got a little hot in here :)

Hi Corey
I can't explain my facination/obsession with linen & lace either. It just is what it is!!!

Oh, I know what you mean. I love old lace, tablecloths, fabric everything. There is something so pretty and dainty about old vintage lace......

Hah! Yes, well, I'm sure French Husband would happily pay double for that cheeky, lacy little number! Has he read this post yet? Has he asked for the shop's name and address yet?? ;p

I'm a total lace addict myself! A few years ago I had the opportunity to take a series of lacemaking classes from a Russian lady in the DC area. Oh dear God in Heaven but it was the most difficult task I had ever undertaken! It added fuel to my collecting fire as now there's hardly a price put upon a piece of lace that I can't justify after spending hours and hours at my lace "pillow" only to produce maybe a quarter of an inch! It also started a sweet collection of antique bobbins. I need serious therapy!!
Dana in Virginia

Beautiful post, Corey, and your nephew looks angelic!

I too love lace and always wanted lace curtains, which I've had in my living room for a number of years now.

My wedding slip, which I still have has a lace bodice and at least a five inch deep lace ruffle on the bottom.

I also love antique figural laces with Putti.

aahh there's my smile of the day! thank you:)

Delicious! Buy lace, it is probably cheaper and definately prettier than Freud.


An obsession with lace is one that I understand fully! What lovely treasures you have found! Especially that sweet nephew nested in lace!

Perhaps your artist's eye is seduced by the textures and subtleties of the handmade lace!
Collecting and enjoying it is OK!
Reflecting on why you do love it helped you to get in touch with other loves, clever post, Corey!

Well, isn't that baby the cutest thing? And in all the lace he looks like a little angel. Well, I am sure you already says he is. Daisy~

Mon dieu! the lace! I love your photos of lace and linens. I learned how to crochet last summer and now my fingers are itching to create something beautiful.

I don't know if you have heard of the book:
"The Lace Reader" by Brunonia Barry. You might enjoy it. The secrets are told in the lace.

Corey: How sad that you don't ever use any of the lace. When I was in Aix En Provence two years ago I saw many pieces of lace and was mesmerized by the history and event these peices must have seen over their 100 year plus life. I sew, and would be happy to stitch something up for you. Just send me the lace and tell me what you would like and it is done. Consider it a repayment for all of the hours you put into entertaining us with your FABULOUS blog. May I suggest a pillow or sachet perhaps.

What a fun post. I love lace too! Did you know it used to be a form of money? Wayyyyy back when. Perhaps with the way the economy in the US is going it might be that way again, LOL! Thanks for the lovely lace photos!

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