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19 September 2008


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Oh Corey, how wonderful that was. I have to confess though I am the youngest of 5 girls and my eledest sister married in 1955 and I was married in 1974. Can you believe we all had trousseau showings (according to tradition) where the aunts and the future in-laws would come for afternoon tea and all our linens and laces,outfits and shoes, bags and in my sister's day even matching lingerie was shown. As I look back now it is not so much the fact they all had a "good look" at all our stuff but that my mother was able to provide each of her daughters complete wardrobes of new clothes and chests full of magnificent manchester.
No one to this day has been able to beat my dear Mum at shopping.

Ah, a written record. so much is revealed in a person's penmanship. What stories can we cull from a computer printout?

Is this a document that you own? You are fortunate if you do. A peek into the everyday victorian life. Oh,I just read yesterdays post,thanks for the peek into French life too.

what a marvel of tongue in cheek this mother was (how come she reminds me of a certain lady in the South of France? *smile*)! The handwriting is superb!

Do I read it right, this is page 34? Wonder what else she got up her sleeve, er, in her daughter's trousseau! (I entered marriage with a nice stash of wine bottles, btw, among other things, shipped over the oceans.)

Oh how precious is everything you share.
I love you

I wanted the list to continue, not quite ready to be done reading!!!

Corey, it will be little items such as this I will search for at the brocantes soon - special papers written in a lovely hand with a story behind them. At least they will fit in my limited baggage allowance, whereas a stunning French blue painted armoire will not......unfortunately.

Oh to return to the gentle age of life....altho' from what you share with us about living in a village without a big box store, sliced bread, and gallon jugs of tasteless milk, I think you may still be surrounded by it!

Hope to talk with you about such things soon!

Corey - what a wonderful document. It represents a look into daily life and cultural traditions of the time.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

How lovely to come across a document like this.
We found an 1830 auction document of items sold after the death of one of my husbands ancestors. We were amazed at how humble the household was.

What a beautiful story, Corey. A lovely beginning to read this. Oh, the swish of the last letter is called a flourish (I'm a sort of calligrapher- letter for fun not profit). I think the trousseau was also a place to show that the family was sending their daughter to her new husband with the nice necessities (and then some). Wasn't it much more practical to spend the money on things that would benefit the couple through their early years together rather than on the extravagance of a huge and showey wedding?

What a treat it has been this week to read of your tales of everyday life in France and then to be greeted at the end of the week by this charming view of the everyday life of the past. You have given us the wisdom of age and maturity greeting the innocence and sweetness of youth - mother to daughter and so on, it will continue.

What a delight to read! And to think you have this piece of the past in your hands! I could never have lived during Victorian times... I would have shed a tear (or ten!)with each item I had to jot down if I knew it meant I was giving my daughter away! =O

When I FINALLY got married four years ago at the age of 37, m y mother was very similar. She bought so many negligees for me it was ridiculous! I was s embarrassed to be buying THOSE with my MOTHER! lol

Wow Corey,
That was great, I felt like I was watching the start to a wonderful old movie.
Thanks for sharing, very entertaining.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh, poor Mlle. Chier, she must have been quite mortified!

Have you suggested anything similar to Chelsea ?!! Jx

Oh, the scandal! ::giggle:: My daughter would be the same way.

you sure know how to tell a story!

oh this is wonderful to read. I so enjoyed this. As always you know how to bring us right along into the story.

love and blessings

every time I visit your site, I let go an audible *sigh* of visual pleasure.

I must keep this list in mind to tease my daughter with when it is her turn to be a bride.

did you find this in your antique shops? how simply wonderful!

Such beautiful hand writing! I have a list of things I should have in my closet hanging on my closet door....it isn't in my handwriting (it's printed from a master list of lists I have)....I am thinking I should write it out in my handwriting!

History frames it beautifully! As do you!

Thank you!

Corey...I am loving this! I have dreamed of living in France for a year at least to just assimilate into the culture...Can't speak a word but still a dream! For now I will stay in Calif. and follow your blog and enjoy! thank you, this is fun!

That list is wonderful! what a treasure!

If ever I do get married, I must ask my mother to write out my trousseau! I think she has a similar humour to this young lady's maman.

The "naughtiness" of your story had me smiling throughout the day. So delightful!

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