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20 September 2008


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Oh my those pictures make my heart yearn for
the Provence. sigh


Thank you for a glimpse of the life I adore and crave! I wish your photos were scratch and sniff!

It was nice to walk with you Corey..going to the flea market to day? Blessing in your week1

What a gorgeous set of pictures, Corey.

I love all the color of your area and that's one thing I miss a bit in slate-grey Rodez, although my region has other advantages.

That Café de France looks terribly familiar to me. Could you tell me what town it's in?

Bisous de l'Aveyron.

Love and hugs and keep those french lessons coming.
Ooooh La La.
Love you
Where do people in France love to go for vacation?
Love Jeanne

All gorgeous images, but the one that caught my eye? The courgettes with their flowers still attached. Recipes started wandering through my head.

Thanks dear C.

Colourful and glorious pictures ... very soothing for the eye and for the mind !!!

Thank you for the beautiful pictorial tour of your little corner of the world. Nothing like a little arm chair travel with all the comforts of home!

You have made me fall in love with France!

thank you so much, everything is so tastefully done from chairs to laundry. I love taking french lifestyle lessons.

I love the pictures you shared in here.. the colorful faces of France.. now you make me wanting to visit France!.. love the pictures.. gosh.. I said twice already.. hehehe have a great weekend!

I love the pictures you share. France looks so colorful and peaceful. I just have to experience it someday.

Lovely images that inspire. I wonder if the people in these towns long for the open countryside. I especially love the house with the vine trailing up and over the doorway.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Thank you, Corey --- it's felt like a lovely visit with you.

I love the colors. But I would especially love to sit at one of the sidewalk cafes and enjoy a cup of that coffee and some of that chocolate with you!

I want to go home !!! Gorgeous pictures Corey and...gorgeous place !

My feet are planted here on Cape Cod, but my mind and heart just went to your part of France! Thank you, Corey! =)

Oh Corey, it's just so beautiful...just as I imagined the south of France to look like.

Oh lucky me - I'll be there in a couple of weeks - the South of France is calling, my camera is ready, my tastebuds are anxious - bread and cheese is enough but those chocolate delicacies will be hard to turn down!!
I want to live in the apartment above the Cafe de France - and buy fresh flowers across the way.

All so lovely - I just can't wait to see these sights again and you! Hope you read my recent e-mail Corey.

The picture with chocolate...chocolate cake or ice cream? I am sure it's not so simple as that, but it looks delicious.

What a wonderful way to have my first cup of coffee this morning...I felt like I was in France! Beautiful pictures!

I absolutely love the architecture and colors of Southern France. And the shutters at the windows too! Is your house in the photos somewhere? I'd love to see what it looks like on the outside!

Your photographs bring solace to my soul!

tres magnifique!! Oh, you are so lucky to be surrounded by such "yumminess"! Would love to go there someday.

I do enjoy your posts!


Beautiful photographs - makes me want to return to France (like I needed a reason to want to go back). LOL! I have a question - I noticed while we were there and also from your photos, there are no screens on the windows. Do you have a bug problem like we have in the US?

Corey, it is only three weeks until we will be in the south of France, actually 24 days. ;-) So looking forward to it!

Oh!!! Corey these are wonderful photos...I do love your area of the world.
Good to see that they have Icelandic Poppies in France ;)

OH! I could absolutel taste and smell and feel it all!

Beautiful...I love France. Went to school there for awhile!!

Good Saturday Morning, Corey, I just took a nice visual stroll thbrough your neighborhood. What a treat. My problem, tho' is being undecided about where to stop for lunch? Each restaurant looks quite inviting. And the colors of France. Oh my oh my, truly a grand feast for the eyes. Thanks for the invitation to stroll with you.

The colors, the flowers, the desserts! Really lovely. The facade of the Cafe de France is so inviting as is it all.

You make me want to move there (I can, I have dual citizenship). These photos remind me of my tender youth.

Colette xoxo

Thank you, Corey,
for this uplifting walk through your neighborhood! It's gray and wet here today, so you can imagine how much enjoyed this sunny stroll. Lavazza coffee even in the South of France, and chocolate cakes! :-)

In Mr.Roger's words,

"It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor,

It's a neighborly day in this beautywood,
A neighborly day for a beauty,

I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you,
I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.

So let's make the most of this beautiful day,
Since we're together, we might as well say,
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbor?

Won't you please,
Won't you please,
Please won't you be my neighbor?"

Have a wonderful weekend!

First I fainted from all of the loveliness, then I picked myself up and looked and looked again. A moveable feast, no? Thank you!

Your photos are lusious! Can't spell it but hope you know what I mean. Your site is one of the highlights of my day. Thanks you!!

In one word, Lovely.

Lovely and perfect! I adore the door knocker. I so want one.

oh, to be there...right....now. *poof*

Beautiful Corey!! I love it all!
Can't wait to visit there.

I am so envious of the flowers just growing willy nilly. My plants just look at me and laugh.

I could look at these for a long long time, and still see something new . ..

Love it! :) Wishing you a weekend full of fun and antiquing.

I found myself just mesmerized in your beautiful pictures...a feeling of drinking cool, crisp water on a hot parched day! How lucky you are Corey, to live there- and how generous you are to share the beauty of it all with us. I hope to visit someday soon and take my husband who has never been to France! Can't wait!

Thank you Corey for a late night fix of la belle Provence, peace Jxx

Corey, I was just taking a break from working on my flowers on my deck. Now I think I will go out front and spruce up my front door. I love the flowers all around the entrance of the homes in France. Beautiful! Blessings, Kimberly

How I wish I was there....thank you for sharing such gorgeous pictures!!!

From the gateaux to the courgettes, from the laundry to the lavender..your pictures paint a thousand words.
Thank you for sharing your corner of the world with us..

Gosh, How I wish I were there!! So Beautiful, Jamie

Love your collage. I am jealous! And homesick! :-)

Simply mahvelous dahling!!

Flamingo colored building, fifth floor, open window on the right hand side...that's where I want to live!

Corey, seriously you must stop! You're killing me!

Absolutely wonderful posts each and every time. You inspire me!

Thank you!


Hello Corey, As usual..beautiful photos...
Hope all is well with you ...
Love Barjoles

Beautiful beautiful!

Looking at this on this Sabbath afternoon
before EvenSong ~~ Evening church!
So much in those photos. You seem to capture
light as the Impressionist did.


Hello Corey! I have just started visiting your beautiful blog and I wanted to post a note to let you know how much I enjoy coming here! Your photos are beautiful and you are lucky to live in such a special place. Until the day I can visit France, I'll keep enjoying your beautiful blog and dreaming......~ xoxo ~ Joy

I like very much this post... or, I should say: I'm fond of it...
It's so refreshing, so telling, so "taking-you-by-the-eyes", ... suiting our warm autumn...
A post that invites me to come to daily...

How lovely!!! The flowers and vines, the cafe, the fountain... sigh.

Absolutely breathtaking, Corey, thank you so much for the views of you city!!!!!!

I love all your photos Corey. It's so funny, we live about 30 minutes from the Canada, which is heavily French influenced in our region, and some of the sights seem a tad familiar. We don't have the history by any means, but the ambience looks close to the same. I think I could adapt to France very easily. Thanks Corey! :)


I've been away from reading your blog for a couple of weeks, so am backtracking a little and catching up. Therefore you'll probably miss this comment. I love seeing all these photos. Makes me want to go back there again. ahhhh... thanks.

Breathing every picture in...

The ocean is your therapy... and this post is my soothing place...
Back to it right now ....
My eyes and my heart are closer to the Mediterranean sea than the ocean...

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