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24 September 2008


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thanks anyway corey it was quite entertaining.

Congratulations to the winners! There were so many possibilities, non?

The first game won ... EVER !!! I'm thrilled ! and I thank you for organizing all those guessing games... I LOVE them ! They're great fun !

Great, just great!!! And congrats to the winner. Will keep my eyes peeled as I would just love one of these to adorn any bottle of wine ;)

Twirling with excitement! What a lovely surprise to find that my answer was deemed the most creative! Thank you! I always enjoy these!

Those are beautiful! I love coming to your blog and learning about things. Very interesting! I will be keeping my eye out for those corks!

Thank you Corey!

I would never have known; thanks for the wonderful photos today, too.

How divine.......
cheers to the winners and to you for our contiued french lessons in life.
Love you

That was fun! Thanks Corey!

I should have played! I thought about the cork thing and I even thought about the music box dancers!! Weird! Usually I'm terrible at your games. I do love reading about them though. I also loved FH showing up to surprise us. btw, you're hilarious!

Congratulations for those who won!!! :)

Your guessing games are so much fun! I wish the history teachers I had in school made learning history as much fun as you teach it!

I was going to guess that! Actually, that's not true, I was going to say fancy price tag holders for giant wheels of cheese.

So fun, and the guesses were very creative!

I would never have guessed that in a million years! Not only do you inspire us with your wonderful words but we get free lessons in antiques! How cool is that? Congrats to the winners!

Thanks for all the fun...I love peoples great imaginations..esp the phial of laudenum..how very Dickensian!!

OMG, Corey. That is a lesson to me. I was thinking, "It's the top of a cork", than I blew off the idea because it seemed so obvious. Shame on me. LOL Congratulations to Marie-Noelle who did not hestitate.

That really was a challenge. Congratulations to the winners.

Delightful entertainment. Merci beaucoup!

Congrats to the winners!
All great guesses.

It's nice to know what they really are. Congratulations to the winners!
I must brush up on French antiques.

Congratulations to the winners... I had fun reading all the creative ideas that everyone gave for what they thought it could be used for...

And you truly kept us in suspense with what it was not during this post..

I never would have guessed

Fabulous post



Merci. Todays answer was just as interesting and as much fun as the guessing yesterday.

This was a most amusing game with an even more amusing answer. Very ingenious responses from all your readers!

Bravo aux gagnantes. i have discovered with great pleasure Lisa Boni's blog, very cute and interesting.
No blog for Marie-Noëlle?
Thanks for the entertaining.

What a fun blog! I find myself checking it every day! Thanks for sharing! From the Riviera, Cy

i love your guessing games! i'm always intrigued and love the other responses too.

I thought of that, but it had already been guessed, I think. Interesting post - good photos.

What fun! Merci, encore!

Happy Congratulations to the winners ~ so much fun Corey!

What FUN!!! This posting had such a delightful almost carnival atmosphere about it.
I brought a bit of a grumpy spirit to the table as I flopped down on my settee and flipped open my laptop with a groan after a particularly wearing day. I selected you from my list of favorites and popped on for a visit. I had some catching up to do, so I went to yesterday and began browsing.

I read a bit and a smile crested my lips. I read a bit more and my pulse quickened. I sat up and read with a hint of Miss Marple rising in my mind. What could this be? Knowing I was too late for the contest didn't dampen the game a bit for me as I spun wild ideas.

I raced ahead and read this "solution" post with a carefree spirit and lots of giggles. What wild imaginations you have sparked among your readers! Aha! Mystery solved -- and yet not even CLOSES to the ideas I had been courting.

FUN FUN FUN!!! Thank you Corey. I so needed a pinch of your humor.

I went on to catch up on all of the past posts I had missed while away on a short holiday. YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY at that keyboard. Sheer delight to read all about an Americaine in Paris and further Sud. You're a gem. I love coming to visit. : )

Wonderful answers! I think Kas's is my favorite...

more, more, more!

I mean...encore, encore, encore!

Marie Noelle knows so many things ! I may get her a job in my shop

See there, I knew it! I never get these things right ! I should have just guessed a lemon juicer like I always do and be done with it!

HA !!!!!

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