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26 September 2008


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Corey, your lovely post got me teary eyed...!! Love never does die, it renews itself with every beat of the heart (and every crack of the hammer...)!!

oh corey, the letter made me cry. i really believe that your dad is there protecting your mother. hope you will see him in your dreams too.

This post made yesterdays hearts all the more meaningful, thank you for sharing it.

How completely lovely.

How poignant and touching and how reassuring for you, Corey.

How sweet was that? After my favorite Aunt died I had a dream that I was visiting her and she was back to her healthy, young self that I knew when I was in college. It was so nice to "see" her like that knowing how she suffered years later. She told me she would visit me with butterflies after she died. I now have lavender in my yard and hundreds of butterflies visit me every day in the summer. I don't know if she's there but I do think of her every time I see one.

It's wonderful to know that your Mother is doing well, Corey, and that knowledge has to ease your heart a little.

The dream was so very beautiful! I just know how meaningful it was for you. I just read your post to my husband and he loved it too.

Thanks so much for sharing!

What a wonderfully moving letter Corey. Death is too small to end such a great love and your father will be always with your mother as my mother will always be with my father. Your Godmother sounds a wonderful lady. I remain in hope that I will see my Mummy in my dreams. Thank you for sharing this, God Bless, Julie.

What a beautiful dream. But even more beautiful is the fact that she sat down and wrote to you to tell you about it. I hope it brings you comfort and makes you believe in your Dad watching over and protecting your Mum.

That's a beautiful dream. :)

I've been following your blog for a while now but I just found your article in Somerset Life today, when I found and bought the latest issue. :)

Deeply touching as is all that you share.
Love Jeanne
Thanks for all you share.

Your Mother is well loved and watched over by the family, and that must give you comfort. I have been wondering about how she is doing, thank you for passing the letter out here, and continuing to share your world, and your heart.

well now, that brought me to tears, too. It sounds as if your mom is surrounded by love on all sides, by the still living and by your beloved dad.

My own mother had a similar occurrence after my father died. She dreamed she was sitting in a chair watching television (which she hardly ever did) and asked my father if he would like a snack. He was agreeable. She returned to the living room with some cheese and crackers and sat down to eat them. She woke with my father's voice in her ears - "Now isn't that just like you, Germaine. I'm hungry so you eat!"

She said she'd heard him so clearly it woke her. All day, she treasured the sound of his voice and felt as though he was right there with her.

Thanks so much for sharing your story and reminding me of mine.

Corey, My parents often come to me in dreams,it is a great comfort. They share there knowledge and love and give me back some perspective. I am always grateful for their vists.

What a touching story...it's brought tears to my eyes.

Heartwarming post this morning...as it is every day.

hey corey...
sweet mary and her dreams. she truly has a divine spirit dwelling within. you cannot be in her presence and not feel it. i love and miss her and you! thinking of you often...sending love and mmmmmmmmmmm!

I'm so glad to hear that Your mom is doing "well with her own company" what an answer to prayer.

My mom will be visiting her soon.




& your mom is also in the "company" of our prayers! (as are you...)

So very beautiful Corey....xxoo, Dawn

How Fabulous! Reminds me of my dream of my Grandparents, warms my heart just to think of it. I'm glad that he's there with her even if only in spirit. Means he there with you too.

I think maybe death just sets up a different kind of distance but it's not insurmountable. We 'feel' the presence of our living loved ones when, say, we're in the US and they're in France, right? We can't see them, but we can see them. And maybe death is just a changing of form that could conceivably, enhance the sense of 'presence'. My beloved beloved beloved Grandpa Andy has been 'dead' for 20 years, but he's always present with me, digging his knuckles in my ribs and chewing on his ever present toothpick, ya know? What a wonderful dream/reality your friend shared!

What a beautiful dream. I truly believe our loved ones are with us in spirit. Your godmother says that your mother is doing very well with her own company, but don't you think that's because she feels your father's presence in her life?

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Life goes on. It is a beautiful thing.

Corey, this is so lovely! It's so heartwarming when we have a good dream with someone who's far (or not in Earth anymore); it's like we feel them with us, very close, very near.
A tender hug to you*


sweet confirmation of the heart's truth

This is one of the most lovely things I have ever read. Thank you for sharing and for touching my heart.

What a precious gift. I love your mother.

Oh my gosh, that letter has put a lump in my throat. Very touching. I wonder if your godmother shared it with your mother? She must have. What a beautiful dream. :)

Thank you so much for sharing that lovely story. I hope that it was a blessing to you, proof that your Mother is truly not alone, that she knows it, and also proof that your Father is again his old self, having thrown off the shackles of illness and pain.

If it made me feel this good, I can only imagine how it made you feel. Prayers are definitely being answered, aren't they?

Now I'm crying too. What a lovely dream.

That gave me the goosebumps!!
Love ya,


Corey, that is a lovely, moving note. I am sure it brings you peace on many levels - knowing your mom is doing good, as well as your dad and that even now, they are together in a way we cannot understand - yet! Ruth

The embodiment of "Godmother". She got to see the dance of soulmates in her dream and gave that image to you. Beautiful.

That is such a wonderful e-mail from Godmother Mary. The dream seems so real! You never know how messages will be sent from heaven.

Your Godmother's dream made me weepy, because it was no ordinary dream. Life does go on, there's only "death" of the physical body. xoxoxo

I think that was the most beautiful thing I've ever read.

Ho,Corey. Beautiful, little blessings. God Bless.

Your godmother's letter brings so many memories forward and makes my heart full.

Yesterday I saw a man from the back that brought my grandfather to mind. I pictured his presence and remembered his smell and voice and those horrible sticky playing cards (he chewed tobacco). This morning I happened on, of all things, a nicely folded ironed handkerchief that was my grandfathers and was given to me when he died...just a piece of him. I'm glad I have it. I also have an article of clothing of each of my parents. It's just a piece of them..but I have it. And I'm glad I do. I recently got my grandmothers' trunk and in there I found small boxes with a pair of gloves or a hair comb. There were several, and I Knew these were items saved of someone like my grandfather' handkerchief...I wish I knew who they had belonged to, some are very old.

Even me, not personally knowing you or your people involved in the letter found it so completely full of love and moving. Words like that are a blessing indeed.

Such sweet and lovely --- and loving --comfort. Endless blessings to you and your mom, Corey.

Although I read your blog every day, I never post a comment. . . until today.
My father passed away 6 years ago. The first dream I had of him after he died was very vivid. He was in a red shirt (his favorite color), and he was healthy and robust. He was laughing at a joke (I don't know what it was - only that he had just relayed some comical scenario). I told him the joke was silly, but he just kept laughing and laughing . . . and when I woke, I knew he was once again happy.

what a sweet and peaceful dream. the symbolism sounds very close to reality for your mother.

What a love-filled message. Your dad is there, be assured. He is also with you...

Corey~ I want to create a family like you have...I know its not too late. Thanks again and again for sharing LOVE through your blog and sharing the people who are special in your life... Your Mother and GodMother sound like angels, just as you are too...thank you~


I want to thank you and all of the people who left comments under your post on The Spiritual Side of Blogging. I found consolation, and much spiritual food for my soul.

While things have settled down somewhat, we are left with the residual after effects. Isabella coming to terms with the fact that her mom will not be coming home which plays out at night with crying, whining and "I miss my mommie".
She hugs a little tighter and wants to be picked-up more and consoled. Joshua cried his heart out at the funeral as we all did but seems all the better for it. We are now working on two special books one for each child to remember their mother by. She will always be remembered and never forgotten.

About the dream your Godmother had, it only confirms what I have come to know by others in my own family who have passed away and come to tell me that life goes on after death. I received a vision from my daughter-in-law the night she passed. She said to me "UNBELIEVABLE" "You have no body but everyone knows who you are. There is no beginning and there is no end and you can think something and your there". Proof that she has seen what others have told me.

I hope to post on my blog soon to give more details and to again thank all of you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers that have gone a long way.


Oh that is just beautiful! How true....they never leave us. That had to give you such comfort. That was so nice that she shared that with you....I am so glad your mom is doing better.

Oh wow.
Corey, just wanted you to know, I read all your posts. Some touch me deeper than others but I never know what to say when they do. 'Oh wow' seems so lame but nothing profound comes to mind.This is not good for a writer! lol I hope you will forgive and know I love you, your family and your blog.

What a wonderful dream and such a blessing!


What a lovely, sweet post. Your mom is a very blessed woman.

This post brought tears to my eyes, Corey! A truly loving message from your godmother (and father)! I haven't seen my grandmother I spoke to you of in a dream yet (perhaps a flashback dream or two, of the past), but I STRONGLY felt her presence not that long ago, as if she was standing behind me, looking over my left shoulder. It was a day I was feeling very low and heavy in thought, and just her "presence" snapped me out of my doldrums! =)

oh, this is so sweet and so very true! He is there with her always. (((HUGS))) to all of you--how you must miss him so.

Precious . . .

Your mother remains in my prayers. Thanks for the heartwarming update.

I think your godmother had a visit from an angel. How wonderful!

lots of people used the first word that came to my mind to describe that letter - lovely. What word would you use in french?
gentile? belle? douce? réconfortant? (I had to grab my dictionary for that last one!)

What a touching dream which brought tears to my eyes, too!

As I pondered dreams about loved ones who have passed away, I had to admit that I've never once dreamed about my dear mom who has been gone over three years. Perhaps my heart is still too tender to the loss to handle such a thing while sleeping....

Tammy ~@~

Thank you for sharing your beautiful, simple letter with us.

I find myself thinking of your mother now and again and I stop to send her a sweet thoughts of comfort and joy.

Her measuring spoons, her yard embellishments, her love for your father (and you) Such a beautiful portrait you've painted for us. I am inspired and touched by her. Merci.

So many, My family included think this blogging thing such a passing fad... But with many stumbled upon post, that I can't stop reading...Post after post, wanting to get to know these strangers... more with each post makes that possible. I just want to say, thanks so much for sharing your family and life with us. Makes me realize maybe I should be sharing too. The dream...just touching and wonderful! Again Thanks, and I want a French Husband... kidding... Tracy

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