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10 September 2008


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....paying it forward....There is no better way to serve the Universe. All my life I have held this strong belief and made it a daily practice. I am happy that it is shared by more and more forward thinking and enlightenend persons such as you. Corey, your beauty radiates brilliantly from within. Thank you for YOU!

Can't believe I'm first! How'd that happen...must be fate.
Put my name in under D's, :-)

Dear Corey, my tears are rolling down as I type.
I check your blog every day looking for some comfort and learning how to cope with my lose. all you say is very close to me as I also lost my mom this summer.
is not for the present (even if you pick my name, please give it to someone else), I just feel that I need to tell you THANK YOU!
Irina (Hong Kong)

I know grief,and how it can take a person by surprise, and the flood gates open, only one who has been there can understand, the shopowner is a dear.

Corey, your beautiful blog always brings up a swell of emotions out of me...Thank you.

What a sweet man in that shop! You make good friends, but how could it be otherwise? I know it sounds impossible, but the grief will lessen - at least the violence of it. My mother died in 2001 and I can still tear up on occasion. (I turned 50 that year, too.)

how nice people can be... you must feel very treasured and welcome to be home again. i'm happy for you! sending regards, erika

Sorry for your loss, it does take time, doesn't it? Hope you take some small measure of comfort in knowing that your words bring hope and positivity and spread cheer, even to someone 6000 miles away. I look forward to your site everyday.

It is the unexpected words of people you never thought were a real part of your life who can bring the sorrow to the top. It's like watching something bubble up.

Your writing is so beautiful. I am sitting here with tears in my own eyes. How wonderful to live among people so sensitive and caring. You are truly blessed!

God always puts someone in your path when you most need encouragement!

coming after a long time
feels as if i've returned to France with you

Once again you have brought tears to my eyes...truckloads!!!! What kind and thoughtful people there are all over the world!!! It makes my heart smile.......

The unexpected gestures of kindness. So Real, heartfelt. I think they missed you in France. You pay it forward every day when you share this blog. Thank You!

Oh, those tears that just come out of the blue! What a nice way to be comforted though.

I am always encouraged by the way you are able to make friends and see the good in people and situations. It comes back to you when you least expect it.


Corey,I had a very similar experince9too many tears),after the loss of my parents. What a comforting gesture,filled with love.May your everyday life be all that you wish for... and of course you must keep sharing your adventures,we old antiquers need inspiration. blessings

It will happen many more times. And, although tears will fall, happy memories will come to mind at the same time.
What a kind and generous man. I will keep what he said in mind "It was dust in your eyes?"
So glad you're home and routine is taking hold. It's calming.

What a sweet shop owner! and you're sweet too, to pay it forward...

Better than any of the things that kind man gave you is the sentiment of caring behind them. Welcome back to your everyday life :)

This beautiful story stirred up the dust in my house, and brought tears to my eyes. What an understanding and compassionate Frenchman.

I think I have "dust in my eyes" too, after reading your words. And the paying it forward, what a special idea! Your father was there in the antique store for sure, he knew you needed a good cry. If my name comes out of that hat of yours, do me a favor- fill up the demi-tasse cup with flowers or a bag of tea and in your dad's name offer it to someone in your area that you find in need of some TLC. Your father is definitely around you :)

Hi Corey,

I'm from Australia and am not writing for the gift.

Thank you for sharing, the story is beautiful. I look forward to coming here and feel like I am home when I read about the beauty you find, the stories behind the items and how you come across them.

What a lovely story! You share so much joy.

Thank you

Dang - now I have dust in my eyes!
I'm sure you needed a really good dose of dust in your eyes.
I'm glad you are getting back into your everyday life. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Oh, Corey, that is so sweet! Isn't it wonderful to have people like that in your life? Just a shop keeper but what a people person to know what is happening with his customers. God is looking out for you!

I am so thankful that you are back with your family. It will take time to readjust - but you know they are glad to have to back!

Your antique store friend is so sweet! What a welcome home!

What a lovely, caring gesture your antique 'friend' made! Seeing that painting will always give a double memory - father and friend. Maybe it is a way for your father to let you know that he is there with you in your French home - whether he ever actually visited it or not......Life goes on.

Corey, Some of that magic dust has flown back to California and landed in my heart...er I mean my eyes. How very touching.

what a wonderful story. Oh, I have been there with the tears......they just start and its hard to stop them.....that was just so sweet of him. That is so wonderful you are paying it forward....I just love reading your blog everyday.

I love you my darling one.
Big hugs and kisses.
I am sure you are having a glorious time finding all of your antiques calling out your name.
Love Jeanne

What a lovely man - and he knew what to do too - a few quiet words and a few quiet, pretty pieces to give you a bit of welcome home and help settle you back in little by little.

Sometimes people come into our lives at exactly the right time. And how wonderful that you have mementos that will remind you of that kindness...It is a lovely thought that your memories now meld so softly with those who treasured these items in the past.
I am grateful that this shopkeeper was able to offer you the sort of comfort those of us who read your blog wish we could give. Please know we send our own small baskets of comfort from all around the globe--add Indiana in the US to that--if even just in thought.
All the Best as you settle back into your french life.

Those types of gestures make life sweet don't they?

sometimes it the kindness of strangers that get you through the tough times

See how you are loved. I well remember the "getting caught off guard" moments which still happen but not so often. I have walked the streets of London Christmas shopping whilst crying my eyes off. I was standing crying in the supermarket the same Christmas when a lovely old gent patted my shoulder and said " i always feel sorry for the girls at Christmas " - think he thought I was overwhelmed by all the Christmas chores rather than grief! Peace, Jx

Amazing!! What a precious friend. You really are home.

Wecome home, Corey.

What a wonderful, gentle man to comfort you - not only was it "dust", it was a cleansing! Thanks for sharing

Blessings to you sweet Cory~
Your gentle kindness and thoughtful gestures bless others so often. May there be many joyful, hopeful, healing days ahead. May GOD soften the path before you.

I LOVE antique shops that are loaded with 'stuff' and spending the whole morning finding good finds.

Your tears have given me "permission" to let mine go too. A death in the family and a wedding within a week and now a new job overseeing a large Christian non-profit. Tears flow. Thank you, Corey.

suddenly I cried when I read your post.. I don't know why.. but I do know how it feels to loose someone so dear to you.. and the shop keeper was sweet and he knows how to comfort your sadness.. welcome home! and have a nice day!..

How beautiful dear Corey!! What a sweet and thoughtful man ~ (((((hugs))))) to you sweetie and I'm sure each and every time your eyes fall on these treasures you will be reminded of his kind heart and your precious father, xxoo, Dawn

What a beautiful post. A lovely start to the morning.

What a lovely story! That shop owner is such a kind person.

Oh my goodness Corey, what a sweet, sweet story. That first time when you are caught off guard after losing a loved one can really throw you. What a kind man to try and make you feel less self-conscious. Men are usually very bad at handling emotions...they just want to fix everything. I guess this was his way of "fixing" you.... what a dear. :)


Welcome back to home and hearth, Corey. And what a fine thing that fellow did for you! To warm and comfort and gift you with little treasures. Very fine.

God bless you, Corey. I've come to think of you as a friend.


I am always taken with the "chance" encounters that enter your life. These are obviously people who are as caring and sensitive as you are and recognize that this is a rough time for you. You don't need to enter my name in the drawing - I just wanted you to know that your writing about your "everyday life" is a heartwarming moment in mine.

You get back what you give. It goes to show how much you are treasured by everyone you touch, Corey.

Shannon :)

Isn't it wonderful when the things you love return to love you too? When your daily life is so connected that the people you meet and with whom you interact care so very much about you? Your story brought tears to my eyes. And your finds are beautiful.

I have tears in my eyes as I read your post.
Such a lovely and kind man. I am sure that he gave you these beautiful treasures out of respect for you.
After my Mother-in-law's death, I would see her everywhere and I would cry at the drop of a hat...anywhere I happened to be. She lived with us after a stroke...for the last three years of her life. I experienced many kindnesses from strangers when I happened to cry out in public...people do come through when you need them.
You are so kind to share your gifts with us...thank you.

Corey, I want you to know that when you cry, you are not crying alone. So many times over these months when you were shedding tears of sadness, and tears of joy, and I know I don't speak alone, we were right here, sharing and shedding those tears with you. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. You are an amazing woman.

Such a touching gesture in the midst of the dailiness of living...a gift beyond the material...a heart and soul connection. That's exactly what I experience when I read your posts, dear Corey.

Corey...what a precious story...beware of those tears they will come at the least expected times!

The grief comes at expected and unexpected times. Sending hugs your way...time will make it easier.

What a lovely gesture...!!! That's when you feel you are home...!!

God works in mysterious ways :)

I only wish I could say that the pain of loss will get easier with time but years later it will still bring on the same flood of tears. When these moments of loss and pain come to the surface, trying wrapping the sorrow with all those treausred memories gathered through the years. This makes it more bearable. You couldn't feel the loss if you didn't experience the joy.

His kindness would have had me crying AGAIN. Thanks for offering this gift to your readers. Wouldn't it be so exotic to have a box coming from France.......with a beautiful demitasse cup? Oh, living on the Illinois prairie I can dream, can't I?

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


It takes as long as it takes.

What a sweet man. So tender.


Corey- It is clear that you were supposed to be in that shop yesterday, to have someone connect with your spirit in such a profound way. What a kind, sweet man to offer his sympathy and give you the time to express your sorrow.

this same thing happened to me after i had lost my mother. my mother, a buyer for woodard& lothrops in washington d.c. for 44 years, an incredable lady, lived her last 9 years with my husband and me. when she died, i would go to shops that no one knew me that well just to stay busy. i drove 40 miles to a favorite shop and the owner who i had talked with in the past said to me " you are such a sweet person" at that i started crying and explained to her that i had just lost my mother, she came from around the counter and hugged me. i'm tearing up now remembering it. it takes a lot of time. todays love to you and may GOD comfort you and give you peace. i'm glad there are people in the world like your shop owner.


Its hard - hard to see those familiar faces because not only do you have to relive it all again but because you ARE going back to your "normal" life and how can that be when you've experienced such a great loss - but it is also so true that going back to living your life is exactly what you need to do. Time really does heal. And living a full happy engaged life is the best gift we can give our father's memories. Relish each "normal" moment, day.

You bring out the best in all of us, dear Corey! What a wonderful thoughtful man ... a simple gesture that speaks volumes. I'm afraid a little of that dust has gotten into my eyes as well.

Tripping on Goodness - You are truly a blessed woman. I read your blog daily and your life inspires me. Today you've taught me that through life there may be difficult times but there are also times when you accidently stumble on blessings and goodness.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Corey,
I am not after your give away but just want to say thank you for the story. It is stories like this one I collect within and treasure. They tell me that even a person you never met before can help you become whole again.
I wish you all the best.

Great, now I have dust in my eye also! : )

My admiration for the French just went up a notch. Maybe since I have French blood in me, I would usually get annoyed when the American media (or whoever) would get a little dig in at the French.

sometimes you need that dust in your eyes. As time goes by the pain fades but never goes away, becuase we never want to forget those we love and lost.

Unbelievable compassion and kindness. That shop owner is very much a blessing and his act of kindness is inspiring....paying it forward.....

People know, the connections are like little invisible threads, filigree, that suddenly glow gold and you realize they have been there all along. What a LOVELY experience! What a lovelier shop owner!

If you pull/pick my name, will you give the gift to your young friend who was bitten in the face by the dog? That is an ongoing heart-hurt of mine - how IS she?


isn't it just amazing the direction our everyday life can take us........

meleen dupré

So sweet of that french man. We can find friendship wherever we least expect it.

I'm glad you found a bit of your "everyday life in France" entering that antique shop, Corey.


Well if you didn't know it before you know it now, these 'dusty' moments will happen many times. Time and distance mean nothing to the heart. That was an endearing story.

Of Course I now have dust in my eyes too like many of us here! What a wonderful place to live where your town remembers you while you are gone and welcomes you softly back. Glad you feel HOME again and ready to continue the adventures.

Lynn O'C

That is the nicest story!!
How very sweet!
Wish I were there to give you a big hug.

Corey, I am glad that you are home. As the shop owner said, it does take time.

I will see you next month.

I was just thinking this morning about how we influence other people's days without ever knowing about it, whether for good or bad. His kind gesture not only aided your heart, it has multiplied its benefits with your telling of it. Like ripples in the water, a kind word can touch many other lives.

Thank you for the 'paying it forward' idea, but please do not add my name to the draw. I have so much stuff that I need to let go to bless someone else that I'd love the demitasse cup to bless another friend here.

You teach me to be brave with my feelings and emotions Corey. To not hide what I am experiencing but to let it out, let it live, let everyone know these emotions are part of what makes the truth in me. To trust that when I do allow myself to express my heart's condition that there will be gentle souls ready to help. Admiring you, as always. . .

Beautiful story Corey. The antique owner sounds like a treasure himself. We got dust over here too apparently, because I have tears after reading your story.

My how that dust does travel. What treasures you received in the caring of another soul. Welcome home!

I hope you are also enjoying your bed.

After my father died for several years afterwards I could cry at the drop of a hat when I thought of him and what a loss we had suffered.

'Everyday life' is what's most important, especially when the everyday people around one are so kind and generous with both the right words......and the little extra treasures. This gentleman knows how to treat a lady, that's for sure! Such lovely things to grace your home Corey.

Letting the tears fall is never wrong, and good people understand the loss of a loved one - it's something we all have in common at one time or another. I often feel tears welling when I think of my dear parents, perhaps this is God's way of making us so thankful for what we had.

See you in Aix - such a wonderful thought!

kindness is everywhere.


I too have dust in my eyes. I am so glad you are home.


What a lovely story! I have no doubt that each and every one of us who reads it will also have dust in our eyes. Welcome home Corey!!

What a beautiful welcome you received, such kindness. The shop keepers gesture is so touching.

Your father and my grandmother passed about the same time and I feel every step of your journey. I had a similar emotional experience while traveling. My husband and I walked into an eating establishment and I was caught off guard by the smell of the food. It brought back an instant memory of my grandmother and the night she passed. I was standing there stiff as a post trying to hold it all together when my poor husband thought I did not want to eat there. I was trembling and trying not to melt down as he kept assuring me we could eat elsewhere. I made it back to the car and the dam burst. He was still trying to comfort me with the fact that I did not have to eat there until I was able to gain control and tell him that it was not the food choice but the memory of how many times we stopped there to buy my grandmother her favorite meal and the fact that this was the same place we had eaten the night she passed. I was shocked at my reaction to a simple smell. I guess it is all a part of grieving.

I am thrilled that you are finding footing in your everyday life!

what a sweet, sweet man. it sounds as though you did get just what you needed when you ventured out. God's ways are mysterious & very beautiful!


Thank you for sharing that story. That was such a kind gesture by the store owner.

I am not leaving a comment because of a giveaway........
this story touched me. The story of a random act of kindness that is often so lost. Knowing too well that moment when tears are not within our control.....knowing there will be the odd condolence or the gesture of "I'm sorry for your loss" that will spring them(tears) in to action.
What a wonderful moment you had with this person....who knew why you were absent....and who took a moment to dry your eyes with his empathy.

..seems like that dust is everywhere!
..thank you so much for your posts, I look in daily and you are an inspiration... and as the saying goes 'what goes around comes around'..you certainly deserve all the kindness that come your way.

there is a turkish poem..
I didn't cry when my father passed away..
and goes on.. telling..
the poet's not being able to cry during the ceremony, during the prayers..

the final part.. is..

and then a few days later..
I went on my balcony..
my geraniums were all fading..
I said to myself I should ask my father..
and then I cried..

Dear Corey..
I wish you start soon.. to remember just tender moments shared with your father and be able to smile thinking about him..
loves and hugs ..
from here..
to you..

Corey, surely your Father was standing behind this lovely man, smiling and beckoning at you from the sunrise... We all care for you, and pass teacups your way on a daily basis!
Butterfly kisses to you my dear!

Although I read your post almost every day, I rarely comment - feeling that others have said what I could say. But this story touched me so much.
It made me think of how we on this planet, separated not only by distance but also by culture and language, share the emotions of humanity. Grief and joy are universal, as are caring responses such you tell of in this story.
When we take the time to show, by small gestures or words, the love and care we feel in our hearts, the world is made smaller and the differences of culture and language fall away to reveal the shining soul beneath.
Thank you for sharing this story.


Well, that is very kind, Corey!
Whoever gets it will treasure it.
Hope you have some wonderful
cups with your family too.
Have you ever been to Louviers?
And Susan Loomis' cooking school?
( On Rue Tatin)


Kindness is everywhere.

Oh Corey, what a dear, dear thing for him to do for you. We must all be so touched.

Oh, Corey, now you have me crying. We never seem to see these moments coming and yet they do.

I'm SO glad this man is in your French world! He gifted you generously before he shared his wares with you. What a beautiful spirit!

May God continue to comfort you and surround you with such special antique dealers.

Ohhhhh, thank you for sharing this wonderful heartwarming story. A big hug to that sweet man!

Thank you for reminding us all of the way we affect one another's lives with a simple act of kindness.
I am humbled by the lesson of the shop owner and the generous nature of his gesture. I will strive to emulate his example.
Your life touches so many others. You gave him the chance to express love to another person simply because you have shared your heart.
My tears are still falling after reading this post.
Thank you.

I have tears in my eyes, too! What a sweet gesture for a sweet woman! You inspire all of us. Thank you!

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