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01 September 2008


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I believe in the power of prayer and you are in mine. Bon voyage.

Bon Voyage, Corey, have a safe trip and a happy homecoming

Safe journey and welcome home Corey. Your journey continues...xx

Words cannot express the pleasure and joy your words and those of your many readers (friends) bring me daily. God's blessings to you and your wonderful family.
Gallo taxidi (safe trip)

Precious, blessings to you and your family. Rachael

Dear Corey,
In my family we always gather for a little prayer when we depart and ask for the Lord's "traveling mercy" around us. Have a wonderful trip home. We all await what you'll tell us about the journey and the homecoming!!
Bon vogage!

Safe (not smelly) Trip Corey! 7 months,,,has it really been that long. Thank you for YOU, and sharing this,,chapter of your life, your family. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Travel Safe and God bless!

Blessings and safe travels for you and God bless your darling Mother and family.
I love you

God go with you, Corey as you travel home across the ocean! Bittersweet, I know. Focus on home and your loved ones eagerly waiting for you there!

Thank you for encouraging us to view each day as the precious present...

God speed you on your way home to your dear French husband and children.


The thanks goes to you,for sharing your glorious views on life,love,sorrow and joy.Safe travels.

Dear Corey,
The last post that I remember reading of yours before this amazing Journey that you took home, was about your thoughts on your upcoming birthday party and all the preparations going on...you have lived a lifetime since then...and done it soooooo well!!! You Father would be proud! You have been there for everyone...and now they will miss you when you return home...but they will have a lifetime of precious memories from your visit...especially you Mother.
Bon Voyage dear Corey,

God Speed dear Corey. May He have his angels on each of the wings to guide you safely home to your loved ones.

Your mother surrounded by the grandchildren is a lovely parting memory I'm sure. You know she will be cared for well by your amazing family.....and your father is watching over them all. The visit changed in ways you had not imagined and WE thank YOU for sharing so much of it. You definitely touched the hearts of many.

So hurry home to France where they await your smile and touch. Be safe along the way Corey.
Blessings go with you.

and thanks to you, TICA for sharing both your grief and your joy with us, demonstrating so beautifully that we are all one in our ability to sorrow, to share, and to love.

welcome home!

I always love the pictures of your nieces and nephews. Today is no different. But what really touches me today is the way they surround your mom. Thank goodness for little ones!

Have a safe trip...and a wonderful homecoming!

As you leave America and get on that plane back to France, you will be carrying a piece of "secret luggage", filled with the memories of your time at home. Thank you, Corey, for sharing your joys and your sorrows with us. You are truly a remarkable woman and I, for one, am grateful to have been gifted a peek into your world. It is a wonderful place to be.

Welcome back to this side of the pond, Corey. Safe journey.

Corey - I know this is a hard day for you. I pray that God will bless you today with peace, safe travel and a homecoming full of love and joy. I pray your mother is comforted and surrounded by love. Thank you for taking us along on your journey. It has been an amazing one. But then you are amazing.

Boa viagem, Corey!! Have a safe trip home, where love awaits you! Can't wait to share on your next adventures!!

Heartfelt thanks right back to you, dear Corey. Safe travels and endless blessings to you and your dear family.

Bon voyage Corey!

I,too, am amazed at how the internet has woven together a whole community of relationships. Your blog has been such an inspiring insight into the struggles we all face or will face. Interwoven with the pain are beautiful images of love, compassion and the joys of life. It is so refreshing to see such a close knit family functioning the way it was intended. A priceless heritage is being handed down to those precious little ones. I can't imagine the sadness of leaving, but I bet there is a spark of excitement for what is ahead as you settle back into your own home. Thank you, Corey, for sharing daily your heartache and joy during this difficult journey.



Thank you for continuing to blog and for sharing your authentic and very personal emotions with all of us. My sister forever calls blog friends "my imaginary friends" but your blog has given all of us a glimpse into something very real...life. While decorating, shopping, refinishing, travel and adventures are all very exciting, your blog allowed us to all experience an exchange of caring about one another. It was very meaningful. As I explained to you back in May, I am a new Catholic, confirmed at Easter and reading about your Dad and his strong faith until the end was so meaningful to me. Thank you for being willing to share so many personal moments with your readership. May your transition back home be full of unanticipated blessings.

Thank you again for sharing this time with all of us. In some ways I feel better prepared for the day when I give my daddy back over to our Creator. You have been a blessing. Bless you today on your journey home. Enjoy your family's welcome.

Your journey continues with love along the way!

Corey, thank you for trusting us with your thoughts and feelings and being so generous in sharing the journey with us.

Safe journey, Corey.

Thank you for letting us become a "part of your family" these last 7 months...you are blessed to have a loving family!

safe travels...


Vaya con Dios, dear Corey.

Have a safe trip home, Corey! You asked a few days ago how to say good-bye; doesn't "au revoir"
mean "until we meet again"? Godspeed!

Have a safe voyage thinking of you Christy T.

Such lovely photos...such lovely thoughts.

Safe travels.

Godspeed Corey.

God be with you Corey as you return to your life in France. Thank you for sharing your family life in Willows and the wonderful and sad life lessons that we all encounter. By sharing your thoughts and feelings you have guided many over their own rough spots, so thanks again, Corey, we love you.

The feeling is mutual Corey. Thank you for sharing your life, thoughts and photos and keep on doing so!

And I thank you for taking me with you on this journey. Bon voyage, and safe home. xoxo

Dear Corey,
Life continues and begins anew...
Safe trip to your home in France from your home in California. ((hugs))

Have a very safe trip home and thank you again for sharing your journey.

Safe travels Corey and wishing you peace and comfort as you settle back into daily life in France with your loving family.

Safe travels, Corey!

Corey, it has been an honor being, here with you and your readers, the past seven months.

I look forward to sharing your thoughts as you become reaquainted with your French life.
It's sure to be a memorable journey!



By now, your probably running from one side of the house to the other" Did

I forget anything thing"..... Then that long flight home...

All in preparation to take you back to that beautiful little village in the south

of France and resume your life with French husband and your beautiful children.

I didn't get to see you.. while you were here in California.. But, I never

felt far ....I knew all I had to do was turn my computer on and there you were..

Through your darkest hours to siting at the kitchen table meeting your family,

Your tributes to your Dad,... your Mother that will carry on the tradition

of love and resiliency that make the Amaro family so strong

Thank-you for sharing and permitting me to be part of this extraordinary journey....

Love you
Till Next Time

Blessings on your continued journey through life, love, and the pursuit of wisdom and wonder. Thanks for sharing the journey!

What else to say, other than "thank you" too dear Corey?

With harms full of love, a big. big hug*

And now you will transition back into your life in France. My guess is that it won't be the same. How can you not be transformed by the events of the past seven months? And I imagine you will be surprised at the ways they experience has changed you.

Safe passage.....

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

P.S. I love the little one on the chair helping with the dishes.

Bon Voyage, Corey. I can only imagine the conflicting emotions as you are anxious to rejoin your husband and children and so anxious about leaving your Mom.

Your family appears to be wonderful and I am sure your mother will be well cared for and caring.

May your autumn be filled with the bounty of love that is shone to you and shines from you.

Bienvenue , chez toi ,chez nous Corey !

Godspeed and God Bless as you head for home, always taking a part of your first home with you wherever you go.

I just gave you a little award on my blog! You don't have to play if you are too busy....just wanted you to know.....I love your blog! :)

Be safe, and know that I love you and look forward to our next Hello!!!

Safe trip.....................

Oh, look at all those little ones around your mom's table. I can imagine all the chatter and the questions and the laughter. :)

Have a safe trip home, Corey.

Travel safely my friend. Godspeed. I hope you get to bring chocolate chips back with you! :)


The angels will follow you home. Safe travel and welcome home.

CA won't be the same without you. Welcome home.

God speed and welcome home.

To have such a family, Cory...you are blessed above measure!! I am happy for you!!

Wishing you more days ahead that are overflowing with love. Safe travels, Corey.

xoxo Star

I enjoyed reading your daily blogs over the last seven months. They have just become a part of my daily routine! I am looking forward to seeing you next summer! It was good to see you Saturday night and I am glad that you made it safe and sound back to France! Love you! Morgan

Your message was a touching, heartfelt and simply beautiful post. Your words were poetry as you described the feelings of family, belonging, home, love and a several generations of traditions and family. It looks like your mom will be well loved and taken care of. Thanks for a peak into your journey these past few months that many of us are finding our own selves in more and more as our parents age.
God Bless,

We were privileged to be with you through this part of your life. By allowing our presence in a very private time is a gift indeed. You may never know what an influence you've been in our lives. Thank you for that. We'll turn the page with you as you begin the next chapter.

Dear Sweet Corey - I can only imagine how hard it was for you to leave, but life does go on, as much as we'd like to stop in one spot of time and hold on to the memories... Remember, your dad is always with you and you will miss him, my dad died 19 years ago and I still miss him, but it gets easier... And it does look like your mom will have lots to keep her mind on other things. I have so appreciated you sharing this time with us, it makes me grateful for my mom and helps me remember...

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