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12 September 2008


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I love all that you share
Big hugs
Ooooh La La

I travel quite alot and often live in small flats and make my own meal when I am away. What I always love then is to get to know the local markets, where to buy fish, vegetables, meat, bread and so on. And then I love to imagine how the locals live. What do I find beyond their curtains or their shutters.

But most, most of all I like to stroll along tiny roads and calles imagine myself living in one of the houses, on the other side of windows which I look through, tending the window sill flowers, lighting a lamp, grabbing a book from the bookshelf, sit down and simply live!

What I would love to know about life in your village? Well, it must be to follow your steps one day, to the bolangerie, back to breakfast, blow FH a kiss when he leaves for work, visiting a few brocantes with you, another trip to the market for vegetables and local vine (no meat, I know.....), going back and watch through your window while you make dinner, taste the white vine, sit down near the hearth with a book in your lap waiting for dinner to be ready, wait for Sacha to come home from school, Chelsea to call from University, FH to open the front door crying - here I am love.

Aw. I miss your little town and I miss you. Can you believe it's been almost a year since I visited?

With those pastries just around the corner, how do you stay so slim? Imagine a visit there! Should I make it to France on my next European adventure I will let you know and perhaps we will visit the bakery (and then walk around your village 20 times, talking, talking, as we burn off the million and three calories)!

All that you share is beautiful, you are so giving and so open; with such a wonderful perspective and magic to your words. Perhaps, if there are courtyards, I might like to see those.

Cory, I have ready your blog for a while now and everyday I feel drawn into the beauty of life. I know that beauty does include sadness and grief but together with the love of family and true passion for living it is a package not to be missed. Today, after seeing your pictures I just felt so moved. I have such a strong yearning in my soul to live among the architecture, history, and traditions of Europe. I feel trapped inside as I know that is where I belong. My husband is in the military and for now I go where "they" send us...but my dream burns continually and sometimes I feel restless, almost a prisoner where I am. Your pictures gave me a small sense of what I yearn for and it has delighted my senses. Thank you :)

I would LOVE to come visit! When I can afford the trip can I really??!
I dream of antiqueing with you!!

Dear Corey,
If I could take a trip to Europe I know that your home town would be on my list...and Britt Arnhild in Norway! Those are dreams I dream today!
Have a wonderful day!

Corey- again you remind us what a lucky girl you are :)

I have 2 questions.

1. If you could pick just ONE- only ONE brocante- which is your favorite- the one your wouldn't miss?

2. Other than your family- what did you miss the most about your home?

I am in love with that bakery - why oh why don't we have things like that around the corner from my house? (It's probably for the best as I have little self restraint when it comes to bread and pastries!!). Thanks for the tour!

I want to know, does all of your town look like that - filled with lovely old homes and little fountains, or is there a modern section, or even a housing development of boring tract houses?

Just fabulous Corey! Three weeks from today, I will be back in France and I can't wait. Thank you for all that you share with us!

Oh Corey! What a beautiful town, so full of light and character. The Boulangerie got me salivating for crisp warm bread dripping of melted butter. It reminded me of the bakeries of my childhood in Portugal where I used to walk to every morning to get us fresh Portuguese rolls for breakfast-so crisp and warm, a golden toasted color,...mmmm...perfect with cafe-au-lait.
I am so glad you can enjoy all of these beautiful sites-those fountains, the sound of water on the background...oh and that car...is that a Renault 4???? We had one of those when I was little...ah, and a pale blue Citroen Diane.
Thank you, thank you, for transporting me back.

Dear Corey,
For decades I have dreamed of visiting France. Next year the dream will come true ... ahhh ... the bread, the chocolate, the antiques. Your pictures and stories have kept the dream alive. Thank you for sharing every day.
Deb (Toronto)

ok corey...you convinced me...should i buy my ticket tomorrow?;)

This is living.
I so love Europe, and wish I could still live there. Alas it is not in the cards. On my far too infrequent trips I know I belong, the history and warmth of the streets buildings and people envelop you.
You live life, it doesn't live you, in the way it seems to here in North America.
Your village is picture perfect.
My question is
Was anyone famous born there..?
Thanks for letting me visit through your posts..
big hugs

will there be no more posts on the "blooming romance" between your nephew and eva?

It looks like a fairy tale ...my question...does it feel like one when it is your daily life...I so hope that it does~

What a wonderful village. Those images make me drool, and I'm not only speaking of the pastries.

Your village is beautiful! I love seeing what life is like where you live. Thanks for sharing your beautiful French/American life!

Just so beautiful. I would love to have the bakery, the market and everything so close. Here are my questions:

1. Is this small village one of those places where everyone knows everyone? I guess I'm asking about the contrast between small town France and small town America, where you grew up.

2. Is it difficult to live in a place where space seems to be at a premium and where there is no grass or gardens surrounding the homes?

I can't imagine being 20 minutes away from the Mediterranean. It's a beautiful fantasy.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

I don't have any special requests, but I really wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful photography. I read several magazines to which you have contributed and I find I can spot a Corey Amaro anywhere! These French images with so many intimate streets and delicious doorways set my heart a-pining for home (which is actually England for me.) Old Europe- there's nothing like it!

To live amongst such charm and history.......I can only dream...and sigh. Truly, my heartstings are tugging.

Ah Corey!!What beautiful slices of the life you live~~~I'd love to poke around every photo, smelling the air, watching everything everything!

My sweet husband and I will finally be able to visit Europe for the first time this May. His beautiful daughter has lived in Alcala Spain near Madrid for the past 5 years. We finally get to visit her, hurrah! She has been pestering us as only a young adult in her 20's can. And we will meet her boyfriend's family...oooo.

Thank you for getting me in the mood to travel. From Vallejo, California to the mysteries of Europe. I'm getting excited~~

Hah! I loved the little note that you want the neighbor's car...Corey, you always make it "real"!

I would love to come and visit your beautiful village. How large is it (population)? Do most of the people who live there work there also, or do they commute to Marseilles or other places? I have a million questions--cafes, florists and other shops, how people spend their leisure, schooling, typical daily dress, so much more.

And, like Heather Kathleen, I'm curious about French Husband's nephew...

I think I may have been in your village. At least some of my photographs resemble the views you've showed us. My memories are all good and I would love to return.

Do I want to come visit? Ha! Can't I just move in with you?

Or maybe just move next door. No, wait, that still sounds a little stalkerish.

Well, maybe when I am a famous artist and I purchase my second home in France (with a big sunlit studio), we can meet for coffee and chocolate, once again, and you can give me tips on furnishing the studio. Now, that would be lovely!

I was born in Aix-en-Provence and now live in Andalucia..
It is such a pleasure to read you !! You move me, you make me laugh...
Gosh these tempting pictures - especially the pastries -
I'm glad you love this part of the world which is now your home
and yes, I'd love to meet you one day !!

Do I want to come visit? Ha! Can't I just move in with you?

Or maybe just move next door. No, wait, that still sounds a little stalkerish.

Well, maybe when I am a famous artist and I purchase my second home in France (with a big sunlit studio), we can meet for coffee and chocolate, once again, and you can give me tips on furnishing the studio. Now, that would be lovely!

Of course I want to come and visit. Tell us everything that is near your home. Love the beautiful pastries. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Your home to me looks more like heaven! =) I would be bruised with the pinches I'd have to give myself each day if I lived there... to make sure it was real! My brother and SIL have dreams of living there one day, in the south of France (brother asked me to ask you if there are any little old empty farmhouses in need of new residents - HA!).

What does your dreamy neighborhood look like at Christmas? Do your neighbors in France go all out with holiday lights like we do here? And do neighbors visit each other often, and ask for that occasional "cup of sugar"? =)

It looks as if you live in a little slice of heaven on earth! Thank you for giving us a tour. I can well imagine that you never tire of the sights and sounds around you living in such a romantic place and the history! (BIG, VERY BIG SIGH!)

Corey, I have 3 boys almost all teenagers. I have heard you mention that you do not have tv. I am wondering what the kids typically do in their free time. Football takes up most of ours. How many hours are they in school each day? Thanks so much. Blessings, Kimberly

I would love to return to France and drive through the countryside on no one's schedule but my own. Stop. Go. Stop again. Surely, one of those stops would be at your village.

Are there any bookstores or antiquarians in your village? I would like to take a stroll there.....

Breathtaking photos! Here are my questions: How long did it take to learn to speak french and for someone visiting France what method of learning would you suggest? Where would you stay if you were visiting Paris? Can you tell I'm planning a trip? HA

Donna (Quiet Life, my sister) and I have talked about taking a trip to France and visiting you *some day*. :) Really!

Do you go to the market every day for fresh food? The bread is just beautiful.

I love the different color shutters. I think maybe I've read here that the colors have different meanings? Is that true or am I really crazy.

lovely photographs and thanks for sharing a glimpse into your home and surroundings...

and as always thank you for your commentary.

it is always a welcome pleasure to see "life" through your eyes.

have a most wonderful weekend.

good thoughts always


Ooh La La Corey!!!
I love it all!! I want to know every detail.
I want to know how long it takes to learn to speak the language?
Every detail about house, flea markets all of it!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Your blog inspires me everythime I stop by. Yes, I want to come for a visit and someday this just my happen!?!? I believe dreams can become our reality. Thank you for allowing me to dream away my morning in your photos and words.


I love seeing the pictures of the neighborhood. Perhaps a walking tour in pictures for those of us who cannot imagine getting over there any time soon?

Cafes...are there good cafes around? That's where I would be.

I'd love to hear your descriptions of the sounds of the village during the day.


So beautiful and charming! Haven't had breakfast yet and now those pastry photos have my stomach growling. Can you walk to most of your errands? Do the bakery smells waft up towards your home?

Yes, I want to come and visit. My husband and I were suppose to be there in another week, but husband ended up needing surgery and we had to cancel. Next year. I even found some of those brocante's and had plans to visit some of them.

Wow....what a contrast to the farm in California. Both are wonderful. But the antiquity of you neighborhood is so very beautiful. Do you live in a house to yourself or shared? Do you live upstairs or down or both?...Here in St. Louis when I was a child there were 3 bakeries..German..within walking distance of our home. The supermarkets changed the shopping landscape and I miss the small local stores. Do you food shop daily? Take us along.

Corey, so happy to see you home again, but I know you are missed. Your pictures make me feel like a pure Willow-ite Country Hic! Knowing I am far from being a country bumpkin, your photos make me crave some old type of culture. I too want to visit!! Some Day!

It looks like home to me, not unlike my childhood surroundings. I would love to come and visit. I'll run you errands, and I promise not to eat half the bread on my way home. xoxo


I would LOVE to come and visit. But alas I don't have the funds to do so. Thank you so much for the tour of your village. It is straight out of a romance novel. It is so beautiful there. Thanks for sharing.

I can't think of any questions just a request - keep the beautiful pictures coming. It is such a joy to see them.

Ooooooh la la! Splendid! Lovely! Delicious! It is all wonderful! Whatever you choose to show I find myself enjoying, so please continue to peruse the menu and select the courses. "Sorry honey, can't get to that just now ... I'm off to France with Corey." : )

Yes, I want to visit! My husband and I were in Paris ten years ago but only for a day which was not near long enough. I am wondering, do you have a yard or outside space living in the village?

Don't ask again because I would be there in a heart beat!

How far is your village by train from Paris?

YES!!! I would love to visit. But sigh... I neither have the time or money at the moment. I have to laugh when you mentioned Brad and Angie because when I read they had moved there, my first thought was I wonder how close they are to Corey. Too funny that you should mention it. I don't know how you keep by buying the pastries all the time. They look so yummy... they're making me hungry. I think most people have asked the same things I would like to know more about - especially maybe a "day in your life" post - going from bakery to grocery, etc. I know when I visited England they had small refrigerators which made the frequent trips to get food a necessity, is that the same in France? I visited France A LONG TIME AGO when I was 19, but I can't remember if the family I visited had a large refrigerator or not. Ariane

Gosh, perhaps I shouldn't even be commenting this time - all these gals will want to hop in my suitcase on Oct. 1!!!
I feel so fortunate to be spending time in the South of France again soon - and this time hopefully meeting up with you Corey.

Your village photos are delightful and I have a good idea of the rhymn of life there. My brother's village is similar - 1100 people, a couple of boulangeries and restaurants, a hotel, the bar, small elementary school, fountains and the famous 8th century abbey.
Life IS slow and old-fashioned, just the way I like it.

Oh how I would love to move and live in France. What is like being American living there full-time? Have you grown more French and less American? I was completely charmed the entire two weeks I was all over France. People were so nice and open to sharing a real French experience for me. I wasn't interested in many of the Touristy things to do.

Love your village

I would love to see pics of the streets with personal gardens and floral decor at the entrance of maisons. Do the streets light up at night? And a photo of what the market looks like to walk down the street and see it there. Maybe some pics of the soaps (it would be great to be able to smell through the computer)! And some pics of the gorgeous shopping bags authentic to France (wicker or linen, what is most popular?) Oh, I could go on and on of all I want to experience through your eyes....thank you!!

Oh, Corey..... After a hectic day of teaching and the daunting task of coaching volleyball all weekend, this is just the little escape I needed. So quaint, so beautiful! I hope I do get to visit you someday. Gotta go. The team bus awaits!!

I would love to live in France; any interest in having a copy editor as your neighbor?

But seriously, how difficult is it to live there is one is self-employed? What do you have to do initially? Loads of paperwork?

We spent a month in the Vaucluse nr. Vaison-la-Romaine in 2004. We want to return for much longer. But the dollar is weak, the euro strong.

oh, you're KILLING me with those photos. I long to live overseas (as I did growing up) and expose my kids to that. Earlier this year I took my 8 year old daughter to Paris for a week; it was heaven! My question: do the French freeze or refrigerate their bread to preserve it? Or is it just like a baguette a day and throw out whatever you don't use? And do they make a fuss about carbs like they do here in America?!

Your photos are just breathtaking and I love reading your blog. Have you ever seen the Tour De France? I ride a bike, and have always wanted to ride in France. Maybe someday.
Take care,

A little departure from your normal posts.
I like it!
(oh - not that I don't like your other posts!)

Are there any art galleries near you? Or maybe you have a favorite one? I know most of the time you can't take pictures inside of them, but I'd love to see what kind of art is happening in France! :)

I really need to research of where my Picard family came from in France. I am so wishing it is this region. All of what you show just mesmerizes me. Especially the pastries. :)


How amazingly charming! My husband and I are going to Paris next month for our 25th anniversary, and I can't wait! I've never been to the south of France and would love to know if there are any wonderful day trips or overnight trips from Paris (brocante a plus, of course!). I am looking forward to seeing the answers to all the questions everyone else has asked. Thank you so much.

Yes, Corey, I would love to visit you.
I have this feeling (deep in my heart)
that I will meet you some day in France.

Could you tell us more about the water?
Where does it come from and do you fill pictures with the water and bring it home for drinking?

I know in England it's difficult to get a work visa. Like, you have to have a job lined up first and there's all these stipulations. Is it hard for Americans to find work in France? I would love to live in France. That would be the ultimate. Polanski's there (sexy Pole)!


I live in Quebec and I speak french but French Canadian live more like American.
What French people eat at breakfast ?is it true they eat just croissant? and what do they eat more often at lunch and for dinner when are at home.
What do you think is the biggest difference between American and French?
Thank you

I keep thinking how amazing it must be to live surrounded by all that history !!! Clarice

When did it feel like you belonged? After 22 years and 14 in your little town, do you still feel 'other' and keenly aware of your American-ness, or has that faded? Do you ever hear your beautiful kids speak French flawlessly and marvel at the fact that they are your children?

Could you get by in a town like yours without speaking French or speaking it very poorly? I'd imagine it'd be isolating and hard. And what about the brocantes? I imagine it's awfully hard to barter if you don't speak the language. Do you still have a thick American accent and if so, do the French object or find it endearing, like we do the French accents?

What's the biggest challenge living in France besides the obvious ones like missing your family? And what parts do you love the most (besides the obvious like FH and your kids and brocantes). I'm thinking the little daily stuff of life.

AND, what is happening with Eva and Matthieu? DO TELL!!

Ah, my first car was a bright yellow Renault like the one in your post. I loved it, but it was temperamental. On cold nights it required a blanket over the engine, or it would not start in the morning!

Living in France? How do YOU pronounce croissant? I have always left out the R. In Australia they leave it in, sounds odd to me:)

what would I like to know about France.... hmmmm everything. It looks so beautiful. such great taste and antiques...

bon jour~

o, how i miss france and my life there.
my little maison du village....the baguettes, the sense of calm, the fountains, the kitchen noise echoing on stone streets at 2pm, the mistrals, the old creeky shutter doors, poppy fields and sunflower fields galore, carrefour, aix en provence, the marches and the brocantes!

what village do you live in?
i lived in lambesc for 4 years, my baby was born in puriycard.

you have the life...california and france rock. i lived in san francisco for 15 years too. i was also a lucky girl...

peace & love to you corey,

Wow, so beautiful, I feel like I am there and it is such a great dream. I think I found your lovely blog to fill a need of wanting to visit France.

I think everything I want to know has already been asked...please answer as many of these questions as you can : )

Good luck, you will need it!
Debs from Australia

absolute paradise. You are so blessed, and I am so happy for you and your loved ones!

Would I? Does the cookie crumble?
It would be heaven for me to visit you. Last year when I was in your area I thought about you all the time...wishing I could drop by for a cup of tea.
In the not too distant future my Husband and I will have to make a decision where in Europe to live for six months of the year...within a day or two driving distance of Denmark...I am thinking Northern Italy or your area of France...what do you think?

Oh my gosh! We went to Paris last year for 2 weeks for our 25th anniversary and when we got there....I screamed when we saw the Eiffel Tower. For some really weird reason..it felt like I was home. I just loved it. We went to 7 flea markets also....they are so great. I told my husband I would love to live there....he has different ideas. But in the winter ...November - into April.....what is the weather there like? IS it cold? Oh those baguettes.....I miss those....
I can't wait to hear all of the questions answers.

Dear Corey, do you have to ask? :-) ABSOLUMENT! I would love to visit...but for now, 'tis but a dream. (sigh)

I do want to know from my previous inquiry, whether you've been across the Millau Viaduct? It's vast and amazing how it was built. (featured on the Science channel) I'm deathly afraid of heights, so imagining myself anywhere on top of that architecture would be UNimaginable!

Also, who keeps your quaint little town clean?

Thanks for sharing your town! Wonderful pictures...it's always nice to see your corner of the world.

How gorgeous! Your photos are lovely. I would love to see shots of the that oh-so-unattainable-across-the-pond french fashion sense.

What is chic there now? How are they wearing their hair? Jewelry?

OHHHHHHHHHh I LOVE LOVE LOVE France, miss it MUCH!! I really want to go back there some day soon! Especially to Provence.

Great pics!

Do I want to come for a visit? Do I! My questions are about settling in...I always dream of living in France, speak a tiny bit of French but feel confident I can learn a lot more, but the fear is that there would be an awful lot of bureaucracy and red tape to get through.

My hubby and I were sure we were going to move to France a few years ago so I researched and found out about a carte sejour and then...we changed our minds. Too scary a prospect, I guess.

Then we moved from Vancouver, BC to Long Beach, CA and it's just no France. We're back to Vancouver in March. I am hoping to France, one day.

oh the beauty! I wish I could just climb in through your beautiful pictures and be there! Lovely!

for a second, I thought you had written 'this is my neighbors' CAT and I want it.' LOL I know....I'm crazy.

It has such charm....but I bet there is juicy village gossip, no? hee hee...

Well,I have a better suggestion for a dinner guest. Bono has a home in Eze. If you find him in one of those boulangeries (what's the word for "pub"?) do invite him over:)

Your town is so charming..you seem to be a perfect example of someone who is living the life they always wanted. So inspiring I tell you!

Is there anything about France that you dislike? What was your biggest adjustment other than not speaking the language.

Is there any possibility of you and FH husband retiring in Willow or having dual homes? What about your children?

Whatever happened to the love birds?


Home sweet home...

ahhh... I close my eyes and I am there. What a wonderful place to live. Is it really cold in January? I have 3 weeks alone and I am trying to figure out what to do with it???

Love this town Corey - it looks idyllic. How long did it take you to learn french? What is the population of your town? I just loved seeing all of the wonderful photos - such eye candy!


the colors.. the architecture... the food.. the sea... ooooh lala !
Just gorgeous... I feel like I went on vacation !

Oh my... what a lovely place to live... I love its quaintness. That's something I miss, even living in the small town that I do.
Thanks for sharing, Corey- hope you are doing well.

Well thanks Corey, now my holiday plans look very boring, plain, even bland. I mean, come on you're going to through Brad and Angelina in the mix as well. Oh Corey, it has not taken you long to fall back in love with France, and I am left wishing I were back on my honeymoon!

LUCKY duck.


Ohhhh, I so enjoy these travel posts. It's interesting to see your daily haunts, Corey. Your little French village is beautiful!

You ask,would I like to come for a visit? How about move there? What is it that we dream so fondly of living abroad? Is it really that different than here in the states?
I can imagine those villages have to be.
Well let's see, you come visit me in south west florda,fort myers, I live in the country on five acres,in a old sears kit home built in the 1920's, we have a large in the ground pool too, and i organic garden when i can and am a vegan.
but the family also has a condo on the very lovely beach.
Or i can come there first. you choose and i am not kidding!
Blessings Corey and French family, i am happy you are back "home" so we can learn more of france, but i enjoyed your family life just as much in california. the support and friendship among you is just beautiful. I have learned much from you.
xo jody

Corey, Your blog is just such a pleasure...a chance to see France through your eye. I'm in love with France and would LOVE to visit. Hopefully, my husband will retire next year, and we will finally make that dream trip! We plan on Paris and the south of France. I'd love to know where the best flea markets are located. Also, is it essential to speak French to get along ok? Thanks for answering questions.
Have a blessed day,
Sandra B

Love your photos, love your village, love your generosity for sharing your beautiful life with us, and for the chance to ask you questions. I love everything French and try to recreate a little of France in my home and life. Any photos that would help me know how to achieve the "French look" in my home and my clothing would be appreciated. Also, I'm wondering about French made skin care products and wonder if you have any preferences and if it's available in the USA.

I have been following your blog for a several months. I too have just begun blogging. My name is Kurt and I run a B&B and Christmas Market in Montana.

Each year we spend Christmas abroad experiencing the traditions and folklore of the region. Then I translate that into our Christmas ornaments and decorations.

This year we are looking for a house in Provence for the holidays. I say Provence broadly -- south of France, Languedoc, Camarague, but I do want to be in a village and experience the markets and food and antique. From what I see it appears you are in the region.

Do you have any recommendations for villages? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Kurt Cyr
9 Mile Schoolhouse

In the Renault4 famoly, here is the granny !!!

I really really hope I have the means and the nerve to jet over to France one day. Seeing all your photos makes me think it would be a shame to miss. For now, I will see France through your eyes :)

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