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06 September 2008


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The perfect present, bought with love and meaning, and cut in half, very "Tongue in Cheek". Have been loving your blog since Feb, it has been my daily 'english tv' since arriving in France. Thank you for all the wonderful stories you share you are a truly inspiring woman.

Your stories are marvelous and so are you.
I love you

That story is the best gift. To think that Yann's wife was willing to make a murderous ex-wife jealous just to get him the chair he longed for.

You crack me up!

The story is as great as the gift!

How divine!!!!!

Made my day!!!!

Happy Birthday French Husband!!!

The little chair is exquisite and the story wonderful - Yann has waited a long time for this memorable piece of childhood, know he loves it! You must have had to leave a lot of other things behind to use your baggage allowance for this magnificent gift - but then, looking at him sitting there in your garden, I can tell he was definitely worth it!!

Hope you're rested now and life is falling back into place. This morning we've escaped a battering from Hanna as she came ashore on the SC-NC coast, just very heavy rain here. Now have the scary Ike churning toward the east coast - I dislike hurricane season and am looking forward to getting to France!

Have a great weekend Corey.

Ever since yesterday when you said you'd had it cut in half I've pictured in my mind that you had it cut right down the middle and I couldn't figure out how that would work. I'm so glad to see a photo of what you meant. I love the story as well. I imagine you made that shopkeepers day. French husband had to be surprised by his gift. I bet he never dreamed it.

Ah, of course, it all makes sense now - gifting French husband a child's armchair that he didn't request. Beautiful.

Welcome back home, French little chair !!!

Another story for your book!! What a tale!

What a great story!
Like the comment above, I had it pictured in my mind that you had cut the chair right down the middle and was trying to picture how in the world you were going to put it back together! Thanks for showing us how you actually did it! It is a lovely chair and I'm sure your hubby was thrilled!
Hope you are getting over your jet-lag and getting back into the routines of home.

I agree with the French Husband. The story behind the chair is so much more valuable than the chair itself. It did involve your thoughtful searching and negotiating.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Oh my goodness, the story is almost better than the chair! Fabilous gift!

Hick town? Middle of nowhere? OUCH! As someone who grew up in a small hick town in the middle of nowhere, I feel the necessity to point out that nowhere is also the spot that feeds a startling number of people in our wide empty spaces. And that the people who come from that no place include one of the original owners fo aol, Tom Brokaw, and my parents......I love that bit of nowhere! I love the people who live in and have come from that hick town. (And I love it when we get together and talk about the real hicks who pass through our hometown who have no idea the gem they just allowed to slip through their fingers.)That's the thing about home.... it doesn't matter where it is, or how other people see it....it's home. While you yearn for France.... my heart beats faster as the mile markers pass by on the way to my hometown. Here is to the joy of our differences!

Hi Karen,

* The hick town in the middle of nowhere is a gold mine... they often are. I grew up in such a place. The town I live in now is a French hick town. I prefer hick to snob, antiques on their last leg to antiques in perfect condition.

It's the layers of stories attached to antiques that are part of their appeal, what a journey the little chair has made! Thanks Corey, have been enjoying your blog for a long time now.

Love the story! Since I grew up near you in even a smaller 'hick' town..lol, I'd love to know where you found it. I may go shopping there too ;o). Not only am I from a hick town, I grew up out in the country in an almond (long 'a' no 'l') orchard. 'going to town' was something one did to shop or go to school and you got ready to go to town, it was an event, small but nonetheless. Thanks for sharing Corey, it was such a sweet story. I LOVE that chair.

A very interesting negotiation...I am not good at that...perhaps I am too shy.
The chair is lovely and how wonderful it is that you can give Yann...I gave myself permission to call FH Yann :) ...a piece of his childhood.
You, Ulla and Lea rock. What a clever way to get the chair back to France.
My Son had half a baby play chair shipped and the rest they took back in their suitcase...that type of chair is not sold in Denmark.

Is there any chance or re-uniting the two halves in the future? It looks like the bottom half could be taken apart and sent in a smaller box. Let me know if I can help.

It is only fitting you found the French Antique Armchair in CA where you also found the French Husband. You do have an eye for French finds. ;-)

OK, Corey...just where is that antique store here in California?...I really must know! I love a shop where they will bargain on the price!

Wow, the chair is beautiful but the story behind it is even better!! This brightened my day!

Love, love love the chair!!!!

Lucky French Husband ;)

Lovely story. I just have to ask: With a husband as BRUTALLY handsome as yours, are you able to get upset with him when deserved? Just wondering. Great story.

Oh my that little chair made an amazing roundtrip. What a wonder of a story. Oh NO! YOU are the wonder,Corey.

The perfect gift and such a delightful story to go along with it. I wonder if the "wife" reads your blog?!

That is so sweet!So did you put the chair back together again or did Yann?
Wouldn't it be funny if the exwife of the antique dealer reads this story?

My dear Corey,

You are a consummate storyteller, wife, and antique-shopper extraordinaire. I can just picture your husband gazing at that precious chair with a faraway smile spread across his hot-chocolate filled memories. Truly a superb gift for him (and for us ... lovers of your stories). Glad you're settling in with style. : )

A wonderful tale of the birthday chair! I am pretty sure that your ending is true, it is the giver and not the gift that touches his heart!

I do hope this beautiful story, along with a photo of said chair, ends up in a "particular magazine" one day! =)

You'll get a lot of milage out of this one, dear Corey, and how can Yann not 'dig' a wife who can put two pieces together to make an even better whole? Priceless and worth lots more tellings!!! Will you still scrape off the paint? Is Yann really sitting on it in the photo above??? The tale continues...

Great story Corey!!
Love it!
It's a beautiful chair!
Tell French Husband to enjoy!

That IS a terrific story, Corey. Imagine if his ex-wife reads this story in a magazine or in A BOOK one day (hint, hint!). You have such beautiful taste, Corey.

My daughter read this entry and said "I want to live that fairytale, too..."

awww :)

HI Corey,
The chair is really lovely -have you put it back together- is it meant for only a child to sit in- it is hard to tell the size of it from a computer picture.
I am sure your husband loved it - especially as it came from his beloved. What a charming tale that goes with the chair.
Happy birthday wishes to him.

SUCH a beautiful chair! You have a lucky husband.

Hi Corey, I hope you had a lovely long sleep in your own bed. What a wonderful story and cutting the chair in half inspired. It is very sweet. I am imagining French husband's Grandmere as the Judy Dench charactar "Amande" in the film "Chocolat". God Bless, J.

Magnificent! What a gorgeous chair, and a touching story about your finding it in California of all things!

I enjoyed your negotiating tips too!

Ha ha , that was a great story! Think of all the things we discover when meeting new people.People are like books I think, some are interesting from the first page and some needs to be read a little bit more before one can have an opininon about them..

Have a great weekend!

What a great story! How clever of you to have it cut in half. Who would think of that!? So glad that french husband is enjoying the chair. So glad to have stumbled upon your blog today. Such eye candy!

What a wonderful story and I love the chair. What a great purchase.


that antique salesman is a master negotiator. An artiste of his trade. But you both parted ways with a smile and the chair is simply divine

I think that chair is gorgeous but the story that goes with it is even better!

ah - happy endings!

Dear Corey, WOW! Great story and chair! what an awesome idea to cut the chair in half. Did you just glue the two pieces together when you got home?

It is magnificent!

If I ever need a kidney... I am calling you!

I love this story. I love how you figured out how to get it home. The power of Love!
I think French Husband loves the chair more because not only did you find such an endearing gift for him, but you are finally home :)

I love this story Corey... sad but tinged with mischief ;) What a beautiful gift to give to FH. I'm sure it means so much more to him for the trouble you went to bring it home... along with your lovely self :)

What a GREAT story, Corey!!!!!!!!

I can just imagine how your heart was beating the minute you spyed the chair and how difficult it must have been to conceal how much you HAD to have it.

You've delighted so many people today telling this story! I would love to stumble into that shop too...

That is a wonderful story to attach to the chair. It's a story your children will tell your grandchildren, when they inherit the little chair.


OK Corey,

I cannot believe you found this chair in a small town in California!

Looks like 1870's or 1880's to me and definitely French. What do you think?

You never know where you will find things. Once when I was visiting Philadelphia, I took my clothes to a dry cleaner in the city center. The shop looked run down inside and out. Hanging in the corner, however, was a 3-foot tall, french crystal chandelier, rococo style. Probably from the early to mid-1800's with thick, heavy prisms, all intact. I could tell it had no wiring when made - that was added later. I offered $300 - they thought I was crazy to pay that much.

That is funny that you found that it California!


Amazing how you involved us all in the telling tale of a simple, yet complex chair. Kudos - and keep us updated. I love the photos!


Dear Corey -
You are beyond brave to cut that chair in half and take it with you. How did you get it reassembled on the other end?
Happy Birthday to FH

YOU, mon tresor, have the BEST STORIES!! You are an impractical romantic nostalgic, creative, beautiful soul! FH is lucky to have such a treasure (and I'm not talking about the chair, sweet as it is).

You are amazing Corey!! What a present!!

My father-in-law once saw a very expensive car advertised for sale in the Boise newspaper...only $50. Yep, you guessed it...the man died and left the proceeds from that car for his mistress. I say his wife had the last laugh. And some fortunate person got a real steal. I certainly hope you got a real steal too!!

Being a Ga. hick myself I knew there was a reason I felt such a kinship for you!!! The chair is gorgeous and it is wonderful seeing you back at home and in your French world. God Bless You Corey!

this baby armchair is gorgeous , a real treasure ! I love it and the story that goes with it

Great story! Great little chair making a full circle. FH is a lucky man!
I met a retired man, a friend of my husbands, we sat on his front porch, on ancient porch swings and rockers, I have never met someone who I felt so comfortable with, so fast. I didn't want to leave. My husband calls him "just a good ole country boy". He invited us to eat frog legs on a saturday nite. Good hearted country people are the best. Good story tellers too, like my husband, like you. That is how I feel reading your blog,,,comfortable, and there is a story everyday. If you should ever get to Alabama,,come sit on my porch for a story or two. Joy in your day Corey.

how cool! i confess i had visions of the chair cut vertically in half - what an appalling lack of imagination on my part. and i can't blame french husband for liking the stories at least as much as the halved antiques :)

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