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29 September 2008


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Your comment regarding your buns being baked
made me laugh out loud.


haha, that was great. :)

You have a romantic soul Ms Amos, I can picture the scene on a cold misty morning. Peace, Jx

Love and hugs and it was my good fortune to be introduced to you via our journals.
Love you

Too funny! I love the image, is that metal?


chills up my spin corey! chills....

Corey ~

You are so cute and funny!!!



this made me smile...
have a wonderful day corey.


"My buns were baked." made me spray Diet Coke all over my desk!! You must have been giving off some kind of vibe that day.

Oh I just LOOOOOVED your pun today! You are such an interesting writer & have a great blog. Nice to see you back in Paris and enjoying "regular" life with your immediate family.

So. I am wondering. How does one say, in French that is, "my buns were baked" when the meaning is......well, you know......

Isn't it funny that fortune tellers are the same as weather men. They can be wrong half the time and still keep their jobs. Actually, I guess when you think about it, I guess both are the same profession.

Baked buns! And I thought they only served baguettes in Paris! =) Great post, Corey!

a genuine laugh-out-loud-moment!!!...thank you!

That's unbelievable! I just found a fortune telling machine in Hot Springs, Arkansas. His name was Zoltar.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Great story, Corey. Loved it.~~Dee

Very mysterious,love it!!
Have a great day Corey!!

fortune tellers make me a little nervous, but I pride myself on being able to predict the gender of the baby someone will have (I'm usually right, but it's only a fifty-fifty chance, isnt it? )

This seems like something that would happen to you. I didn't have anyone do that to me when i was there. Fortune tellers are soo silly!!
Love you soo much Aunt Coco
~patti pie

My grandfather predicted all of my mom's births (9). He always said it was in the eyes?? He was always right.


Ha! What a great and witty way you have with words!

I love your stories!

Hi,Corey,because you inspire me, I nominated you for the "I love your blog" award. I got mine from Karen at squarepegpeople.typepad.com. You can pick yours up at my blog - www.sacredartimages.blogspot.com on this page-

Thanks for the chuckle!

She would have saved me a lot of time and effort buying and decorating for a girl. I got boys and boys and more boys! By the time I gave up on a girl, I finally got one! Go figure! LOL

My dear friend,

Thank you for the day-brightener on a saggy Monday. You are a masterful storyteller. [I giggle and run off to enjoy a chocolate in a bowl. Life is sweet when one can laugh in spite of it all.]

I love your sense of humour! I had a baby in 1989 too called Tristan and a second boy in 1992, Damien. Both are names easily pronounced in French, my native tongue and English, la langue de la majorité où j'habite and in Eastern Europe from whence my husband hails.

Thank you for your wit and appreciation for beautiful things, you brighten my evenings when I come home from work.


how funny!

Love it! Thanks for the smile. NOW...any news on the "Love Story" that rocked France last year? M & E ???

magical. I once was stopped by an old Chinese man who pointed to my belly and said "BOY." It was a girl, but the next two were boys! We now joke that maybe, instead of telling my fortune, she was casting a spell on me!

A fortune teller came to my mother's door when she was a teenager and told her she'd have six children and live in America. She always laughed at it until, in her forties, she had her sixth (surprise) child. Everything she'd been told came true.

Hia Corey,

I knew I would catch up with you someday. I hope your life is all you wish; I am blessed too!

peace and love,

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