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23 December 2008


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I know how you feel, in this corner of Provence, everyone thinks my accent is German.
NON! I'm American I have to keep saying :)

So, don't you feel a natural blonde?

I have been blonde since I was 15 that's a long time. I spent a year as a brunette once and people took everything I said seriously, I hated it. It's much more fun being blonde and as they say - we get dirty quicker :)

I love you your stories, your photographs and your links.
Merry Christmas Sugar Plum
from your blonde Canadian friend.

I shall have pink hair for the christmas week. I can't quite believe it, but I am doing it for my Niece!

The tiny key arrived and is sittig on my mantle piece . x

Great story Corey - all those Limoges trinket boxes left behind on the stall though.. you must have been really put out ! Joyeux Noel, Jx

HA HA HA....I think it's so funny that you forgot that you'd changed your hair color.
Sometimes I'm taken aback when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror. Grey, lots of grey. But I'm too lazy to go to blond.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Woife

Ha. Now that is a *gottcha* moment :)

What a cute post...love it!

We've been back in the States longer than we were in Spain and I got lazy the other day. Our rule of thumb when living there was only Spanish on the streets and English at home if there were no Spaniards in the house. The other day I had to ask a question about a Spanish recipe and used the Facebook account of a friend's daughter. Many of her Facebook comments were in English from friends she had met while studying here and she'd answer them all in English. So I asked her in English to ask her mom, etc. Boy did I get a lashing...I got answered in Spanish with a barb about how lazy I've become. We all have recurring nightmares of showing up in Madrid not being able to speak Spanish anymore and dealing with all that shame!

What a nicely told story...I could so see this conversation and the look in his eyes.

Too funny!

OMG I am laughing so hard. What a "blond" thing to say, LMFAO. I guess you're not used to being a blond yet, LOL.

You crack me up!
Did you buy everything in the photos???
Merry Christmas, and Happy, Healthy New Year to you and your family.
South Carolina USA

Thanks for a good laugh Corey!!! Have a wonderful holiday!!!!

What a delightful story!

oh my...that is so blonde! I love it! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Corey, Thanks for the laugh first thing this morning. We spent three years in Germany and consequently learned a lot of German. Fast forward to years later when I am in a college Spanish class with the teacher asking me in Spanish if that is my shoe. I answer: yes, that is my shoe...in German!!! The whole class cracked up and I of course turned all shades of red!! ]
Your pictures are, as always, beautiful!
Merry Christmas!

I took high school German classes after failing 2nd year French. The German teacher said I was doing well in his class, but answering the questions correctly in...French! The photos are beautiful-such pretty treasures.

HAH ... I spoke french very briefly, and only while I was still taking classes.

I've thought about getting back into it, but here in the midwest ... there's really no need to speak it, and not one soul to practice speaking it with. Alas, another dream crushed!!!

Anyway ... cheers to last minute shopping!!!

You should have put "American blonde" in quotations. I have found that most "blondes" I know in adulthood are only so with some help from a bottle. Nothing wrong with that at all but I guess as you shared it can still lead to some authentic "blonde" moments. See you are a brunette at heart. But I must confess (as a darker skin tone Hispanic woman that just could never pull off anything akin to blonde) that it suites you quite well.

What a funny and interesting story. Of course I love the photos as well.

Such gorgeous photos of antique French treasures, Corey! I wish I had done my shopping in France!

So you are passing for a Blonde Danish woman! WOW! You've really mastered the Euro-look-and-speak now! =) I think I need to move to France to cast some magic on myself... a hot Swede would suit me well I think! lol lol

Oh, Corey. You've made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Yes, my dear, I do think you've become truly French at last. hahahaha I can't quit chuckling. Great story. I'll be smiling all day.

As a German-American whose first French classes were in German Gymnasium, I was mortified to speak it with a distinct accent, a distinct AMERICAN accent. When we later actually moved to the French-speaking part of Belgium, I could never pass myself off as a German in a country that didn't much care for Americans at the time. sigh.

oh my...you made me giggle so much I nearly had tea up my nose...now that would have been a sight. I just love your stories and photos. Thanks for making my day. You are a gem.

love and blessings

Heee heee heee. That's so funny!

What a great story! I think it's very funny that the shopkeeper couldn't even fathom you being from America. Just goes to show how very French you've become over the years. :-) Merry Christmas to you and yours!

For some reason I'm very happy he was unable to guess your nationality. Good going, Corey!


I am Laughing out Loud at this story!

Merry Christmas!

The trinket boxes are beautiful, hope you managed to find everything you wanted to. I'm sure with your eye for beauty you can't go wrong.

Hee! Oh Corey... :)

Merry Christmas!!

I"m back in St Zac, let me know when you're free for a coffee/lunch/dinner and a long chat!!!!

Corey (Hi : )
How cool to be thought of as the blond in a blond joke!!!

Love this one! Thanks for the belly laugh. Blessings, Kimberly

I'm glad you kept answering in French...spunky!

Love the blonde!

that's such an amusing story :)

Cute story Corey! I wanted to wish you and your lovely family a very Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Geez, usually the market is a great place to practice your French since they're a captive audience! LOVE the photos, anyone on your list is a lucky lady/kid/man!
Happy holidays and thanks for always making us smile! Hope we really do get to meet in '09!

Dear Corey,

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy 2009.

Thanks for all the good reading, beautiful pictures and laughs at Tongue in Cheek!

Cory, you are my kind of shopper... and one of the cutest blonds I know....

Love the items in the photos. I would be happy to receive any one of them. I would not have bought from the man either. His loss! Cute story!

Sounds like he never learned the boundaries of curiousity any 3 year old has to start learning. Nor did he learn that Gaelic shrug thingy I've heard so much about. BUT, it sure makes a terrific story. Enjoyed every word, Corey.

What a funny story, Corey! When I was walking on the beach in Nice, I convinced a Spanish guy that I couldn't speak any English, and told him I was German. It was highly entertaining (to me).

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