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10 February 2009


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Ohh my.... i love it! Your hard work has paid off, well done!

The colour is wonderful, and i love the lady in her blue stripped dress. You deserved the glass of champagne...a job well done ;)

Hello Emma;

The lady in the blue dress is me in another life.

(Actually the lady in the blue dress is a photo I took of a painting in the Chateau de Chenonceau.
That ribbon around her neck was what spoke to me.


You are an absolute crack-up Corey !!!! I couldnt stop laughing....you are fantastic ! I have to ask.....who was the photographer ???? (Love love love the bathroom)
Hi Cookie

First I set the camera on a tri pod. I was ready to get in and out of the bathtub to take my own photos.
Yann walks by, looks at me, then the tripod...
I said," Do you mind taking some photos of me in the bathtub?"

I didn't have to twist his arm.
But I did have to censor more than half of them.
I kept try to duck the angles he was after.
The bath was not relaxing as it might look.
But boy was it hot.

Wow! All baths should be enjoyed like that!

(Okay, just read how you got the photos,maybe the next one you can enjoy without the camera.)

you are amazing! I can just imagine the other photos ;) - in those claw foot baths, you need a pillow for your head if you want to stay in for any length of time.. I have a lovely little one for the long soaks.

Hey Corey, I could see this as a calendar...;-)

The bathroom is perfection. The color, placement of the tub,the chandelier painted silver,everything is gorgeous. You are truly talented. Now you have your tub to soak in to contemplate the pleasures of life, and your next remodel endeavor.(the kitchen) Are you going to take a break, or dive right in? Did french husband get a photo shoot too??

lol... this is fantastic :)

Corey, you are a luagh riot my dear. And a much braver woman that I. Yeah- I am *so* sure Yann was relectant to take your photo. Ha!

You are

Did you at least let him take a private money shot?

You're so sexy :D

I'm still giggling!!!! A perfect way to celebrate a beautiful bath!!!

Great pics! "But I did have to censor more than half of the photos". Men are so like that aren't they? Teehee

Oooo you sexy little thing!!! You have a great back. Okay so now I want to see French Husbands photos!!! He did take "his turn" didn't he?

Your post gave me a much needed laugh. Looking forward to the kitchen remodel
Hi Shea

My back is my best angle.
Second the kitchen photos I will wear an apron.

What an absolutely fabulous slide show! THe pictures were so delightful, the angles, the distance. You have real talent for this sort of thing. You made us all want to go and hop in the tub!


Hi Peg

You can jump in, but first let me get out ;)

The only advice I gave to Yann when he took the photos was to step back and bend down.
Sounds like I was telling him to worship me?


What FABULOUS photos. FH is a very good photographer. Oh... to lie in the bath with a glass of champagne. When is the last time I did that? Have I ever done that?

Hi Eileen
Yes he is. He bought me my first camera.
If you have a bathtub just try it, it will soon become a very lovely habit.

I don't drink champagne every time, not even half the time... maybe I have done so only twice.
But a hot bath is a luxury to afford every night.

Oh boys, this site should be X rated!!! Beautiful pics, anyway, very charming......what about the ones wih your hubby?

Hi Gracie

LOL. Now that would be rated G right?



You sure know how to take a bath CON GUSTO! Taking a bath cannot become mor sensual! Hope you did enjoy a moment or two between the shots. I'm sure the bubbles helped! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

Ooooh la la!
Tres belle!

Thank you for the demo - need to call in sick now and set up the tub!!

You are One HOT Mama!! And that bathroom is gorgeous! You have definitely shown your audience the right way to live with love and beauty in your life.

Viva la Claw Foot Bathtub!!!

Xclusive room
Xtraordinary scenery
Xpert photographer
Xceptional model
Xpressive legs
Xtensive comments

XXX from me !

Wow! This was pretty darn sexy! Corey, you inspire sensuality with one's husband. I think I'm gonna surprise my DH~~~Soon.

Your bathroom is so lovely. congrats on a job well done.

Corey...what has the blonde hair done to you?????? Amazing photos, well done FH.

I have a whole new plan for Valentines Day. You have a beautiful back Corey.

Hi Jeanette,

Yes a wonderful Valentine's!!

I should have waited!


Bob thought you looked good with your clothes on in Aix - dare I let him watch this slideshow!!! Yann did great capturing the moment - you really are a minx Corey!

As for the completed bathroom - the pics are fabulous and it looks awesome, great job....which reminds me to get back to my furniture painting in the dining room this morning.

Re: the kitchen - you aren't planning to get rid of the 'writing on the wall' I hope - but if so, I'll be right over to cart it back to my house!!

Hugs - Mary.

Ahhh,,perfectly wonderful,,part two,,when is part two??? Great fun today! Thanks!

Hi Marcie
FH says I have to pay him if I want to put his bath photos on the blog. Hum.... I asked him, any photo I want?


Tour de force of blogging, I must say. Lovely new bathroom, too.


what a lovely slide show...totally unexpected and perhaps a wee bit racey...lol
the blonde hair has turned you into a vamp woman...hah.

have a lovely day and enjoy your beautiful tub this evening.



Do you think if I dye my hair red I'll paint the town?


Oh me oh my- I just love it. My mom tells me that having glass of Bubbly or a beer in the bath is just the best. I will have to aim for that this weekend with my boy and remember it for when we honeymoon in Paris. Thanks for the ideas....
Hi Hillary

It is the best. Second best is chocolate. Sharing it with someone isn't bad either;
Have a wonderful Honeymoon. In Paris you must go to this square and kiss... Place-Furstenberg. At twilight....

I love Marie Noelle's comment .
Your "movie " is S.E.X.Y
I didn't know FH was such a good photographer
Instead of Nude men charcoal , you should put your pictures on the wall
Hi May (My very own French Friend who has the best antique shop!)
Now there is an idea I hadn't thought of!
Hey May French Husband has got a lot of tricks up his sleeve!


applause!!! applause!!!! (and I'll guess French husband said "encore! encore!")

I'm afraid I'll have to live vicariously through you on this one, Corey! You'd never catch me in a million years with the guts enough to soak away in the tub because... (1) too many people in this house, (2) my kids always want my attention the moment I shut the door to the bathroom, and (3) I'm pathetically modest ~ even when it's just ME in the room! lol


Hi Beachy

Oh one of the advantages of grown children.


Beautifully done! The sepia tones added so much to the sensuality of your photos. I really need to re-do my bathroom now!


Hi Lynda

Sepia covers many a faults.

oh.my.gosh...we don't EVEN want to know what happened after the camera stopped shooting!


Hi Dear Dee...


Thank God.


First of all your bathroom is the prettiest I have ever seen. So calming and lovely. Secondly, your husband is no fool! What man would turn down that job. Great idea...love it.
Hi Jeanne
No he didn't turn down the job, but gee I was a nervous wreck with him pointing that camera at me! I immediately erased 99 percent of the photos.

I kept yelling, "Back back get back boy!"
Hence photos of my back.

I am still laughing at Vicki's comment..
whatever blond hair did to you it did well..

I loved loved slideshow..
beautiful photos..
beautiful shots..
marvellous approach of your husband..

it reminds me of a poem
from a turkish poet..
"it doesn't stay as is stays in it's bottle..
it makes you love life and the world.."
Orhan Veli Kanik

he wrote it for vine.. but the same for all enjoyable matters..

Oh Pinar
What is the rest of that poem?


I love it! Great photos! I love that you can sit in the tub and look up at the chandelier. Definitely candles!! That is the only thing that could make this room any more romantic.


Hi Candy

The wiring in the chandelier has not been changed since it was made. I feel kind of sad to gut it.
But candle would be very nice... But I am afraid I'll burn the ceiling... I have done that before.


You are a total hottie!

Hi Tamara

Considering I almost became a nun... I'll take that as a heavenly compliment!

Corey, your bathroom is beautiful and so are you! The photos are so lovely. Well done to both the model and the photographer! I really think the pictures of you in the bathtub would look better on the wall than the nude men! :-)

Ooo, little "devil" behind that beautiful skin of yours and innocent smile, is'nt it?
Fantastic pictures!

I knew you were my kind of girl!!!
A hot bath and champagne is one of my favorites!!!
The photos, the bath, the model, Ooh La La!!!
Glad to see the enjoyment!!!
Looks like Valentine's Day came early!
Thanks for the beauty of it all.

Corey, have you thought of following a movie director career??? Girl, that beats me up!!! You're a natural talent as a mute film actress AND director of your own moovie!!! ALWAYS surprising you french Marilyn Monroe!!!


Loving it ! Oh la la ! Jx

You are the bravest woman I know. There is no way on this green earth I could do that.
Lovely photos.

How lovely you look...love the new hair style.
Whenever we are feeling decadent in our family we have a saying "Somebody has to do it"
Thank you for the wonderful slide show :)

This post was wonderful. You are such a little fox !!!!! Lucky guy that French Husband......

I think you'd give Marie Antoinette a run for her money! How lucky that Yann was there to play with you..! Love all the details, the candles, dripping lace, etched glass, chandelier, and lovely painting... Pure bliss...

Ooooooo la la!
The bathroom is spectacular and you brought us all into the mood of it perfectly!Fantastic photos - The Sepia, beautiful light and the swirling fade make them so surreal. You're a master, Corey! Now that's how to take a bath!
xo Isa

Everything is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"FH says I have to pay him if I want to put his bath photos on the blog." Honey, you've already paid him and anyone in town within viewing distance!

Yann did a remarkable job staying within the confines. Yes, yes you had to delete some, but you did not have to delete them all and that took restraint on his part. What a fun, flirtatious marriage you have. As a shower girl I am afraid any photo shoot I might try would end up resembling the shower scene in Psycho! :D

BTW: you look marvelous! Is that appropriate for one woman to tell another woman in a bath? ;)

These are absolutely beautiful images dear Corey..... You look amazing and with that blond hair...very Brigitte.
Perhaps you SHOULD do some of Yann (angles like these) and then frame one of each of you and hang them in there. :)
Someday when our bathroom gets remodeled I'm going to have a tub I WANT to soak in.

So funny! Yes, the blond hair has changed you into a seductress. I look forward each morning to what antics Corey is up to now.

You did it!! And the photos are so beautiful. One of my favorites is toward the end, before you take a SIP of champagne, I believe. Your feet crossed up on the edge of the tub.

Your room looks great and you really took those darned bathing photos!! What a "creatrice" you are! Oh to have your panache!

Coy and cunning all in one. With a bath like that, I am sure all of the grey paint is gone.

wow, you are one beautiful woman. not that i needed your stunning photos to tell me that.

Corey, you inspire me! You are one beautiful woman! You have such a beautiful life, thanks for sharing a bit of it with us.

BEAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTIFUL!!!! You are an artist! in all senses!

great, lovely and fun


Way to go Corey! You certainly DO NOT look 51! I don't look that good 15 years younger. I'm impressed. And I think you should definitely put FH's pics up next!!! LOL!!
{Next time fill that tub clear to the top, add some bubbles and just relax!}
Jill, Jill , Jill,

If I had a million dollars I would give it to you. You made my day with that remark.

Most people think I am Yann's mother. I look at least 60.
Trust me Sepia color does wonders for a photo.


Corey, what a brilliant way to celebrate your new bathroom - it looks like you had great fun!

I had a good chuckle to start my day off. Thank you for that Corey.

You could give lessons on how to enjoy life. You're a natural at it.

I can see how big the tub actually is with you in it for comparison. I wish you and FH many relaxing baths.

Hi Cindy

Yes it is big and I need a pillow!


Corey, you crack me up!! What a brave soul you are getting naked in the name of blogging. Now I think we are ready for some French Husband shots : )

So beautiful and so Brave....letting us all peep into your space like that...hey maybe I should change to a blonde???

I want to know what happened after the photo shoot!

I want to know what happened after the photo shoot!

Hi Carol
Do you want the real version or the saucy untrue version?


truly fabulous! you are adventurous beyond belief, a very sound approach to warding off aging-- good for you, and good for us because you share!

Hi Janet

I think turning 51, losing my dad, being far from home, having my daughter away at university, dying my hair blond, & having gone through cancer... does something to one's outlook on life.
Some people rock climb without ropes. I just sat in a tub with my back exposed. It is good to dare oneself.
As long as their is a safety net.

Immortal Beloved
What no music! Beethoven's movie " Immortal Beloved: a memorable scene where young Beethoven escapes from his drunken father and climbs out the window in his nightshirt-- running through the woods he hears the sounds of freedom in the night forming musical sounds in his mind - he arrives at a small still pond and jumps in exhilarated -- - the cosmos are responding to his extra sensory hearing -- he is floating with a thousand stars reflected in the water in the black of night –it looks like he is floating in space surrounded by the black and starry night - His favorite piece is born
After all the dreaming, visioning, planning, gathering and hard work a much anticipated bathroom -- soaking in your creation! (tub) “Ode to Joy” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJGESRc3XfY


Hi Joany
That is one of my all time favorite movie scenes.
I wanted to add music, but I couldn't find one I liked that did not have a video attached to it. SO silence took first prize.


Corey, I am in awe. You are my idol! :-)


Hi Susan

LOL oh no really I am far, far , far from idol-ing!


ooo lala Gorgeous! YOu should make you blog into a printed book it's so life affirming, as you are.

Hi Shelley

I'll make a book if you promise to fly to France, edit the grammatical errors, Cook the meals, rub my feet, and go to the brocantes with me every Sunday morning at 5am.
I know you hate to fly.

But Thank You for the very affirming compliment!



Damn Corey - that IS one hot bath!....


well, all the clever comments have been said...

...just let me add my voice to the chorus of lovely photos, lovely slide show, lovely bath time...

Sigh ... I sooo need a bath like that.

It looks like all that hard work on the bathroom was well worth it.

Beautiful Corey! I want to know what your er, uh, um, Mama and brothers thought?!

You are such a minx! I would never dare to be that daring, bravo to your bravery!

I can't stop smiling. Corey you are such a foxy lady, how could FH control himself!

This is definitely your "Tongue in Cheeky"
posting...I applaud your courage and especially your inspiring joie de vivre...

Clinking noises as I toast you from Vancouver
...Not in my small blue bathtub! Judy B

I knew this was coming and expected nothing less of my sister. I thought the grey might seem a bit cold but I guess I'm wrong with all the hot comments. Dad is shaking his head with a grin on his face about now.
Brother Mathew

Hi Brother Mat

I didn't want to disappoint you, nor shock you too much.



Absolutely delightful. You're much more daring than I would ever be. But, I am also sure that you ENJOY more than I do too. I have to find a way to just "let be". Anyways...someone else suggested hanging the photos of you and then your husband in the tub. What a gorgeous idea (seriously) - especially if they are as tasteful as these photos were... Congratulations on the bathroom and I can't wait for the kitchen to start.
Your friend,
Michelle in KY

All that was missing was you blowing bubbles thru a bubble wand and maybe even handsome husband sharing bathtub with moi!


Hi Sugar

Hey no you can not take a bath with FH. But I'll borrow your bubble wand. That is a fantastic idea.


You cheeky, cheeky girl. I love it! Keep it up... Did you know that life begins at 50?


Way more information than I needed about my cousin Corey. Please, no Yann half naked, I need to keep my lunch down.
Get a room!
Cousin Chris

Hi Cousin Chris
...and you wanted me to put up steel mirror walls! Now how would i have taken a photo then?? LOL.

You delight me.
I clapped and giggled in glee.
I delight in the perfect lighting...and with light coming into my bath through the window at the perfect time, it feels like I'm bathing in sunlight.
Seize the day my dear...seize the glorious day!


Hi Dancing Kitchen
It was a glorious day!


Magnifique! Cheers to you and the new salle de bain!




you are beautiful and this was so breathtaking and of course I have to giggle cause I am sure somthing saucy happened after the photo shoot...Thanks for being daring it encourages me and you are a breath of fresh air

love and blessings

I love it. You and the bathroom look great.E

Thanks Dear E!

What a lovely set of pictures, and you're lovely as well. I do love me some bathtime. =)

No doubt about it. I LOVED the pointed toes picture the BEST. You two are very lucky to have each other. Luckier still that the kids are gone or old enough to be more gone than home. LOL


Hi Annie

Why? Whatever do you mean ;)

Ooh, la, la! Corey, you look as if you could be the "ad girl" for champagne, France, crystal, perfume, any and all bath products and so on and so on! Gorgeous photos. Wow! FH is a lucky man.

I love the lens through which you see life, although it not only makes me a bit envious...it also makes me just slightly uncomfortable in that I must now question the way in which I live my own life! (typical American, 60/hr work week...living to work.) Thanks for offering a fresh(er) perspective.

With such a eye for art, it is wonderful to see how you can climb (literally)into own creation. Your bathroom transformation is a piece of art as well as the slide show.
PS Any advice on how to camoflauge bidets left in French bathrooms?

That is a gorgeous bathroom! You look so at ease in front of the camera. Confidence looks stunning on you. French Husband is a very lucky man.

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