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08 February 2009


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Hello my friend, playing hooky is good. I am doing the same, having a lazy morning.The sun is shining here also and all feels good with the world. Peace and tranquility to you. Ana

Hope everyone enjoyed your pancakes and that you enjoyed your beautiful blue skies!!!

Hi Corey - 70 degrees due here today, and a Carolina Blue sky which, like Provence, is the bluest of blues possible.

Meanwhile I'm painting the dining room furniture French grey today - do stop over and see the pics on my post. I'm loving the entry way just completed in a paint named Graphite - amost black - you can tell La Madone really got to moi!!!

Looking forward to your bathroom pics - bet you're ready to hang up the brushes and get outside in the sunshine. Hope Yann is not still crawling the floors and setting tile!!

Pancakes sound good but I'm sticking with just the yogurt - mine's Greek style and 0% fat - but OK with some fruit and granola on top!

Love ya - Mary.

Your blue skies sound terrific. All we have had lately are gray - it's so depressing.

I am taking part in OWOH this year. It's amazing how many people have joined from all around the world. Maybe it's a step toward world peace? LOL

Oh, to be in Provence on a sunny, blue-sky Sunday, touring the markets. Reading your posts makes me want to go antiquing! And I've always been drawn to warm colors--terra cottas, earthy salmons, dirty mosses. But seeing your photos makes me reconsider grays! Do you ever show pics of your kitchen? My favorite room in the house.

Lovely blue skies here too
Love you

Our Daily Bread's entry for today was about appreciating nature's beauty and God's work in creating it. The Provence sky sounds awesome. I will definitely have to try Pancakes ala Corey.

Hi Corey,
Sounds delicious. My Teens also love pancakes! We make ours with cinnamon, nutmeg,vanilla,and oats if we want them hearty, and sometimes with little bits of apple all with real maple syrup. The lemon pancakes sound light and yummy. The sky is gray, but its quite warm. We will spend the day clearing branches and cutting broken trees left from the ice storm. It's a great day to be outside, breathe the fresh air, and commune with mother nature. Have a wonderful day.

Corey how lovely of you to mention OWOH. Unfortunately the deadline has passed to add a link to the list on the event blog BUT it isn't too late to go and visit the 911 blogs that are there. This is all about meeting new people, making new connections and the giveaway...well that's a happy bonus should you win something a long the way. I couldn't be more thrilled as it more than doubled last year!!
The sky is gray here today....I know what you mean about blue sky...I can't stop looking up when it is!
Happy Belated Birthday!!

Waffles are on order this morning in my home...I have 3 of my younger grandsons visiting for the weekend...they ALWAYS order waffles! :-)

Wah Wah Wah... I'm in England and the sky has been mud grey all day and it's cold and it rained and all the ice turned to slush and my dog got horribly dirty on her walk and my shoes got wet. Wahahahahaha. Your house with the blue sky and pancakes sounds so lovely. Thanks for this bit of sunshine.


Corey - It must be nice to see really blue skies. Living in Willows, you just don't notice the sky anymore. Maybe it's due to the thousands of acres of farmland that are burned each year or the bizillion cars and trucks running up and down the valley freeways. The sky is lighter blue each year. It makes me want to take a trip to Ft. Bragg. Oh, here's a few links to some other local radio stations in Chico.

These pancakes sound very addicting and delicious. I am playing hooky and I should be studying! Or cleaning or grocery shopping or doing the laundry etc. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. :D

I so love the OWOH idea that I fully plan on being involved next year (next event later this year maybe?) I wonder Corey, will you get involved and give away some prints of your photos? Thanks for sharing this event.


I will totally have to check out this station! I had no idea your hometown was so close to Paradise, which is where so many of my own family live. I just love it up there.

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