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01 March 2009


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She is ADORABLE. Look at that hand on her hip.l She's lovely. Thanks for sharing this, Corey.


Dear Annie,
You are so chic as well as wise. I love the way you pose with your hand on your hip.


Love your stories about Annie, as I'm a vintage Annie Also. And I'm almost as chic and cute as she!


She is precious!


Makes me feel getting 90 is going to be great ! Your friend Annie looks amazing and I love that she is wearing a béret . So cool . She looks like someone who enjoys life in every aspects . And I am sure she was a lovely kind mischievous little girl !!! You'll have to keep us posted on how well roses grow while rooting in hair .


Corey, you are so lucky to have Annie as your friend!


What a treat! Thanks for the distraction from Hollywood, Wall Street, and Afghanistan! Thanks for the reminder to love what is lovely, and to savor the people and experiences right in front of us.

Eileen @ Passions to Pastry

What a wonderful friend you have in Annie.


Annie sounds(and looks) like a real delight!

Jeanette McCabe

Something about her reminds me of my dear Irish Nana. I miss her. It's nice that you appreciate the blessing she is in your life. Can't wait to see those roses next year!

Sheala Feeney Pritchard

What a woman, what a blessing. Annie is a joy, thanks for sharing her.


How sweet and special is your lovely friend
Savor every ounce of your time shared.
You learn so much wisdom from those that have experienced life a little longer than us.
Love Jeanne ^j^


Annie is a treasure and reminds me of the lovely women in my family....both my mom and my mom-in-law are going strong in their 80's and we are blessed to have them here to offer their wisdom and have fun with....my Nanas lived to be 94 and 97 and were an important part of my life and huge support right up until their last days. It is truly a gift when one has a strong and wise woman in her life to guide the way. Thanks for reminding me this morning!


Annie is gorgeous~~and the recipe for rose clippings is fascinating. I bet you have some new plants peeking their heads out of the ground.
Thank you for this post!

Paula @ Second Studio

Such a tender moment. Your photos of Annie are very special. Thanks for sharing.


What a treasure of a friend. It's always so nice to read your Annie stories here. This one reminds me of my dad and his rose rooting adventures. How I wish I had the forethought years ago to take a cutting and make it my own.


We need more Annie's.

Tara Dillard

Learning about Annie through your eyes, Corey, is a gift.....art.

Photos of gardens aren't the garden. They are an idea of the garden through the camera, through the photographer and through the person seeing the photo.

I look forward to more of the talented gifts you're using to share Annie.

Boldly, selfishly, I ask, Can you post some pics of Annie's home-garden-family?


Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


Annie reminds me of my Grandmother, Ivy. I would give anything to stand by her again as she created magic in the kitchen. Her cakes were legendary. My other grandmother, Ruby, was the gardener, with no interest in what happened in the kitchen, other than basic sustenance so she could get back outside. What a treasure you have!!!


wow....annie looks many years younger. she is very spry and has an elegance about her that is undeniable.
You are lucky to have such a wonderful friend.

Wandering Chopsticks

Lovely story. When I pruned my roses last year, I tried to propagate some, but none of them took. I did have lots of bouquets of roses. And made rose petal jam, jelly, granita, and ice cream. :)

Julie Ann

Annie is lovely in every way. Don't you just love the grace & wisdom that comes with age ? There is something so calming about the company of the elderly - perhaps that is why the very old and the very young often seem to bond so easily. Its just the middle bit where we all become a bit stressed and hyper ! So many wonderful lessons to learn and cherish from Annie - will look forward to an iminent post of Annie's rose petal jam, Jx


I see a wonderful book here to preserve the knowledge and wonderfulness of Annie. Your photos and her wisdom! If you could record her stories now, you could do the book anytime!


You and Annie make quite a team. Kindred spirits who are fortunate enough to have found each other. Do you never stop? On a ladder with a broken rib? I trust this means you are healing well or you really just needed to "aid spring." What a lovely line and thought.


I could just hug and squeeze Annie. She is so cute. What a joy to have her in your life.


Please tell Annie that she gave my heart a hug when I saw her photo. She could have passed for my grandma's little sister, sans the beret. My grandma had that same kind of cheerful smile and friendly look- with a twinkle in her eye, and only wore print dresses(she was cute, but NOT as chic as Annie). Her hats were of the frilly, floral variety(the kind from the 50's that many bloggers are collecting these days), but I know a beret would have suited her. My grandma passed away when I was in first grade, but I'll never forget the way I felt when she smiled her smile just for me. Thanks for introducing us to Annie, she gave me a sweet surprise this morning!


I have always cherished the friendship of "older, wiser" women.

I seem to gravitate towards them...... wanting to soak up all that they have to offer.

Your friendship with Annie is a gift from God.....and she looks like quite a character to boot !!


Aunt Amelia's Attic

Thank you so much, for sharing Annie with us!

All these bits of Wisdom, which she has in her lovely head! I think of a recorder, for her to talk into. Or just to chat with you, with it on. And many, many photos taken. {Easy!!!!} And what a collection they all would make! All sorts of Wisdom, lore, and recipes and...

Eventually, a book.................

You just know I'll never give up on the book idea, now don't you? >,-)

Aunt Amelia
"March is a tomboy with tousled hair, a mischievous smile, mud on her shoes and a laugh in her voice."
~ Hal Borland


i am so grateful for your blog~i love annie's hands...so sweet- i know they are soft like my mimi's(my french grandma) i adore how you write about your friendship with her-you are blessed and you know it! thank you,corey! :]ann-marie


Send Annie over here-I'm in the midst of the annual rose pruning project. Love her pose. She reminds me of Grandma and her daughter, Favorite Aunty. Favorite Aunty is 93 and a great resource for how to do things. I love polka dots and realize it is because Grandma wore polka dot dresses! Recommended reading-"Little Heathens" about a childhood in Depression era Iowa.

Betty M

Corey you are fortunate to have Annie. It is wonderful that you share her and her wit and wisdom with us.


This gives me an occupation for the few rogue hairs that have decided to turn white (and wiry)! This story makes me wish that I could find an Annie.



I like Annie.

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S.

What a treasure you have in her! What a role model! What a mentor!
I so hope you are writing all these things down.....it would make for such a wonderful book of old wisdom and methods for cooking, gardening etc. Have you ever considered a book about her? I'd buy it!



So nice of you to share Annie with us and pictures this time, too,, she is very chic, stylish French woman . . . I love her quote to you ---
Annie said, "You should pray for something serious, because you have his ear!"
Well God did listen and respond he gave you a treasured friendship and a rose garden...
Bonjour, Joanny


Annie is a doll, what a treasure! I shared her idea with my husband as he is a lover of roses. He had never heard her tips and now is going to try it. Thanks for this very special story.


What a sweet story!


You are really blessed to have someone like Annie in your life...she is beautiful!! by what you wrote inside and out!
Loved that!


Fabulous! I love the old ways of doing things. My father, before he became ill, was a marvelous gardener. He could make a rock grow. He took a rose from my prom nosegay, stuck in the ground, put a mason jar over it, and dirt on top. Twenty years later it is still growing. I wish my thumb wasn't so black. I would love to have a beautiful garden.


My mother has planted roses from the florist by just sticking them in the ground. I'll have to pass along the hair technique.


What a blessing to have in your life!


I need an Annie!! Tell her hello for me.
She is just amazing, and cute too!


You now have an "Annie Fan Club" here in the states. We'll need weekly Annie tips weekly.


I hope I look like her when I'm 90. This was just what I needed today. Thank you.


She's beautiful! And a great role model for what I would like to be like when I'm 90.


qualcosa di bello

i would love to give your dear, sweet annie a hug...what a treasure you are for each other! (will you share her rose petal jam recipe??)


I love your Annie! I have a picture of my mother in the same pose, just a year before she died. It's my favorite photo of her! Annie so reminds me of her...


She is so lovely, your Annie. Thank you for sharing her with us.


The photos of Annie made me smile. What a lovely beautiful woman. You are blessed. :) Kimberly


Thank you Corey for sharing Your Annie with me today. She is beautiful.

Shelley Noble

Charming Charming! CHARMING! We all need all of Annie's wisdoms!


Perhaps Annie could write a guest post translated?

Elaine L.

"You should pray for something serious, because you have his ear!"

That is what jumped out at me! Corey, I have a special Prayer request. It is something with which you will feel a deep connection.

I go to lunch at a yogurt shop owned by a sweet Thai lady named Lan. Lan is probably only 35 and she has a husband and three daughters.

Her oldest daughter, madeline, is only 14 years old and they found out, last Thursday, that she has ovarian cancer. She will be having surgery on Tuesday. At this time, they don't know much.

Lan told me on Friday, that she is not sure if she, herself, can deal with this, but she knows she has to be strong for her daughter.

Corey please pray for Madeline and for her family to have the strength to emotionally support her during the difficult time a head.

Thanks so Much!



What a lady your friend Annie is! I whish I could be like her if I would hit the '90.......

poppy fields

Great story... bless Annie.


A weekly tip from your Annie would be most welcome. I have over 50 rose bushes and will give this a try in late April .

stubblejumper Kate

Corey, this post deserves an award of some kind. It is truly delightful: story, photos and all.




Annie is a treasure,you are lucky to have such a wise and wonderful friend.


Gosh, Annie really reminds me of my gorgeous grandma Rose who I miss so much. Just seeing Annie's picture brought a whole load of lovely memories pouring back. Thank you for sharing her with us :)x


Oh how lovely, Corey! I love Annie's spunk! Those 90 year olds always have wonderful wit and wisdom to share, from years of experience! My hubby's 98 year old grandmother always had sound advice and stories for us till the day she passed away (just last week as a matter of fact). I'll just bet those roses will be FABULOUS!

Denise Moulun-Pasek

When I grow up, I want to be like Annie!


Just a wonderful post Corey - I need a neighbor like Annie! Instead I've become the elderly lady assisting my new neighbor with her garden - she's new to all the mysteries surrounding this lifetime hobby!

See you still have the wall chart - I love it so much and wish I could have found one at the brocantes last Fall!!!

Elizabeth Parsons

The stuff of life- wise old women...they are treasures!


I LOVE this story!

Miz Booshay

Thank you Corey! I am so happy to see Annie's beautiful, cheerful face and to read about your adventures.

I have a special place in my heart for her.

She makes me look forward and hope to one day be 90.

That is not a easy thing to do in our culture!

Love to you both.



What a doll!
I love her cheeky/chic pose!
It shows a sense of homour, and deep in those eyes I see wisdom.
Did you tell her her photo has gone around the world?
If so, I'm sure she had a quick response.


I love Annie too, and can't wait to hear more about her.
If you had wheat seeds, how would they have been used? Do you suppose you would bury them near the branch end? But wouldn't they sprout too?

Toni Mason

Hi Corey, You are very lucky to have Annie. Learn all you can from her and feed it to us! Love Toni

Hasmade Designs

It's so nice to finally meet Annie! She looks like a fun and delightful woman to hang out with. :-)


so glad you'll be posting more about Annie. Seriously, Corey, I want to get a million signatures so you will write a book--scratch that, a couple of books!


I have heard that french women have real style, grace and class. and your Annie has proven this to me. what a simply gorgeous woman.

I love the wisdom of the older people. My grandad had so much gardening wisdom, he died when I was 10. a little too young to appreciate his wisdom....I search my memory for snippets he may have told me.. one was to put honey on cuttings to help them strike.. just like you did with your hair.. does Annie want to come to Australia?


Everyone needs an Annie in their lives - what a bright and beautiful light.

xo Isa

Lemon Tree Tami

Here's to a world full of delightful energetic ladies such as your Annie! Absolutely delightful story ... reminds me that I should call my grandparents today. :-)


Please tell your precious Annie she has a fan club in the states. The post is simply beautiful.

Betty @ Country Charm

I love your friend Annie! I will try her rose rooting method...she knows the secret to a wonderful happy life....Betty


Annie is awesome - and she has such a great personal style! What an interesting person she is...and with such a wealth of knowledge. Wouldn't her old gardening remedies make a good book? I think so. Please let us know if the rose/hair shoots take hold. How cool would that be??!

PS: My sister has a friend whose childhood home had an old tree in the front yard that wasn't doing so well. His father came out one spring night and whipped the tree along its base. My sister's friend was shocked. Their neighbors were shocked. I was too as I heard the story. But then the tree responded by growing new leaves, new branches, becoming healthy again. It was like it had been reawakened. That summer, all the trees on the block were hit with some kind of bug or tree disease - all except my sister's friend's tree. It remained healthy.

These old gardening tips are fascinating, aren't they?


Not that I would recommend whipping trees...


That is such an awesome story. Makes me take a long deep soothing sigh and wish I were there too. I haven't been here for a while, but the pic of you with the wine glass always made me feel liberated and free! I just miss it, I suppose. I pray you are well from your dream too.


What an absolute darling Annie is! Oh lala...she will blush when she knows we all think she is so C U T E~!xo Lidy


This Friday, which began as just annoying, has turned into nothing but beauty & wonder & just happiness!! I love this! I just recently lost the Annie in my life - Mary, 94, just a month ago - and something tells me they would have gotten along fabulously!
Tell her hello from Texas! :)

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