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02 March 2009


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More stories from Annie ? Can we make wishes ?I would love to read more about her life during the Libération of Provence by the American troops . It is a period of history I have a lot of interest in ; my grand-mother , for instance , used to tell me a lot about it and I always found those stories of ordinary people so extraordinary !
And also I would love to know the secret of having such a sparkling mischievous eye at 90 ! Annie is such an inspiring person ! And so are you.

I shall share her stories about the liberation of Provence, and her life during WWII.
In fact I met Annie because on the anniversary of the end of WWII she came to my house, knocked on my door and when I opened the door she said, "I didn't know any Americans to say thank you to when the war was over. I heard you are an American, and so I came to thank you for helping us have our freedom."

Am happy you introduced us to Annie.
I think the world needs the wisdom
of wise older women who have been
on this earth long enough to have
figured out the answers to some of
the many questions that the younger
generations have about life.
Looking forward to her stories.

Tulips in shades of love on a grey day - Mondays should always begin like this. Merci.
I am looking forward to read more from Annie.

Thank you for the lovely tulips. I am so ready for spring. It is a very cold Indiana day here, 13 degrees, and no sign of any spring flowers yet.

Tulips = Spring. Hurrah ! Jx

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pink tulips and the beautiful Annie.

Thank you for the tulips, and Annie. If only the young would seek the old, and have a little of their common sense... the world would be a better place. There is nothing like time and experience of our elders,,what a gift you have in her, and a gift to pass her on before her passing.
Have a wonderful week!

It's cold, grey and rainy in Oregon too. Thanks for the beautiful pink (my favorite color) tulips! What a gift.

The story in the comments already holds much promise for what is to come. I think I will like Annie--and what a treasure it is for us and for her to have someone to share her stories and life so that they may live on and on.
It is ten degrees here in IN-but the tulips are warming me up!

Tulips and Peonies… my favorites.

ohhh what a great idea! REEEAAALLY looking forward to that, take care erika





loving those tulips. And isnt it nice to have a friend...that tells wonderful stories and gives good solid information

How wonderful. The tulips are such a welcome sight as I battle the flu in cold and windy Illinois. Spring is a long way off for us.

I love Annie. What a terrific face, so open and happy. What a wonderful story about knocking on your door to say thank you. Wow....what a woman. I know you realize how important it is to record oral histories before they are lost forever.

Thanks for all you do Corey.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Hi Corey, Loved the post about Annie and what a wonderful mentor for you to have. I love her hands. Practical, functional, expressive. Lovely. Tulips! Who can resist tulips this time of year - or any time of year for that matter?

(Just back from the Alps...)
Your dear friend looks like my gran - physically and "wittily", if I may put it so...
So I shall be delighted to read her stories ...

Saw 2 flocks of geese this morning heading back north. Spring is on it´s way! Can´t wait to hear more from Annie..

Pink tulips are my favorite Spring flower - your pics are lovely.

This morning we awoke to Southern snow - take a peek at my sunrise pics Corey - who would have expected snow in NC this late in the season!

Hopefully my pink tulips will still peek through in about a month.

Hugs - Mary.

What a lovely shade of pink Corey!
Looks like Spring!
Have a great day!!

Beautiful, crisp, fresh spring! Beautiful photos!

Thanks for sharing Annie with us, there is no substitute for a wise,dear, friend. I look forward to the stories to come.

When I went to the American Cemetery in Normandy I felt guilty that I was visiting France as a tourist, something "our boys" buried there were not able to do. Then I realized that was part of what they fought and died for: so that France and Europe would survive and be free for future generations to visit. I like to think that when Americans go to Europe and France especially (as it holds a special place in my heart)they are honoring the memory and deeds of these young men and "that these dead shall not have died in vain."

The tulips are making my case of spring fever even more severe. They are lovely.

Fresh cut flowers always bring sunshine to an otherwise grey day.
Your tulips are beautiful.

Oh, what beautiful tulips. And Annie is a charmer.Would love to have a friend like her.
I have many friends and they all seem to be my age or younger, no one older and wiser. Oh well, in a few more years I'll be older and wiser;)


What beautiful blooms, they tell us that warmer days are just around the corner, Margaret

i love tulips. My favorite color is purple ones. I can't wait for mine to come up. Thanks for adding color to my world.

love and hugs

I am thrilled that you are going to share your friend Annie with us! She is beautiful!

We had a snow day in South Carolina. Thank you for the Tulips, and for the Hot Chocolate Recipe. I made it for my family today and they'll never accept any other chocolate as long as they live!
Vive La Chocolate Francais...

Hi Corey!

Annie is a smart lovely chick!!! Please share her stories with us. We will love it!

Gorgeous tulips!


Yipee I can hardly wait. Go Annie
Love the tulips
Love you

Ah, tulips! My favorite and a welcome sight on this cold and blustery day in Upstate NY.

I love your posts about Annie and yes, my Aunt J. knew all about hair and roses. She reminds me of my auntie (oh, how I miss her!) and I will look forward to more Annie stories from you!

Blessings for the day to you and your loved ones!

Spring is a coming to North Idaho in another couple of months! Yipee. Looking forward to the Annie archives. She is a breath of fresh air. Blessings, Kimberly

Annie is the best! love, Ellen

i missed your blog for a few days and really enjoyed catching up. love the photos, love the annie story and love the tulips. happy spring waiting!!

Dear Corey...thank you for those beautiful bouquets..and even more beautiful Annie...looking forward to her life adventures.

Thank you for the joy,fun,and beauty you consistently bring to our spirits and daily life...
Judy B

I'm late in commenting on your blog yesterday Corey but wanted to chime in.

I had a bad dream and when I woke up and read your post my dream vanished. I felt so good after reading about Annie. Yes, you are fortunate to have her for a friend. I suspect she feels the same way about you.

I got along better with my Granny than my mom and suddenly my Granny's spirit was alive after reading about Annie. I have so many precious memories of our time together. Every time I make perogies my Granny is right there beside me, I can feel her.

Thank you for this Corey. I think Annie is going to have her own fan club.

oh, how I cannot wait to read Annie's stories!
what family she grew up in, what she was up to as a young lady, does she have children? maybe I'm to nosy, but I love to talk to people with long life experience. I also have friends, my neighbors in Tampa, who are both 82, but cannot see them often since we moved to Hong Kong :(
big hug from hong kong to you, Corey and Annie.


You are probably asleep by now? I am just catching up to your post today, Thanks for bringing Annie into our lives, you are introducing Annie to the world wide web by blogging and literally to the world, who would have thought it possible when Annie was a young gal that she would be one day known by many outside of France and with just a small introduction --- already adored. A side note I like the idea that you photographed her in front of the food ration menu.... so clever of you, also I did not realize it was so big...
P-Town Ore.

I loved to meet her . She reminds me my grand mother ...Always a funny story to tell .
Can't wait to read them

Simply lovely. Tulips are a spring fav!

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