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15 April 2009


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I wish I could say pink, but I feel more like gray.
What a beautiful way of writing you have... it makes me see things differently.
Thank you .

Really thoughtful post, Corey. Happy Easter and happy living!

I've just discovered your blog, Corey, and as I read I felt as though I lived nearby. Thank you for your wonderful stories. Today I am magenta... bold and sturdy against the gray rainy day.

I truly identify with Nina. In fact before I clicked on comment I had the exact same thought. I feel gray today but wish I felt pink. Even so, I have to embrace the gray (grief) of today in order to be pink again.

Thank you for a lovely post..yet once again! It's a dreary gray day here, but I think I've got a bit of yellow sunshine going in my heart. I've been learning to slow down and to taste and savor my life more...to take delight in a pretty table and wonderful little details in my home. Thank you.

Whats with all the gray....its Spring..today I'm pale lemon!!

I am a soft purple amid the gray skies of rain today...

hugs and blessings

Feeling a little blue. The skys are grey
and the temperature is cold. Winter was
too long and spring really hasn't arrived
yet. I am waiting so patiently for warm
weather, so I can get out in my garden and
feel renewed.
I applaud you on your daily excellence with this blogg. Everyday you enlighten us with
your beautful pictures and stories. Thank you.

Gray. Those of us in the midwest have endured an unusally long winter that seems to never end. The sky is gray, the earth matted and cold and the daffodils are waiting, their swollen buds nodding, anticipating a sunny, warm day to burst open and exclaim "Spring, glorious spring is finely here" . Then I will be sunny and my color will turn a bright yellow and I'll rake up the leaves covering my flower beds and search for signs of emergence that are surely there, just waiting for the right moment.

Guess what color I feel ??? P.I.N.K , it matches perfectly with the weather today , because it is raining and grey matches so well with pink. Above all I have the little princess with me and our world is definitely PINK

What beautiful thoughts! I am feeling shades of lavender today... ~ Violet

It is a sunny, cool morning. Your words and pictures make me feel the colors I see out my window as I type this - ***sky blue with a little yellow*** - calm, peaceful, and happy. Thanks for sharing your insight.

D'Orsay is the best museum in Paris to me. It teaches the history of art in with a broad yet precise stroke. I was easily improved for having visited there. Thank you for reminding me about it. I enjoy your blog and thought I would say so! Regards from Oklahoma...

I am the shiny brilliant blue of my new netbook that I'm reading your blog on! Imagine my surprise to see you included the pastel of the woman holding the locket! She totallly caught my attention two years ago at the d'Orsay as she IS the main character in the novel I've begun. I named her Camille after my heroine. I see she caught your eye as well!

I feel light blue today. Light headed but good. My head is full of dreams and hopes for some good changes in the future.
Corey, very much enjoyed past couple of posts. Always a pleasure to read them and see your fantastic pictures.
Have a wonderful day!!!

I love Musee d'Orsay. Now how did you get those pictures. I was told not to take pictures in there. Hummm?
Today I feel like grey, but I will go walking in the garden and hope to turn to yellow.

Hello Marilyn

I thought that too, that photos weren't allowed. But they are as long as you don't use a flash.


the rain has stopped here in the mountains of nc and it's green, grey and blue outside with punches of white. Plus a yellow mist in the breeze from the pollen.


I so agree, beauty is in the small details, like adding just the right garnish to a dinner plate or finding the perfect earrings to go with a special outfit.

I am wearing a soft pastel blue sweater today. It reminds me of a robin's egg....and Spring!

Marilyn (in Dalllas)

All the colors of the rainbow: there is much to look forward to, but there is sadness for the death of someone related to my sister. Another death within 8 months. First son, now father, two very good men gone before their time. I will visualize that rainbow to honor their life and not give in to despair because the rainbow best represents hope and the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow will be the healing to help their family cope with yet another tragedy. To my niece and nephew's Uncle and Grandfather: God speed!

Cerulean blue, Naples Yellow.....Titanium White. It's a clear, cool morning in San Francisco...a perfect Spring day.

Today, I'm not so much a color , but more of a brightness. I'm glowing like the sun. Early, this morning, my baby girl had a baby girl. Bailey Kayla Gresham, 7lbs. 8oz., 20", came into this world as my daughter's second child but my first grand daughter. Both are doing great and my wife and I will be flying to Texas on May 8 to see them. Today is a good day.

I started learning (am still learning) French from my friends who speak solely that language in their home. If I wanted to be a part of their lives, it was essential that I "understand" what they were saying... so I did alot of observing - and listening. One luxury they have allowed me... to hear/observe what they are saying, but answer back in English. There were many belly laughing incidents at my attempts... but with time, I have become pretty sharp at understand... not so sharp at speaking back... yet! Amazing how much we can understand each other, if only we observe. (:

Great post Corey

Today I'm cobalt blue... a crisp, clear, sharp day.

Corey, Your blog today reminds me of how I began to observe the world around me after reading the biographies of several impressionist's. When we begin to look at things to SEE them, then we truly see them! I am going to begin hand watching today. What an interesting idea! Patti

Somehow, Corey, I think these are lessons you would learn no matter where YOU lived in the world. Today I am buttery yellow.

Dark blue...still mourning the loss of my 20 year old grandson...just can't believe I won't see his smile again.


Dear Dee
My prayers, and heartfelt thoughts are with you and your family.
I am hugging you from afar and will imagine doing so until I see you in person to give you a real hug of friendship.
I am so sorry to hear of your tragedy.

robin egg blue for this wonderful spring day the sun is out and its just spring

Today I am violet to match my flower garden.


hands speak without measure,
hands carry a small camera
( without a flash )
harmlessly into museums
and capture
to share.


if ever i go to prison,
it will be over photo~taking
where i should not.

we shall see.

{{ nearest thing--->
louvre/museum of decorative arts and design,
i did not know, truly }}

Your thoughts are beautifully expressed. You have made me reflect on my own way of observing the world ever since I was a small child. Thank you for those reflections.


Loved how you expressed this all ~~
the ordinary things in life are what mattered. Jane Austen knew that in her writing. An ordinary life lived well will bear so much more fruit than one that is seeking power. Color: the sky that is clear blue so that is seems endless to the the heavens. Blessings this Spring as new life
springs forth over in your country!



What a beautiful post . I too like the 'corners' of things. I think today I am the blue-green of a eucalyptus leaf!

Question? I was struck by the photo of the person holding out the medalion around his/her neck. So striking. Can you tell me who painted it? I really want to see the whole image now!

today i am grey with a tinge of blue around the edges...

but the beauty of our purple wysteria is not lost on this backdrop

a beautiful post that speaks to my italian study...perfect words for explaining why i am so looking forward to next month's return. i cannot find that "language" in books :-)

Today I feel very orange-ish, yellow-ish, painted Van Gogh style- heavy paint and visible mixing. It’s very flowery outside, after the rain. A blue hue for some reason is set over everything but the daisies are more noticeable and thus, today’s Meg color.

Great post, you are very good at expressing yourself- I understand what you mean very well.

Thanks for the lovely reminder to notice the small things. Today started out cold and gray, so I felt beige and blah. Took a spin class, went outside and the sun was starting to shine, so I turned to amber.

Hi Corey,
I continue to come and visit your blog regularly even if I don't comment much these days. I love your restful way of writing - there is a calmness about it. Your phrase" when we listen, we hear the heart which often speaks without uttering a word " is so true..Often we are too busy talking to really hear what is being said...
I loved the piece you did about memories of your father...and your Annie stories. They are so touching and so full of the things that are truly important in life.. Thanks for reminding people to stop and smell the roses..to really look at the things around them and to enjoy beauty- it comes in many forms and should be celebrated....
Be well,

Lovely words here. You are right, so much is to be found in the details. One always needs to be quiet and see. And I share your fascination with hands. I love to watch Vanessa Redgrave's hands. Large and so expressive. Watch Howard's End and see what I mean.

Oh yes, I am a pale green today. Almost spring, but not quite as it is still cold here.

Pink! I am always a shade of pink, ranging from hot and vibrant to pale and soft, but I am pink. Today I had a heavy sombre blue aura that surrounded the pink, but it has lifted somewhat and will, I hope, be washed away in the next few days.

I adore the detail you've considered in gestures in a world where they are too often ignored as modern hands are occupied with electronic devices. Your last painting (Puvis de Chavannes?) generates so much energy through the simple art of haircombing.
This morning I feel pastel as I battle the grey drizzle to yet another Easter egg hunt.

Wonderful, thoughtful post,


what a beautiful way to highlight the benefits of paying attention!

So insightful. So artistic. So wonderful.

Today I am that rusty red sort of color one sees on the robin's breast.

Happy Spring !

Beautifully rendered piece, Corey. Just lovely.

Today I am a blotty yellow, like sooty sunlight filtering through the trees...

Your post is blissful !!!

As I'm 1 day late here, I must remember what colour I was yesterday...
I think my wednesday was black and white until I walked past our apple tree - I paused, I watched its many blossoms, I pondered for a while on a couple of events ... The rest of my day was pink and white...

Again your post is BLISSFUL !!!

Your blog is lovely. It is a blog that Iread every day. Iam so glad that you are leading an artful life. I wish the same for all your readers.
Thank you,

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