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13 April 2009


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oh poor sacha!! :D

Oh my goodness, what a day! I'm sure that Sacha will not agree to take this job on again.

My question is....... What is on the wall behind them? It looks like a giant page from an old ledger book. Fascinating.

- Suzanne

Having served my own stints as a teenager in charge of the children's table, I recall trouble at times. But I also remember how adult I felt given the responsibility. Bravo Sacha.

Didn't even see the wall treatment...I was too absorbed in the polka-dot, scallop-hemmed tablecloth. So festive.

Tell Sacha he is my hero. Your table looks beautiful. I'm happy you had such a special day.

Sacha deserves the golden egg!!!

What a great story!!! I just love "little" kids!!! Sounds like you had a delightful Easter.

Did Bunny Babysitter succeed in keeping the tablecloth and clothes spotless during the meal and hop to the park?
Just noticed that table cloth is plasticized cloth. I use them, but have yet to try to scallop the sides, for festivity.

Are you sure Sascha wasn't secretely hoping to be the official(ly paid) Bunny-sitter?
Anyway, is a good sports,
a good kid of good parents.
Congratulations! :-)

It is going to take more than double next time. More than you can afford.

Poor Sacha.

A wonderful thought to spend time sharing a meal with friends and family.Sacha literally kept an eye on the 'Wild Child' from those pictures he never seems to take them off! Wild children always manage to get away though, even under the most watchful eye. Tatiana and Jarrod what lovely names, almost fairy tale just like your day.

a very nice Easter, Corey!
I see a pink hula hoop. I also have one. it's helping me to get rid of some love handles, he-he.

Bravo to Sacha for taking on this task! I think he has a much better understanding of how quickly kids can get into mischief even when you never take your eyes off them.

Bless you for seeking out and inviting those who have no plans for the holiday to join your lovely family!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Bravo Sacha! That menu sounded delish and I don't even eat salmon or mushrooms!

You have a beautiful extended family, Corey! Well done, Sacha, on your bunny-sitting! We could have used Sacha's services yesterday as well... we had numerous wild children (no jumps in the creek however). =)

Kudos to Sacha. You and FH have raised a lovely son!

The parents probably were incredibly appreciative of having a break from watching the kids. Sacha-I've been there, and there is no amount of money equal to the hard job you had watching those imps!
Corey-your home looks beautiful with the Easter decor and table.

Well, the deal never mentioned the 2 little Easter chicks had to finish the day neat and tidy !?!
(When a teenager, I was always picked as the babysitter, whatever the event !!! ... but I was never ever paid for that... I'm no good bargainer... I think I could be a billionnaire now !!!)

HAha....as the mother of a "wild child", I can appreciate why it took a little palm greasing to get the job done. Poor Sacha.

It's good to know you have a Bunny baby-sitter in case you have any unruly guests in the next few months. ;)

Pauvre Sacha, but you know, in the end, these little babysitting jobs are a glimpse to the future when you'll HAVE to keep an eye on YOUR little imps.

You are growing up to be a MOST handsome man!


Sacha surely earned his angel wings yesterday not to mention a great set of bunny ears. Wonderful!!

I giggled through the whole entry. Poor Sacha. hee hee hee....
I remember Sacha's face a few entries back....full of devilishness in his strawberry boxers........and now his face here with this 'I hate my life' expression. Hahahahahahaa... my 18 yr old daughter says she feels his pain. She is always the designated babysitter.

Sasha definitely earned his wages as the Easter Bunny Babysitter. Loved the picture of Sasha talking to Annie.

Sacha is a SAINT!! I hated sitting at the kids table, so I could feel your pain! Sacha, give yourself a BIG congratulations! You deserve every cent of your Easter Bunny Babysitter payment!! Next time, charge double! :)

Sacha is such a doll!

He probably does so well with young children, because of all the experience he's had with your nieces and nephews.

From the looks of it, he seems to be good with the elderly, too. He looks like he is so engaged and attentive to what the lady, in the photo, is saying.


Oh what a story. Wild Child. I have a granddaughter like that. She had every child over here barefoot (it was only 60 something degrees) and it had sprinkled and they were in and out and in and out. Round and round they went. There are no older little people, so they had so much fun. Poor Sacha...my heart goes out to him. Share with him, that my son and his pals had gotten muddy during a birthday party at our home. When we found them they were hosing each other off... so much fun to explain to the parents!!

Oh Corey that is funny. Although Sacha probably didn't think so. Kids!!! You never know what they will do next.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter, despite the mishap.


Sacha is a good husband/father in training! You bet he deserved being paid for that job because from the look on his he was taking his task seriously. Petit Jarrod will be good too it sounds like he has a lot of energy. I'm sure that creek was just too tempting. It's scenes like these that we remember on our death beds not the dull normal ones! What a fun family.

We roasted Peeps in an outside fire. It was more like fall than a spring holiday. Maybe I'm just warped but I think it's hilarious when kids act like Jarrod. Maybe I won't think it's too funny when my new grandchild arrives in November. I'm sure he/she will always be perfect ; )(secretly I hope not!).

Children are our best teachers, a perfect ending to a beautiful day...it is what makes memories

Good Luck on trying to convince Sacha to do that again. I have done that to my son in the past, and I have never been able to convince him again to babysit those same children let alone any child(ren)

Oh your table setting and menu was beautiful, and so was Annie..

how funny.......in every picture you can see sacha riveted to jarrod. i grew up with a big fmaily so even though we didn't celebrate with our extended family very often, it feels very odd to celebrate holidays with just my husband. a little empty. i'll have to start cpoying you and asking random people over for the holidays.

fun fun...what's better than jumping in the creek?? sigh. I kind of miss that "wild child" days now that my girls and their friends are in their 20's and 30's.:)
hugs to you, sweetie,

Happy Easter {you do have 2 days, there, right?}


I love that menu on your wall!

So funny and cute Corey!!
Glad you had a lovely Easter!!
I have to tell you, I really enjoyed the article in the new Somerset Life!!
You are such a good writer and photorapher!!

May I please ask...? Why is the 'Wild Child"... "wild"????

'Aunt Amelia'

Hi Aunt Amelia-

I used the word "wild" as to say he is a handful.


Great story Corey! My son has a similar disposition to Sacha's. It's nice to see a teenaged boy help entertain pre-schoolers and see him grin at the endless imagination that these little ones can spin together!

hahaha! what fun!
hey, I'm really wanting the 'poster' hanging on the wall behind Sacha and Tatiana!! Any chance I can get one???


It sounds like fun was had by all. I like that! I wish you a week filled with all the things and people you love.


So funny and what a sweet boy to watch the kids....and sit at the "kiddie" table.

Me too, I have so many memories of children table, being one of 11 cousins! Well, at least you had no time for being bored....

You earned every Euro!
Next year you will need to ask for at least double! I bet the poor tired parents thought it was worth ecry bit of the money to have a break from such energetic kids! My only disapointment is...


Happy easter to you and your family!
What a wonderful son you have!

...what a great story...and the double wages may not be enough for next year...thanks for sharing ...

Corey, I love your photos, I felt as if I was there, too. Bless you for being so generous! This was the first Easter that my daughter and I were away from any family. A kind and loving elderly couple from church invited us to join them and four other (single and without family)gals they also invited for Easter dinner, and it was such a blessing. We ate and visited at the table for more than four hours- guess we had a traditional French dinner, too!

He definitely earned every penny! We had a kids' table for Easter too, but in the same room, so we could keep an eye on them but still enjoy the adult conversation without too many interruptions - it helps to have a nice long room to fit us all in.

Sacha sounds like a wonderful son and babysitter.

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