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18 April 2009


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Wow! You are much braver than I. But it does look romantic and the countryside is beautiful.....


That is the best story! I haven't been on a motorcycle in years but I used to just love the feeling of freedom that came with riding in the wind. Good for you!

Alexis Lozano

i was like that the time i went on one of those motorcycle type things for water...forgot what they're called. my cousin thought we were going to fall and drown because i was clinging to him too tight! :D


What a BRAVE woman! And I love that you "heard" those reassuring words from your father! =)

My hubby and his brother used to ride dirtbikes in a club here many years ago... I'm glad I didn't know hubby then as I think it would have scared me!


Sweet day!


sounds like a wild ride, and a lot of fun (and scary!) The question is....will you do it again?


love this riding
into the wind.


i do it when i can, too.


PS--i like The Hair long
but i am a hippie girl,
a flower girl
who loves to smell
the shampooed hair of a handsome man.

i am just saying.............


The practice idea is so practical! You have inspired me. 'Get on' will be my new motto! ;)

shannon in oregon

see you this summer! :) xo


Go for it Corey! I have ridden pillion on my Dad's bikes since I was a little girl of 6. I thoroughly recommend it.

You asked a few a posts back about FH's longer hair,I think it detracts from his glorious jaw line! ( You did ask!). Sorry FH.


Oh what a fun adventure. Oh, but your butt will be sore !!!! I sure hope to see you in New Mexico for some mexican fare......yum...

FH has the most fabulous hair......my husband has so much blonde/red hair that when he grows it out it looks like a lion's mane so I don't get to see it long, but oh the thrill of running my fingers through it each night as I fall off to sleep....nothing like it.


Dear Corey, You say that the way to a mans heart is throught his stomach......I say the way to a mans heart is on the back of is Honda.....lolol......Enjoy !!!!! Hugs

'Aunt Amelia'


But now...

It's too long.

But only IMHO, of course.

All which counts, is what you two think.


'Aunt Amelia'


... and stuck they stayed, for the rest of their journey. ;-)

Beautiful tale.
I think I told you that my father rode a motor cycle too, infact, my parents spent their honeymoon on the bike. My father always joked that when my mother drove, the sparks flew off their footboard, and he held on for dear life. These are such cherished tales, and I am glad for your kids that you write yours down.


Riding behind siblings reminded me of the first time I rode behind my #3 sister. She THOUGHT she had a handle on how to run it, but we got to the end of the street and there was a car coming up the hill and instead of stopping, she ran us across the road and as she drove it into the ditch I bailed out. No one was hurt, the bike was okay, but it was a good lesson. Try to find someone who knows what they're doing before you go for a ride! Luckily, FH is a seasoned rider. Looking forward to seeing you in Maple Valley, Washington. Will it be this summer?


I liked it when Yann said "On this bike we will feel everything, it is the most uncomfortable bike, especially for two." At least he warned you, but you still had a fun ride.


you are a brave woman...I will be left behind..hahahah YOu make it sound like a most romantic adventure.

Jeanette M.

I love that you heard your Dad's voice. Just love that. btw, I voted for Yann not to cut his hair but I change my vote to at least a trim after seeing these pic's.

Ed in Willows

So, when are we going to get some details about your Harley vacation plans? When are you coming over? Where are you going to ride? Can't wait to see you.


Im willing to bet the ride reads / sounds a lot better than it felt on your butt! LOL


Hi K.S.

You got that right!




Oh the thoughts that run through our minds when we are feeling a wee bit scare and nervous, even though our logic tells us it has nothing to do with the reality of the situation.
I guess practice reciting some little affirmations or prayers or a chant or a poem, to stop the chatter of the mind, well you get the idea , to calm the mind and relax the body so you can have a more pleasant ride and enjoy the Scenery and the "scent of a man" and Lucky lady you are, not just any man but your man.
the dowsers daughter


This reminds me of the last time I tried to get on a motorcycle - my brother's big Harley. I got stuck (if you can imagine that) half on, half off. My brother and sister still laugh like hyenas whenever it's mentioned. Thank God no one else takes pictures like I do.

But seriously, I remember being 21 and speed down a mountainside, hanging on for dear life behind a young beau, long forgotten now, and that huge Yamaha of his. It was glorious and I was so much braver then.

Happy biking Corey. Looking forward to the Harley roadtrip reading.


Don't all husbands speak a foreign language? My husband and I grew up 30 miles from each other and even though we didn't meet until I was in college we have similar backgrounds, are members of the same church organization, and both have English as our first language but still many, many conversations are "lost in translation"!

My 2 bits on the hair, I like long hair if its well groomed, maybe he could get it layered/styled so it would be tidy and long?


irresistably romantic... even if a little tough on the behind...


How fun for both of you. I use to ride behind my sons, then that was a long time ago. It's so neat that the two of you can go on adventures together. Looking forward to the Harley adventure. Hugs, Marty


You are a brave lady and I think you just proved your love and trust in FH!


I know this man! I know this man! I am married to him too - well the Aussie version.
Mine rode a Honda CX500 for over 20 years. He loved that bike and it was a great pillion ride too.
Finally, he could hold it together no longer. The seat was only layers of gaffer tape. Spare parts were getting harder to find and it was really suffering from old age and overuse.
So it came to pass that he had to replace it with a new one.
Enter the shiny, proud Suzuki 600. Flash, fast and mean. So mean that it tipped him off. His first fall in over 20 years ending in a broken foot and an insurance write-off - AT LOW SPEED.
Enter the next new vehicle. After much thought he decided it was time for a motor-scooter. Still a flashy model, but slower, more stable and less likely to tip him off. Hah!
Within 6 months of farewelling the faithful Honda he had 2 new bikes, 2 accidents and 2 injuries. Something he had never had in all the years he and the Honda had been together.
All's well that ends well, sort of. He and the motor scooter have made peace with each other although it is the most comfortable pillion ride. The Suzuki has never been spoken of again, but . . . the Honda is still going.
He sold it to an elderley motorcycle enthusiast who has treated it with tender loving care and who has the time and knowledge to keep it running and who sometimes rides it over here to show us how it's going.
So, yes, Corey. You can't beat old and reliable.
And if you and FH are looking for further adventures around the world, come to Melbourne and ride the Black Spur!


UNcomfortable . . . the motorscooter pillion is the most UNCOMFORTABLE ride, is what I meant to say.
The pillion seat sits way too high above the rider and the wind pulls your helmet back so hard you think your neck will snap. I end up riding curled up in a ball behind his back.


Corey, a few years ago my husband and I rode together with a Harley group (SJ, Calif. HOG's). He rode a fatboy and I rode my wonderful sportster 1200... ah, those were the days!

Once we did an Iron Buttrun... San Jose to Sand Diego and back... in 24 hours! It was hell... that's all I can say. And I was only the back-up with our Jeep and motorcycle trailer in case anyone broke down! No one did... but they looked like death warmed over by the time we rolled back into San Jose just 26 minutes before the deadline! LOL

What Harley will you two be riding... where will you be going... and for how long? A real road trip, or a short ride?

Just ride! (:

Hasmade Designs

You're brave Corey, brave!


Yes, you need to relax and trust the driver, or you won't get the chance to enjoy the ride.....because it's a joy, trust me, a pro biker for years!


Good for you taking the risk and enjoying the adventure.
Love your stories and I love your photos.

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