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19 April 2009


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We were in a party last night together with a 70 years old Norwegian who has visited ALL the countries in the world. According to him 195, but it depend on how you count. Like 196 if you count West Sahara as a country. His stories ran like a watery river in Provence during this "rain season" you are having. I sat there openmouthed for hours and today all I can dream of is travels, travels, travels.

Thanks for this wonderful armchairtravel to Provence. We spent two weeks in Provence with Marie Noëlle and her family a few years ago, and the lovey images of the place are still vivid in my mind.

Alexis Lozano

beautiful pictures beautiful place! maybe when i graduate i can convince my dad that we should go a tour around europe. i'd love to visit provance! (he's been there already but i had school then so i stayed home, envying him every day he was gone. :P)


Stunning...even in the rain! Living north of Seattle I can tell you that rubber boots are IN fashion any time of year!



You live, walk and talk in beauty, It just so happens you are in a very beautiful part of the world -- but somehow I suspect you would seek and find beauty to photograph and write about where ever you happen to be.
On the rainy side of things, the climate is changing rapidly and it is a concern to see how it is all going to play out over time. I heart the Stone Cottage ---- reminds me of one of my favorite light-romance movies with Meg Ryan/Kevin Kline "French Kiss" and her little Stone cottage.
Hope the rain stops soon so you can go and play at the Brocante
From the rainy part of the world here in the great North West
The Dowsers Daughter


Oh, I feel like you have taken me by the hand and led me round your village and shown me all it's treasures. THANKYOU.

I especially like the third image down of the vin yards. I can see it as a mosaic or tapestry wall hanging.

Julie Ann Evins

These pictures overflow with character, your landscape is the terrain I love. Best of all the olive trees, that change colour like the sea. I first saw olive trees in Italy and had never realised their colour changes with the light from shades of green to blue and silver. My love for them has never left me. I can watch olive trees like the sea. The oldest I have ever seen were deep in Puglia, some bent double. I have some great photos, perhaps I will send you one.
I have just caught up on 3 days posts and have been chuckling. My English husband is a keen biker (he had a fall earlier this week and has been nursing, fussing and ebaying over his baby ever since). He is also an incredibly fast eater and I too have to think of clever tactics to slow him down. My father on the other hand is the slowest eater ever - mummy used to kick him to stop eating so that the hostess did not ruin the next course or the fellow diners drop off to sleep waiting - yes its true I kid you not. Sundays my father almost always joins us for supper and I cannot tell you how stressful I find it having the two eating together - it is like "The Tortoise & the Hare " ! They love each other dearly but really are opposite extremes.
Anyway if you and I ever enjoy our proposed meet in your beautiful part of the world and my "soulhome" it occurs to me that whilst we natter and brocante, French & English husbands could enjoy a bike ride followed by an " EAT - OFF" ! What think ?! Jxx

Paula Bogdan

Oh, goodness, but you live surrounded by magic! Thank you for sharing a bit of heaven this morning. Yours is one of the first blogs I read each day; it puts me in such a good mood!

Hollie in Wisconsin

This is the first time Ive posted a comment, but I am an avid reader of your blog, Corey. I spent a month in France last year during December and January. Most of my time was in Paris and the Loire Valley, but I did spend a few days in Avignon. Unfortunately, it was winter and I did not see much of the lovely landscape that are so charmingly captured in your photos. I would love to return and just stay in Provence to absorb the ambiance and relaxed way of living. I am in love with fountains and old stone buildings! Im also a flea market frantic, so I sympathize with the fact the brocantes have been closed recently. I look forward to your next post!


Thank you for one of the most beautiful tours I have ever been on!!!! I am so sorry about the brocantes!! Your photography was simply divine...I can't wait to see southern France next Fall.


Can I move in that abandon house?


Beautiful! I love the countryside in France! We are going to France in the summer. I can't wait. We always stay in Paris a few days, but love it when we get to my in-laws in the country. Some day we would like to buy a house in France (maybe when our house in the states goes back up in value - ugh!).
Thanks for the great photos - you are so talented!


It's just as I imagined... I love it all. And I want to move into the small empty house in your picture! My Mom has always told me "If you don't have a dream, you can never have a 'dream come true'". : )


Your photos are so beautiful! So is rain, but I also would prefer it to stop at least on the weekends, so I could go to the brocante. You must be going through "brocante withdrawal"!


I love all you share.
Love you


lovely,lovely photos of storybook place that
is real......please please more shrines!
When Dad was stationed in Europe we wanted to stop at every shrine.We tease that Mom and Dad did stop at every church. I can say for sure that we visited every American cemetary for vets.
One of my favorite quotes--
'I am in love with every church,mosque,and
temple and any kind of shrine because I know it is there that people say the different names of the One God----Hafiz
Love, Missy from the Bayou


Corey, of course those of us in the States find what is outside your door absolutely stunning. I'm curious, how do those who grew up where you live see their surroundings? I'm asking because it seems that we don't treasure what surrounds us until someone else points us to the beauty. We see it every day but we don't see it everyday.

So, the residents of the town where you live, do they see what you see and in the same way or is it like most places, the residents take what they see for granted.


Too much water and radishes and peppers loose their zing. What happens to the grapes, I have no clue. Must find out. Stay happy and dry and soon the sun shall beat on the earth with all her force and all that was once soggy and wet will be dry and cracked and you will wish for a spot of rain. Thanks again for the beautiful pictures. I do so remember fountains everywhere in Europe.


Oh Corey...beautiful pictures!


The day is starting out great. Cake baked, frosted and given to the family down the street to celebrate an adoption of their nephew. I found a free cute little table across the street from home. Jacques Pepin is on t.v. making some beautiful meals and your photos..oooooh so beautiful!



Your village is absolutely charming. I hope you never hesitate to photograph the beauty that surrounds you because I am completely enchanted.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Betty Parker

Oh, my goodness! Thank you for the beautiful stroll. I have visited Provence once and my favorite memory is of the fountains. I live in the "South" of the US.
Your blog is one of my very favorite.


So lovely. Thank you so much for sharing.
The only way I am ever going to see France!!
Pictures in books are great...but, your personal touch makes it all seem much more real.

Hasmade Designs

Corey, I live in the "country" side of the island, and it definitely doesn't look like your countryside! Thank you for the tour of your beautiful Provence neighborhood! ((hugs))


i love where you live!!!!!

you are so ucky corey!!!


TYPO!!! i meant to say LUCKY!!!



It's raining here too. After I read your blogg, I was inspired. So my Husband
and I went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory
located in Chicago, Ill. It was beautiful,
full of trees, shrubs, flowers, all in bloom. Took some lovely pictures. We
stopped at my favorite little French shop, and I purchased 2 Cafe de la Eiffel Tower dinner plates. I had a smile on my face all the way home. Thank you for your blogg, instead of staying and doing nothing, I had a great day.


Oh, your blog fills me with yearning for another visit to the south of France! Thanks for those gorgeous photos!! :) Silke

Ed in Willows

Today is the hottest day of the year, so far. It's in the mid 90's but they say it will be near 100F for the next two days. As far as I'm concerned, it's way too early in the year for this kind of heat. There is a haze in the air from all the farmers plowing and a few fields are just starting to be flooded in preparations for the seeding of rice. The last two mornings, I have heard the sound of aircraft heading out to drop rice seed. Bring back any memories?
I saw your mom at the grocery store this morning and asked about your summer plans. Is Sacha going to work on the farm again this year?

qualcosa di bello

oh my gosh...HUGE sigh. i'll be right there (just as soon as i find a plane seat with my name on it :-)

btw...that color in the first photo, that glorious shade of orangy-yellow peaking through the trees...that is my new very favorite color evah!


You live in such a beautiful place, I hope your rain will let up soon. I live in West Virginia and it has rained here so much lately, yesterday we had a gorgeous sunny day and today rain again. I don't even want to check the forcast for this week, I am afraid it will say rain, rain, rain. I think I need some rubber boots too!


GORGEOUS pictures even when gorged with water !!!


wow! it's so beautiful! I want to come there and sketch


Gorgeous photos. I wish I lived there! I'd love to see more of the shrines.


I hope to visit France, I got to see Germany and now France is a must. I so much enjoy your blog and more recipes please, I love to see the desserts, the cabbage rolls were so goooood.
Thanks for the stories and beautiful pictures.

antifurniture beds

You have a very beautiful place. Would love to visit France too as soon as I have free time.

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