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17 May 2009


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All I can think to say is....


So glad FH is safe.

Glad it wasn't your husband. Hey, where is that recipe for rosehip jam. :)

I've never thought of something like that happening. Sometimes I think I find out things I should never know about.

He seems to have a good instinct to act under pressure in emergencies. Still, take care!

How courageous of your DH to think so fast and then act on his thoughts. He could have been hurt, but I'm sure he saved the lives of the people in the plane. Great story and tell your DH what a hero he is. Hugs, Marty

wow, talk about getting back on the horse from which you just fell!?!?!

A miracle and one incredible FH hero.

Whew-how scary. Thank goodness FH wasn't in the plane but was quick thinking and saved the day!

Maybe FH wants to trade his airplane for a new motorcycle?

Yikers! How terrible! Glad hubby is okay though!!!

Yipes! Yann is a real hero. I'm not a flyer-er though. Timid me, holed up like a mouse.

Glad he is ok. Very brave of him to rush in and help. He could have been hurt if he didnt get ignition turned off in time. Sometimes it is good we don't get to stop and think over the pro's and con's of a situation or there might never be heros...

oh, my. so glad everyone is ok.

Blessed. I keep saying you and those around you are so blessed. Now this blessing has touched yet another. I am sure it was surreal flying home for him. God bless him for his quick thinking.

I hope the pilot will be okay. I am glad Yann made it back safely to your loving arms!

Thank your lucky stars above that all is well in your world and kiss FH a little extra tonite!

Corey, I am happy that this time life was very generous to you.

Oh my!
Looks like God was watching out for that man and your husband answered the calling... and was there to save a life and acted quickly without a thought to himself and his own safety. It makes one pause for reflection and think about the risks we take daily when we leave our homes and if something should happen to us -- the ones that we would leave behind to carry on without us.
Glad your husband is safe and with you and your family

My goodness. Makes one wonder. Thank goodness for your French hero today! Those guardian angels have to work overtime somedays!

Prayers for everyone.
I am glad your husband is OK
Love you

That's crazy! I can't imagine what he was thinking as he took off to fly home. I bet he was praying!

Ahhh Corey..thank God he is okay.

What a hero your FH is to those people! Prayers to everyone!

So brave! I'm sure he calmly told you how his day went too.

Sending prayers of thanksgiving. Glad he's alright, Corey.

Somehow I'm not a bit surprised at Yann's actions. Glad he's safe.

I guess that shouldn't help you go and fly with Yann ...

Yikes! That would be scary. Even though it's not related to airplanes at all, I immediately thought of your post about Yann and the drug addict. I think you're married to an angel, Corey.

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