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26 May 2009


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It was a good thing that you are there to look after Annie.

Aww Corey what a touching post.. after all, laughter is the best medicines!

Annie is lucky to have you and you are lucky to enjoy every wonderful moment with Annie.. Hope Annie get well soon!.

You are a beautiful friend to Annie. I tell my teenager to give her seat to anyone who looks tired, overheated, old or with young children. Tell Annie she has readers waiting for the cherry jam session!

I'm so glad Annie is okay. xxx

I had a friend who decided she'd been ill long enough...for over forty years, but a more wonderful life and person would be hard to imagine.

I'm glad to hear you're both making cherry jam next week...

Throwing a bowl of cherries at you two and laughing loud with you !!!

PS - Spitting all the cherry stones at the ill-behaved people at the doctor's ...

What an emotional rollercoaster it must have been. I hope you both are able to breathe better today. I don't have words for the people who wouldn't give up their seats.

I'd save all the cherry pips and spit them at all those unfeeling wretches in the Doctor's surgery!

You are a true friend Dear Corey.

Annie? Annie are you listening? Get your dancing shoes on and go and ask Yann right now! x

Good, that you and the doctor could help Annie! And these people at the waiting-room, I thought it is understood that you offer comfort to someone who's feeling bad. I'm so gutted about that...

Not giving up a seat seems to be a universal thing these days. I'm so glad that Annie is feeling better and laughing again. She is right - to die laughing is definately the way to go - but not before the cherry jam...vbg. Give Annie a hug for me and tell her I feel her laughter all the way here in Australia. Have a cyber hug for yourself Corey - it's good to know that Annie has such a special friend.

Tears in my eyes Corey. I am not ready for anyone to "go home". Annie seems such a great friend and so full of joie de vivre, I pray that she has much more time to share her stories and recipes with you and therefore us. Tell her please that all of your friends out here are willing her strong. God bless, Jx

And I hope you and Annie will be making cherry jam for many years to come. But when dealing with older people we have to savour and cherish every moment, so to remember all of them when they will be gone.
About those indisponent people, give them time, soon they will be old, and I hope they will be paid with their own money.....

I'm very disapointed by french behaviors. French have so many bad manners.
Glad to hear Annie is OK , I want to taste this cherry jam

Another beautiful story of friendship....I don't understand why people are "all about themselves" they are missing out on the joys of life!!! Save me a jar of the cherry jam when we meet in October!!! Annie is in my thoughts and prayers.

I've just tucked my 9 year old Rhiannon in bed. I told her the story of Annie and said that Corey wants to remind her that if she is ever at the doctors and an old lady like Annie comes in she must give up her seat.

Rhiannon wants to know is Annie still ok and also has a 9 yr olds dilemma to ask her...

If Rhiannon was waiting to see the doctor and she was VERY sick, throwing up and terribly pale and feeling sad, and if Annie came in and was just there for a check up or an injection or something, and if Rhiannon was feeling really, really sick, who does Corey think should have the seat?

9 Year olds?! What goes through their little minds sometimes!

I agree with Jend'isere - you are a wonderful friend to Annie and yes she is a wonderful friend to you. Be sure to tell Annie that all her friends from your blog would miss her! I have grown to love your Annie.

Oh Corey, you and Annie are a pair. What a wonderful story and I'm so happy that you were there to demand a chair for her. How rude!! You are lucky to have each other.

People of our age are struggling to balance the generations above and below us. It's a balancing act, that's for sure. Unfortunately for me, the energy is just not there for these challenges like it used to be.

- Suzanne

Yours and Annie's friendship is one of the sweetest I've ever heard about. I'm glad she is feeling better. I love hearing about her.

I am so happy and grateful that Annie is okay. What a wonderful woman and friend. You two are kindred spirits!

Your stories deeply touch my heart.
She is so lucky to have you and I am appalled at the lack of social grace in not giving up a seat for this dear woman.

Kindness is the special art of living with a loving heart.

Shame on rudeness.

God bless you dear Annie
Corey Big hugs

A very sweet and touching post, Corey. Annie is lucky to have you for a friend! As for no one giving up their seat, that happens so often in France. I see it all the time on the metro in Paris and in the SCNF sales office. People from the age of teens up to grown men refuse to budge for an elderly person walking with a stick; a woman laden with packages or a pregnant woman or a mother with a small baby. In this regard, I have found the French to be incredibly rude and thoughtless. Usually, as you know, the French are very polite. But when it comes to giving up their seat, sadly, no! xo

So, it is not just New Yorkers on the subway who won't give up their seats. But just when I have lost faith in my fellow New Yorkers, some unlikely character gives his/her seat to an elderly person or pregnant woman.

You always bring tears to my eyes with your observations. Glad Annie is ok, and back to laughing with you. Rebecca

I am also looking forward to make the cherry jam with you Annie and Corey.
Annie, so glad you are feeling better!


I am also appalled at the lack of manners, compassion and respect shown to Annie! Thankfully you were with her in her time of need.

I'm so happy to hear that she is feeling better and that her sense of humor has returned. Now...we need to hear more about that cherry jam! :-)

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Can you make a new category called "Annie", sometimes these stories are just what one needs to read! xoxo to you both

I'm sorry to hear Annie wasn't feeling well...I pray she's feeling well again...how blessed she has a friend in you...I also have Roselyn who is elderly...she is my oasis in the dessert of life....I love her dearly and can't stand the thought that one day she won't be there for me to visit....Betty

Miss Annie! I hope you are feeling well today. I would be honored to give up my seat for you any day. Looking forward to your recipe for Cerry Jam.


Corey this was a very moving post and you are a very special lady. I am so glad to stop by regularly to see you share the beauty in your world and life.
Please tell Annie we send her wishes for many more healthful and fun days.

well, at least annie didn't say we couldn't cry...i don't think there will be a dry eye when that day comes. and may it be many, many days from now!!!

Dearest Annie, please take good care of yourself.... we need more of your wisdom, recipes and stories before you go home.

Daer, sweet Annie. Get well soon. Corey, you are the best and kindest person. How fortunate for Annie to have you as her friend. Your love shines through.

Annie sounds like an amazing person. I wish the best for her. I can't believe the rudeness of the people sitting in the doctors office not giving her a chair. I believe that what you put into the lives of others will one day come back into your life. They too will see what it is like to have a need and no one will help. Corey you are totally amazaing in that you care so much about others. God bless you. Janice Steffey

Annie is lucky to have you for a friend. What a scare for you girls! Loved the way you got her to giggle after the doctor visit.
My cousin's other Grandma had put cookies in the oven, sat down to read her Bible. Her son stopped by, smelled cookies burning. She had passed away quietly, with the open Bible on her lap.

Your post brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad it was a happy ending.

Thank you, Corey, for this beautiful post today. Blessings to you and Annie.


Friendships are forged with deep emotional bonds,,,,once forged even death can not take it from us.

I had a similar situation happen to me in a waiting room many years ago, Oh I was so young and did not know what to say, so it comes back as a haunted remembrance of not handling the situation properly,
You are so brave and wise, and saved Annie's life to live and die in peace the way she images -- knowing you will be by to handle the details.

Corey, you are a very special friend to Annie. I know she must just love you to bits. Take care of your special friend, she is a treasure. When it is time for her to die, you will mourn but your life will have been touched by a special lady.

It's so amazing to me how you and the people in your life have become part of my extended family. My heart was in my throat when I was reading about 'our' Annie. I'm not ready for her to die either.
And you, dearest Corey, are incorrigible - throwing a cherry at that poor old sick woman. You made her and all of the rest of us start laughing. And nothing is better for the heart than a wonderful laugh. You are the most precious of friends.

I am so glad that your (and now our) beloved Annie is recovered. We will all, someday, miss terribly, your Annie stories.


we must hear of your cherry jam this week...give annie a big hug and kiss from me.i love that you two are grateful for the moment.ann-marie-btw-to all those rude people and their seats-may they all have several uncontrollable trips to the bathroom-all through their day! :)

You are precious Corey...as is Annie ~ what a beautiful friendship you have. You are a treasure to one another, thank you so much for this wonderful post! hugs and love, Dawn

You two have just proven to us the life really is .."a bowl of cherries"...Cheers!
Be well. Do good. All ways. All days.
..you do it swell.

Corey, my grandmother said the same to me that Annie said to you. When she left, I didn't cry for her but for my loss. I cried because I still had much to learn from her. At 90 she had seen so much and knew things that I could only dream of knowing. I pray that Annie will be with you for many, many years to come.

Hugs of support to you and to her.

I am glad Annie has such a good friend like you.

Please tell Annie she's in our thoughts and prayers:)

I'm crying, tears pouring down my face. The relationship you have with Annie touches me deeply. I too have an Annie in my life and I love her dearly.


I'm so glad Annie is okay. You two have such a sweet friendship. I love getting to learn from her through you, Corey. She has so much to share. Give her a hug from all of us. We love her too!

Corey... so many older people don't have family or friends to assist them when they need help... and they are often reluctant to ask for help... what a sweet gift you are to Annie... I am sure she cherishes your friendship beyond what words can express...

As for the waiting room situation... Good for you...I've noticed that same rude behavior here in the states... guess ill manners and rudeness is worldwide!

Sending a prayer for Annie to feel better.

i do hope annie is doing ok. i too have had to shame people on the tube to get a seat for my friend who is disabled. even the people in the seats designated for disabled passengers just sink deeper in and hope you wont say anything. unbelievable!love your world,corey, its been like finding a new friend. thank you

Blessings to both you and Annie.

I hope that I too can pass on the lesson of kindness and respect to my children. I think of all the things that I want my girls to learn these are two of the most important things.

GOD bless both you and Annie.
Corey, thank you so very much for sharing your relationships with me (and countless others.) Your accounts of those cherry-throwing moments are wonderful. Laughing through tears and simply LOVING people is what you do best. I need reminding of this all the time. I thank God for you and Annie. I have encouraged my mother to look in on your blog because of your terrific relationship with that dear and wise person, Annie.

With love,

What a wonderful, easy friendship you and Annie have... it's beautiful. I have a feeling it will be the best tasting cherry jam ever!

I will say a prayer for Annie. You are such a special person - what you do for Annie means more than you will ever know (well, maybe when you are old and someone is as kind to you as you are to Annie you will know).
Unbelievable about not one person wanting to give Annie a seat!!!!! I remember when I was 8 months pregnant on the metro not one person offered me a seat!!!!!!! I just do not understand how a person could be like that! I always offer a seat to an elderly, disabled or pregnant person. I know my daughter would do the same, too.

Cherry Jam and Best Friends! Life is good!!!
Still can't believe no one gave up their seats though... I would have screamed!

Thank you Corey for sharing another beautiful moment with Annie. What a blessed lovely friendship you have...one to treasure long after Annie is gone. I'm happy it ended well..early on in your post I was frightened and had tears in my eyes.I'm so happy she is better now.
Human nature can be so caustic and inconsiderate as was shown in the waiting room. Thank goodness for people like yourself who bring out the best of human nature.

Glad Annie is feeling better; all my best to her. She is fortunate to have you as a great friend! Your sense of humor is such an asset too!

You are such a good person. Thanks for sharing this. I hope Annie is feeling a lot better.

You're a great friend Corey.

And I'm so glad to hear that Annie was feeling better after the medicine!

I am so glad you helped Annie today and challenged other people to "stand-up" and do the right thing. I pray she is doing better.

I love how such a potentially bad day worked out so beautiful and happy in the end.

It's hard for me to believe the people in the waiting room were so rude. I thought Europeans had a reputation for respecting the elderly.


Cheri Corey!
Chevaleresque Chair Championesse & Cheery Cherry Chucker!

Oh, Corey, I'm so glad you went to see Annie this morning! What a blessing you are to one another!!!

I'm off to tell my granddaughter about the rude people you encountered. What a shame!!!

Annie will be in my prayers.

so glad Annie is feeling better. 3 cheers for you, corey, for teaching people how to be human.


I'm in total agreement with Nancy in the above post -
"... you are a wonderful friend to Annie and yes she is a wonderful friend to you. Be sure to tell Annie that all her friends from your blog would miss her! I have grown to love your Annie."

I second that!

What a wonderful example you're setting for your children, Corey -- plus your reward is getting to have such a grand friend as Annie! (Of course, I'm sure Annie thinks SHE's getting the better end of the deal -- LOL!)

Another reader here who is happy that Annie is feeling better. The friendship that the two of you share is a blessing for each of you.


What a friend you are to dear sweet, Annie! And to think no one would offer her their seat - appalling! I am so glad she has you. Hubby's grandmother just passed away at age 98 this past February (a fews weeks shy of her 99th birthday). She told the family it was time for her to go, and that she had lived a full and happy life. Then a couple days later, she drifted off to sleep. Naturally the family was sad, but it wasn't a deep sorrow, as she was blessed to live such a long life, and we were honored to have her here with us for such a long time. It always takes some of the "sting" away when our elder loved ones have that feeling it is "their time."

I am glad she is alright. You two are so affectionate with each other, it is a pleasure to see.

Annie, you don't know me. But I feel like I know you. My grandma came from France (near Pau) to America all alone when she was seven years old. When I see your photos and hear your stories I feel my grandma. I thank you for that.
You will be fine...just keep dodging those cherries Corey is throwing :)

I am a day late reading your blog with tears of relief running down my face. SO glad that Annie is better. Both of you are so good for each other! Not to mention good for the rest of your "extended" family around the world. I'm glad that somebody finally gave up their seat for Annie. It's really too bad people have to be reminded to be kind to each other. Thankfully most don't need to be nudged.

I can't believe no one offered a seat to Annie at the doctor's office...that is just plain rude! I'm so glad that you spoke up, Corey. I also hope that Annie feels better soon. You both have a special friendship.

So glad now you feel better :)

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